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Oh, Baby! We Review Snuza Baby Movement Monitors!

Do You Use a Snuza Baby Monitor? Read On!

This Snuza is designed to snap onto baby's diaper to monitor baby's tummy as they breathe in and out. One of our viewers was a little worried about possible EMF (electromagnetic fields) that could be coming from the Snuza Baby movement monitor. We reviewed the Snuza Hero and the Snuza Go

So, super-excited to help, we took our trusty meters and set out to discover if we could detect magnetic energy and RF radiation. Watch the video to see the levels of magnetic energy radiating from baby movement monitor (spoiler alert: barely detectable) as the device was in "scanning" mode, you can see how it escalates when it stops "sensing movement" and hear what the alarm function sounds like. Plus you'll see the RF measurement.

Now, honestly, we didn't review the work-ability or reliability of the Snuza  but, Amazon has 1,000's of Snuza product reviews. and only we've measured only for EMF emissions.



Snuza is a lovely example of an EMF safe product-We love the peace-of-mind and ease so much of the technology in our modern world provide us, the trick is living well with technology. A gentle reminder, take some time for YOU!


 Practice SELF CARE LOVE In Our Digital World. HERE ARE 10 TIPS

And it's great you're looking for safe baby monitor--but what about you mom? We want you to be safe and healthy too!  You'll hear the real truth about how concerned you should be with wireless radiation and EMF, from August Brice. She's been researching EMF radiation for 20 years when she discovered she was suffering form electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  She's feeling great and she share's her knowledge and her desire to see others thrive with technology in The Guide

That's August shopping-sporting our Wristlet case It's a crossbody and we include extra chains to create a wristlet that keeps you a nice distance from cellphone radiation.  Also, look at those cute headsets- they're rose gold(yes!) and have super safe anti-radiation built in!

cross body phone


Looking for the Best Baby Monitor?

At Tech Wellness, we’re all about finding ways to limit EMF exposure – a task that’s become increasingly challenging in our “Wireless World”. We’ve had a lot of visitors writing in asking about baby monitors and if their little ones are being exposed to dangerous energy coming from these cameras.

Wireless . . . Everywhere

As you might imagine, the majority of baby monitors on the market are wireless; running off WiFi or Bluetooth. This is great because it makes them easy to set up and allows you to keep an eye on your child from just about anywhere. But if you’re concerned about your child’s EMF exposure, then wireless baby monitors probably aren’t your best bet.

We Think the Best Baby Monitor is a Wired Baby Monitor

We recommend adults stay far from their WiFi router and switch phones to airplane mode while sleeping – yet unknowing parents will plop a wireless camera on their child’s crib without thinking twice about the energy these wireless devices emit. After measuring several of the popular baby monitors (all wireless), we started searching for a “wired” solution – and it turns out the best option at this point in a DIY version.

The Wired Camera

How does this work, you ask? Well basically, you use a security camera connection and some special adapters and links that plug into a power outlet. Then the video signal is transmitted through the electricity lines to a hub in another room, which broadcasts the live video feed to your devices.

So while it’s not truly “wired”, since the monitor / mobile app is wirelessly receiving the signal – at least the devices right next to the sleeping baby aren’t emitting dangerous energy.

NO MORE WIFI With our Hard Wire Your WiFi Kit!

install wired connections in home

That's why we recommend you hard wire your WiFi so you can connect all your devices directly to the internet!

If you're Using a Wired Baby Monitor, then cheers to you! You’re ahead of the game and have a baby sleeping in an “EMF Safe Zone”.

Think a Wireless Baby Monitor is Best?

If you must use a wireless baby monitor, please read our articles for info on reducing exposure and watch our video measuring the RF Radiation from a wireless camera / monitor. You can also read all about the issues with Wireless Baby Monitors, including: privacy, dangerous energy and more below.

At The Very Least Please Turn Off the WiFi and The Wireless Baby Monitor Whenever You're Not Using Them

This Switch makes it easy!

turn off wifi at night?

Again--sign up for our email list and we will let you know when we find a better alternative!  Let us know if you have any comments or questions-we're all in this together!

And please,

Be Well!

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