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You Should Turn Off WiFi At Night. Here's How You Can Shut WiFi Off Safely And Easily

In this article I'll Cover everything you need to know about turning off your WiFi: 

  • Why you should turn off your WiFi 
    • Less EMF Radiation Exposure 
    • Better Sleep
    • Less Device Distraction
    • Less Anxiety
  • How to Safely and Easily Turn off Your WiFi
  • How to Turn Off WiFi From Your Modem
  • How to Get Rid of WiFi For Good By Wiring Up Your Home 
  • What the Biological Effects of EMF are 
  • Why lowering EMF exposure is especially important for kids 

    Turn Off WiFi At Night So You're  Exposed To Less EMF Wireless Radiation When You Sleep

    When the WiFi is plugged in and on it's sending invisible wireless energy throughout your home. 

    Hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies from around the world have proven beyond a doubt that EMF’s (electromagnetic fields) or RF radiation, which are the information carrying radio waves that transmit information of all sorts to all our devices, can cause a biological impact on our bodies (keep reading to learn more about the biological effects of EMF) 

    Personally, I look at EMF’s as another environmental toxin that I need to avoid, like pesticides, second hand smoke and even too much sun. Wireless energy's RF radiation is in the same World Health Organization carcinogen category, Class 2B as other toxins like diesel fumes.  So my best advice is a phrase that’s been my mantra for over a decade, “distance is your friend” — do what you can to avoid EMF sources - turn the WiFi off when you're not using it.

    When WiFi Is Off There's One Less Reason to Check Your Device At Night.

    We're built for human connection. Having the WiFi on gives us one more opportunity to connect online. Connecting online is great-but everyone needs a break from technology. Having the WiFi off is a great reminder to disconnect from tech and connect with family instead.

    Turn The WiFi Off To Control The Kids Screen-time and Yours

    2020 US Pew Research is not surprising, with 71% of parents of a child under the age of 12 say they are at least somewhat concerned their child might ever spend too much time in front of screens.  But also parents weighed in with over 1/2 of them fully acknowledging they spend too much time on their smartphone.

    But even more important, parents are quite aware their devices can distract them from meaningful time connecting with their kids. 68% say they are at least sometimes distracted by their phone when spending time with their children.

    Turn The WiFi Off To Help Fight Anxiety

    Recent cellphone-attachment research, reported that almost half of those surveyed claim that they wake up to look at their device  2–3 times in the middle of the night. That’s what I call maximum distraction. Another 35% admitted that looking at their phone before bed affects their quality of sleep. It’s probably not a big surprise to learn that science is proving them right. 

    Dr. Larry Rosen studies how technology effects our brains and causes anxiety. In one research study he found that anxiety predicted sleep problems. And he found that the more anxious people were the more likely they were to use their devices during the day, the more likely they were to wake up and check them at night. Dr. Rosen says the anxiety about needing to stay in contact negatively impacts sleep- as does waking up to connect.

    If you make it a practice to unplug and turn that WiFi off at night, chances are you may find you get out of the habit of turning to your device during sleep--or even checking it right before bed. 

    Here's To Less Anxiety Because the WiFi Is Off At Night

    And with the WiFi off, making device use less appealing- you have the benefit of not  being exposed blue light.  That digital blue light from the screen can also cause anxiety because it stimulates the release of cortisol.  That luminous blue light that comes from our screens also really taper healthy melotonin levels.   Melatonin is an important hormone made in our pineal gland that the quality of our sleep.  In fact, ANY artificial blue light—from TV’s tablets, e-readers, etc., stops the melatonin from being released in our bodies and can ruin the quality of your sleep.

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends a digital device curfew 2 hours before bed.  So plan on starting that device free time and turning off WiFi at least 2 hours before you plan to go to sleep

    How to turn off the WiFi? Don't Unplug It!  Switch it Off!

    Here's why:  It's important to limit exposure to WiFi wireless radiation or wireless EMF.

    Keep Your Distance  We just attended an Global EHS conference in London.  A really pivotal moment was when EMF Research Professor  Dimitris J. Panagopoulos presented a chart showing how the radiation drops off by orders of magnitude about 15 to 20 feet from the Router.  You can see a demonstration of the radiation exposure in the video below. You'll see you really want to keep that nice 20' feet or so, of space between you and that WiFi for safety.

    The BEST Way To Shut Off WiFi At Night Safely and Easily

    Turn Off WiFi Before Bed: Use this simple switch, so you don't have to get close the Router. where the signals the strongest It's as important as WiFi Router placement. The simple step of hitting the off switch can lead to a better night’s sleep. When on, a WiFi signal may interfere with our brains during sleep, so by turning it off we reduce  EMF exposure and hopefully rest more deeply.

    WiFi Kill Switch

    See Why You Don't Want To Get Close To The WiFi Router To Unplug it!

