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EMF and Your Baby: Studies Show EMF Exposure Linked to Increase in Miscarriage, Low Baby Weight

Are you pregnant or trying to be? Then please please do not use a laptop. Please try and avoid all wireless and sources of  EMF exposure and   try to keep your phone at least 8 to 10 inches from your body.

I say this because there are important studies showing that EMF from all sources including wireless energy, called EMF radiation, can harm your pregnancy and your baby, not to mention all the studies about fertility.

The first study I want to tell you about is peer reviewed and done by one of the largest managed care programs in the US. They have over 22,000 physicians and care for over 12 million people. What they discovered needs to be shared.

Higher EMF Exposure Correlates To A Three Times Greater Risk Of Miscarriage

Kaiser Permanente doctors recently did a study in which women wore EMF detectors to record the amount of EMF they were exposed to during their pregnancies. Sadly, Kaiser found that in this study of over 900 women. those  with higher EMF magnetic and RF radiation exposure were 3 time more likely to have a miscarriage. 
As a mom, I think this study is so very important and I hope you'll share this new learning that can benefit so many women.
The study authors noted that earlier research suggested there could be a link between miscarriage and electromagnetic field radiation, but they wanted to dig deeper and find out more.
The strength of this current study is that, in addition to using an objective measuring device (EMDEX Lite meter), we examined an outcome (miscarriage) with a short latency period (days or weeks rather than years or decades as in the case of cancers or autoimmune diseases).
What they found, quoting here from the published study was this,
. . . .an almost three-fold increased risk of miscarriage if a pregnant woman was exposed to higher MF levels compared to women with lower MF exposure. The association was independent of any specific MF exposure sources or locations, thus removing the concern that other factors connected to the sources of the exposure might account for the observed associations

How To Avoid  EMF During Pregnancy AnD Protect Baby and YOU

  • Try and stay away from problematic EMF sources from electrical items like electric blanket, blow dryers, small fans and don't lean on the fridge(it typically has high magnetic EMF.
  • Don't put your laptop on your lap, it produces all types of EMF
  • Try and keep your smartphone, laptop, tablet and all wireless devices out of your hands and at least 8 to 10 inches from your body
  • Use a stand and a stylus when you're scrolling.  There is a magnetic field coming off the screen even when it's in Airplane mode.  That field dissipates to safe levels about 2 to 4 inches from the screen
  • Turn WiFi off whenever you're not using it.
  • Avoid or turn off all items with Blue Tooth, including speakers, Nest, Google Home, Alexa etc.
  • Don't sit or work under high power lines or next to an electric utility transmission box
  • Unplug electrical items near your bed, they often emit higher levels of EMF in the form of electrical fields or dirty electricity, that you're better off avoiding
  • Keep levels of EMF in your car lower by turning off Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Avoid getting close to the WiFi or Smartmeter in you home
  • A building biologist can scan your home for problematic or hidden sources EMF
  • Don't use or stand in front of a microwave oven
  • Use an EMF meter to see the invisible sources of EMF in your environment

A True Story of Pregnancy and Laptop Energy

During the editorial process of this article, a friend told us a truly worrying story. His wife is six months pregnant with their first child. One recent night, she called him downstairs to show him her belly.

She'd been working on the internet and resting her laptop on her belly (Oy vey, I know!) She noticed the baby would start moving vigorously every time she placed the laptop back down on her abdomen, and she wanted her husband to see because she thought it was neat.

Luckily, her husband told her to stop and explained the details of laptop RF radiation.  And that, folks, is why Tech Wellness works so hard to bring you preventative education (backed by scienctific, peer reviewed studies) that you can share with your loved ones.

 EMF wireless radiation and pregnancy


cellphone stand

Keep you Phone, Laptop and Tablet On A Stand And Use A Stylus to Avoid EMF Exposure


Two recent studies signal caution to pregnant moms: Avoid the WiFi and your cellphone when you're pregnant! 

Unborn Rats Exposed to Cellphone Radiation (lots of it) had damage to brains

In a study done in 2020, rats inutero we exposed to either 6 or 24 hours of cellphone wireless energy or EMF radiation.  When the rats were 3 months old, researcher found changes to their brains.  The researchers concluded that Prenatal mobile phone radiation might lead to the damage of myelin and axon with activity of astrocytes in cerebellum of male rat offspring, which is related to the extent of radiation.

Myelin is super important- it makes our nervous systems work well. Many of us take Omega's and fish oils to keep our brain myelin healthy and happy!  Myelin is an insulating layer, or sheath that forms around nerves, including those in the brain and spinal cord. It is made up of protein and fatty substances. This myelin sheath allows electrical impulses to transmit quickly and efficiently along the nerve cells.

Pregnant Women on cellphones just 30 minutes a day were significantly more likely to have lower birth weight babies

A new 2020 study from researchers who specialize in women who are pregnant found using a mobile phone for calls for more than 30 minutes per day during pregnancy was correlated with lower birth weight and a negative impact on fetal growth.  In fact, these babies were significantly more likely to have an AUDIPOG score ≤ 10th percentile than those whose mothers used their mobile phones for less than 5 minutes/day during pregnancy


The  Baby Safe Project is a great organization that focuses on helping  pregnant women understand the potential hazards of wireless radiation--especially to a developing baby.

The Project was insipired by the work of Dr. Hugh Taylor, who is the Chair of OBGYN and Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine.  You can watch this video here as he talks about the study he led to get information on if Cell Phone Exposure Could Damage Babies Brains.

Dr. Taylor's findings will inspire any mom to be to be careful with exposing her tummy to wireless radiation:

Mice whose mom's were exposed to cellphones, while they were pregnant, displayed behavior that was "similar to ADHD or ADD" displaying these types of behavior:

  • decreased memory
  • more likely to be hyperactive
  • relaxed--without a "care" in the world

They even looked at the grown mice brain activity and found that these exposed brains developed differently than mice that didn't get cellphone exposure.

The pre-frontal cortex of brains who got a 24 hour dose of cellphone radiation had different electrical brain activity. 

But--the good news is that the less hours of cellphone radiation the closer the mice got to normal brain activity.

If you'd like to know more, we have this link to this study and the Kaiser study in our Research Section.

Anti Radiation Protection Research Found EMF Belly Shields and Protective Clothing Have A Downside

The belly and pregnancy anti EMF radiation blankets and wraps may seem like a good idea, but if you use them, please understand they can offer a false sense of security and protection:

  • EMF exposure is to your entire body.  The un-covered area of your body receives full radiation exposure
  • The radiation and EMF  has a systemic effect, meaning the exposure isn't limited to just the area of your body that is un-covered.
  • 2019 Research  on EMF shields and protection found that metallic shielding can actually increase radiation levels at the perimeter or around the shielding as it reflects and magnifies the waves of energy

Finally, here's what one more expert has to say on this topic. This is  from a research article from Dr. Devra Davis entitled, "Why Children Absorb More Microwave Radiation and The Consequences"

Even in the womb, mothers who are exposed to a lot of wireless technology are at risk for a possible increase of incidence in autism spectrum disorders and behavioral/attention disorders for their child later on in life. 
As always, links to the research we talk about in our articles is in Research Section. 

With our panel of experts, we have been researching EMF wireless radiation for decades and invite you to learn more about EMF in our Guide

Be Safe and Be Well!


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