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Privacy: Apple iPhone AND. Google Android? See How To KEEP THEM PRIVATE

Like it or not, your phone is an extension of you and consumers are divided over their allegiances to their device company. Self-described "techies" seem to prefer Android phones which allow for more customization and iPhone users prefer ease-of-use and tend to lean towards a white collar, soccer mom demographic. 

Privacy: Apple versus Android

We know that when it comes to individual privacy, using Apple products is probably the lesser of a couple evils. We know that they won't help the FBI crack an iPhone user/terrorist's by giving the phone's passcode. In terms of large-scale privacy, Apple has always been less aggressive about data collection than Google.  

Apple doesn’t assemble user profiles, encrypts iMessage and Facetime end-to-end and does a ton of computation involving your private information on your device rather than on an Apple server. They are banking on the emerging phenomena of "privacy by design" in the tech marketplace: the less personal information needed by a potential service/product, the more desirable it will be to the consumer aka buy an iPhone over an Android. But, Apple still allows apps and Apple to know A LOT about YOU, so here are 5 Privacy Tips Android and Apple.

AND NOW--Tim Cook with his wonderful announcement that you can download your data and remove it from Apple's record's anytime:

But first here are two recommendations that work for Android or Apple if you're a stickler for privacy:


Stealth...Android or iPhone:

Your phone camera can be accessed by some of your APPS.  Keep them covered when not using: Try out our incredible Creepblockers. Webcam and laptop microphone covers. Simple, durable, and effective. Cool patterns and phrases to make you or feel good--yeah, we think we're pretty funny and nice.

Are you worried your phone can hear you or track your location even when it's off or in airplane?  Many people are-  So here's one way to make sure nothing-no signal gets in or out. It's a total seal from any wireless energy-- Locked Tight beautiful Faraday Case when I'm not using it.  And Bonus: No EMF!

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5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy With Apple

  • YOUR NAME appears as Hotspot or as someone to Air Drop: So Change it. Touch Settings>General>About>Name. Then, type in your new name. Video and More
  • Limit Who Sees Your Phone on Airdrop: Home Screen, swipe up to reveal your control panel- Press between the 4 WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplane and Cell-data icons: You'll see Airdrop Pop up.  Press Airdrop icon and you can choose from Receiving off-(invisible to Airdrop function) Contacts-only or Everyone.  You can also do this: Settings>General>Airdrop 
  • Turn off WiFi hotspots until you need them AND you're  in a safe location. To turn off hotspot, go to Settings>Cellular>Personal Hotspot>Off.
  • Know which Apps are accessing your Microphone: -On an iPhone Under Setting > click Privacy >under privacy> click microphone, here you’ll see a list of the apps you have that want to access your mic. Toggle to disable.
  • Limit Sharing Location:  Does everyone or anyone need to know where you are?  Settings>Privacy>Location Services  You can turn it off or scroll through every app and decide which ones need your location.  Be extra careful-Turn on Location Services: and toggle off every app option and then turn Location Services off.

If you care about privacy: Keep Google off your phone! Other Excellent Privacy ideas. Check our Topic Section

5 Ways to Protect Your Privacy With Android

Android For Android 4.2 and above

  • YOUR NAME appears as Hotspot or as someone to Air Drop so change it for privacy. Settings >About > Device Name, type in a cool fun and stealthy name for your device in the text field and select OK.  On newer Android smartphones and tablets, changing the device name from Settings> About device automatically changes the Bluetooth name for the device.  Otherwise you'll need to change the name in the Bluetooth setting as well.
  • Limit Sharing Location:  Go to Settings>Location Toggle it Off  You also have the option to allow individual apps--like Google and Google maps permissions.  We recommend never giving Google any of your information.
  •  Know which Apps can Access your Microphone: With Android it’s under Settings>  Apps> and each app is individually listed. The story about  Beacons mentions that these work even without a data or WIFI  connection.
  • Stop Google from Listening In.For Privacy, Google is a big privacy invader.  Check your Google Settings.  Go To Menu>Settings> Google> Voice> OK Google Detection Toggle off Ok Google and Trusted Voice.  The problem here is that just like Siri, your phone has to listen all the time in order to be ready for the voice commands.
  • AND Deactivate Google Assistant: and the sharing of your information  you're allowing by using it.  Press Home button> press upper right  three dot Menu button>Phone>Google Assistant. Toggle off.

Check your Google Account setting for privacy too-Google takes so much of your information--from maps, from searches from all the ways you use Google. Be Aware!


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