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Generation Zapped! Download and Watch Today!

Generation Zapped is Eye-Opening and Credible

This well produced movie delves into the realities of our digital world – packed full with WiFi, smartphones, and everything wireless.  Director and film maker Sabine El Gemayel tapped the "Who's Who" of the wireless truth world and  gives us a clear look at where we are and how we got here, citing the expertise of Tech Wellness expert and public policy scientist Dr. George Carlo.  

Sabine El Gemayel and Peter Sullivan worked together to film fascinating Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) experts, scientists and everyday people who truly understand the avalanche of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) energy we are now being exposed to and what that can mean to the health and happiness of you and your family. 

Here's one of our favorite quotes- from Swedish scientist, Olle Johansson in the film, he says that "we are exposed to 1 Quintillion times the radiation than we were just 10 years ago.  (That’s a 1, followed by 18 zeroes!)".  We just adore Olle and so will you! And he's just one reason why it's high time all of us get to see  Generation Zapped.

Generation Zapped Tells It Like It is

In 90 minutes you'll hear from experts like EMF Consultant Larry Gust, Dr. Joel Moskowitz founder of SafeEMR and EHS and EMF specialist Dr. Magda Havas 

Plus an extraordinary look at a real-life journey with the effects of EMF, you can watch as Ellie Marks from the CABTA shares her amazing and important story, 

My friend, advisor and the man who literally wrote the book on the subject 25 years ago, Dr. George Carlo, appears throughout the movie with measured, intelligent insight. George shares that if cellular devices had been evaluated for health risks from an early stage, rather than being regarded as simple electronic devices, they never would have been approved for consumer use.

Devices Really Do Cause Symptoms For Some People

Generation Zapped also introduces us to kids and adults who are Electro Hyper Sensitive (EHS) or ES. Wireless energy or RF radiation is making them sick. It might be effecting you too.

Download Generation Zapped on iTunes.

Here's a link so you can watch or get a copy of your own Generation Zapped Movie.

If right now you or someone you love believes they are already affected by the energy coming from wireless, August Brice, who experiences wireless sensitivity herself, gives you an excellent detailed look at what EMF’s, RF and wireless energy are all about here.

And, there’s a great new resource you should know about called The Adaptation Project.  The site will refer people to clinicians who can help with EHS and other symptoms from RF and EMF.

And For Today . . .

If you care about how technology is impacting our lives, you should really see Generation Zapped.

There are easy things people can do today to keep clear of the EMF. Watch the two videos below for a start. If you're curious about the amount of EMF being emitted from a smartphone or Apple Watch or even a baby monitor, see our awesome catalog of Meter Measurement videos. Here's another idea--a quick and fashionable must grab a pair of our new EMF-Free Headsets.  They really work and they are great looking!

If you care about how technology is impacting our lives, you should really see Generation Zapped


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