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6-24-19 NEWS

Hasta La Vista Chrome! It's time to say goodbye. We are finished. The world's most popular web browser is also officially the world's most prolific cookie placer! And honestly, we knew what we were getting into when we started this relationship, didn't we? Did we really think that a web browser from a company who is there to sell internet advertising would protect our privacy? It doesn't even make logical sense. We were blinded by that siren song of ease and simplicity and free-ness. And now we need to leave.

Why Google, why?

It's time to stop fooling ourselves. Chrome can and does collect literally 1,000's of cookies every week and there's even new evidence that Google collects location data on you on a minute by minute basis, even when you turn location sharing OFF. Knowing everything there is to know about you is what they do.
But maybe you're the faithful type, who resists change and you like your bookmarks and you appreciate your saved passwords that you have clicked yes to every time Chrome asks. You won't just bail without another good reason. How about this one?
Google Chrome is hogging your computer memory and slowing your computer down to a virtual crawl!

Get behind me Google!


Here is a screen-shot from my tech-friendly husband's activity monitor on his laptop. Did he have too many tabs open? Absolutely. BUT..this picture isn't even about cookies. Its about how Chrome "helper" uses your available memory to make browsing faster--but uses so much memory that eventually you think you're accessing the Internet on a computer with floppy drives--look it up kids. Cookies are on top of this--and believe me, his cookie list is too big for this newsletter. ("Yes honey, your cookies certainly ARE impressive.")
Hopefully now, you're getting a picture of how Google is moving quickly to commandeer your digital life. "Can we have your location so we can show you cool things nearby? And the weather for the block you're standing on?" Uh, no. "Upload all your pictures so they can pop up in other people's Google Maps searches?" What?
At this point, I think everyone who uses Chrome is think the same thing:

"We've got to break up with Google. It's going to be a little messy in the short term, but this relationship is getting creepy. The best place to start is by dropping Google Chrome like a hot electron. Chrome is Google's key to your personal information, although Firefox from Mozilla and Safari by Apple are here for you."

Both are built around the idea of blocking cookies first and protecting your precious privacy. And don't worry, you can easily transfer those bookmarks and passwords to your new digital favorite.

If you're still interested in knowing more, here's the Washington Post. (By the way this link will take you to an article full of ads based on your cookies. How ironic. But a newspaper's gotta make a living, right? Even if it happens to be owned by the richest man in the world.)


Summit Learning Facebook

The Zuckerburgs Learning Program is Stressing Out Kids and Parents All Over The Country.

We hear from lots of Moms and Dads who tell us they're not excited about technology in the classrooms. They tell us kids can go online at home, teachers are too busy e-mailing and many parents are concerned their kids are not thriving in a sea of WiFi radiation and digital blue light.
Summit Learning, a web-basted platform developed by Facebook engineers takes the computers in the classrooms idea even further. Over 350 schools have installed the online learning program Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla founded, but after just a year, some schools are saying NO MORE. A School Board in Indiana pulled the plug amid cheers from parents and The New York Times reported that in Kansas parents protested as "students started coming home with headaches and hand cramps, some said they felt more anxious. One child asked to bring her dad’s hunting earmuffs to class to block out classmates because work was now done largely alone." NYT continued:
“We’re allowing the computers to teach and the kids all looked like zombies,” said Tyson Koenig, a factory supervisor in McPherson, who visited his son’s fourth-grade class. In October, he pulled the 10-year-old out of the school."
The rest of the story talks about how Chromebooks take over classrooms and how parents and students alike are demanding that the schools remove Summit Learning  Read The Times Full Story

You Go Nevada and California and Delaware!

These 3 states are bringing you laws designed to protect your online privacy. We're thrilled of course, Nevada just amended their privacy law this week and California rolls out the power packed privacy amendment in 2020. Until then, Block Cookies, Check Your Privacy Settings and Consider a Privacy Faraday Case

Privacy Case for Phone
Until then, at Tech Wellness, we're doing what we can to protect your privacy and we're hoping we inspire other e-tailer's to do the same.
  • Tech Wellness does not sell or share your data. In fact, we exercise the option of ERASING OUR CUSTOMER DATA using our Shopify platform according to the European General Data Protection Regulation. We don't control what Shopify(like other retailing platforms)does, but we're thrilled we can take this action!
  • Approximately 6 months after a customer makes a purchase they will receive a note with the details about how their personal data will be erased. Customers can then exercise the option to have their data saved for re-orders should they decide.
  • We show you easy steps you can take to BLOCK COOKIES(the #1 way information is being learned about you) STOP LOCATION TRACKING and more.
  • You can visit Tech Wellness-read our Guides, like How To Make Your Smartphone Safe, When A Kid Should Have A Phone etc and find a EMF consultant, learn about blue light, find the top games for kids to play offline and so much more ALL with your COOKIES BLOCKED. Though you will need cookies enabled to shop
Our mission is to help you thrive and live a blissful and balanced life by providing the information and resources you need to navigate your way through our Digital Age. It’s more important now, than ever before, to be a conscious consumer. To know how modern tech affects you both in safety and spirit.
Protecting your privacy is something we talk about a lot at Tech Wellness, because we think there's just way too much sharing of personal data in our modern world.
IN OUR LAST TECH WELLNESS SURVEY we asked about 5G. . It interesting how many people are deeply concerned about this new technology. Next newsletter, we'll take a deep dive- because here's how you answered:
6.3% said I HAVE A NEED FOR SPEED. Bring it on. What could go wrong?
10.4% said Hold on a minute. Are we sure this is safe? Are there other choices?
18.8%I'm convinced this could be a big problem, but what can we do?
64.6% said I'm freaking out. Get me as far away from 5G as possible.

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1 comment

  • Hi,
    I actually already knew this about Chrome, it’s why I removed it from my desktop computer, I didn’t like all the damn processes it had in task manager, 3 or more processes for 1 stinking browser! And, it did in fact at that time slow down my computer to a crawl, the other reason I removed it.
    And, boy, does it collect cookies, I have the damn thing in my tablet, it collects every damn cookie under the vital sun! And, when you delete one, it pops right back up again, and you have to delete it again if you’re deleting them one by one, and even more then one by one.
    And, I’ve tried accessing my gmail account via firefox in my tablet, somehow the javascript is disabled… yet it’s not!! I made sure that it’s not. Yet, I can access it just fine on my desktop using firefox, so what the heck gives Google?!

    If I could I’d even switch e-mail cilents!


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