    In order to really understand how the invisible waves of energy coming from you WiFi, it helps to "see" them. Here's a great EMF measurement video that shows how RF radiation changes with distance. 

    How to Turn Off Built In WiFi on Your Modem

    If your modem from your Internet provider has a built in Wifi. You CAN turn it off.  It may take some doing, but it IS possible!

    Usually there's a switch right on the modem.  If so, go ahead and turn it off.  If your modem has a plug you can use our WiFi switch to plug the modem into the wall and turn off both when you disable the electricity.

    If there is now switch, ask your provider’s customer service center to help you. Alternatively try searching for the do-it-yourself answer in the modem  manual online.  


    Go To Your Search Browser- we love Duck Duck Go and Startpage btw,  Enter you provider name(Cox, At&T Etc.) and the make and model of your Internet modem. Usually the built-in wifi can be turned off in the settings menu of your Internet modem, which can be reached through a web browser by typing in the correct address, an IP number.

    If your Internet provider also operates a public wifi network through its Internet modems, please make sure to also turn this public wifi network off.

    We've found that with some providers, they ask you to login to  separate web page with your own personal login.

    Confirm That There's No More Nasty WiFi Signal

    You can see if your modem is not emitting any wifi anymore in two ways:

    • Hold your smartphone next to it and scan for wifi networks. You should no longer see your WiFi name or the name of the provider.
    • Use an EMF radiation meter to see if the readings near the modem are present.


    In this next video you'll see how much the EMF radiation decreases just by turning the WiFi Off!

    The Router Isn't The Only Source Of WiFi EMF You Can Turn Off!

    • Turn WiFi Off On All Devices
    • Turn WiFi Off On Your Smartphone
    • Turn WiFi Off On Your Laptop
    • Turn WiFi Off On Your Desk Top Computer
    • Turn WiFi Off On Your SmartTV
    • There's WiFi Signal From Your SmartMeter You can cover it or Opt Out
    • Turn WiFi Off Of Your Baby Monitor and Security Camera

    Set Your Phone to Airplane Mode: Turn Off WiFi, And while your at it, turn off BlueTooth too.   

    What's Better Than Turning Off The WiFi? No WiFi at All.

    Simply hard-wire your internet connection! This is a great option! The truth is that giving up WiFi is an option that stops WiFi Router EMF and gives you a great connection. Though this may be hard with work, we can easily protect ourselves at home by using Ethernet cables that hard-wire our internet connection.

    WIRE UP to scroll through insta and text all night long. Yes, cell phones and tablets can be wired directly to the internet so your beautiful body isn't exposed to any nasty non-ionizing radiation.

    Put your phone in a cozy place: It's not technically a WiFi router solution, but if you don't feel like being exposed to harmful wireless energy while with your phone, slip it in your personal fabulous deluxe faraday cage. It's completely effective and will protect you from dangerous radio frequencies.

    Get everything you need to wire up your connection with our Wire Up Kit For A NO EMF Sleep Sanctuary

    Alot of people ask us if their Alexa's and Google Home, Nest and Ring security systems will work when WiFi is off.  The answer is unfortunately no.  There are alternatives. Our security system is completely wired and we have set up access on a website to view our security footage online, anytime.

    Now this isn't a DIY type of arrangement, but it's the way most professional security systems are still installed.

    Wired security systems are safer because they are much more reliable.  You can connect and Audio Visual or Home Security System professional in your area to discuss this alternative.

    If you just need to install one security camera at your front door and can run an Ethernet cable to it, here's an option.


    Here Are Good Reasons You Should Turn Off WiFi and Lower EMF Exposure

    Research points to some of WiFi exposure symptoms

    We know this from research, people who are sensitive, or have electromagnetic sensitivity, EHS  have reported the following symptoms:

        • Tinnitus or ringing in the ears
        • headaches and head pain
        • Lethargy and extreme tiredness
        • memory, a fog, cognitive issues
        • burning, tingling, numbness
        • dizziness
        • cardiac symptoms and heart palpitations
        • arthritis
        • Joint pain
        • The onset of Electromagnetic Sensitivity or ES or EHS
        • Pressure, Heat
        • Anxiety,irritability
        • Problems with eyes or eyesight
        • Chest Pain
        • Rashes, Eczema, Skin issues
        • Muscle spasms
        • digestive or bowel problems
        • muscle spasms, cramps and twitches, neuropathy
        • nose bleeds
        • ear problems, worsening hearing
        • depression, loss of motivation
        • endocrine problems and thyroid problems
        • increased rate of infections or colds
        • allergies, food sensitivity
        • intensity of electromagnetic sensitivity
        • sinus problems
        • lump in throat or throat problems
        • weight loss or loss of appetite
        • swollen face
        • bladder infections, strains
        • flu like symptoms
        • dehydration
        • weight gain, inability to talk
        • loss of motor skills
        • loss of feeling from the waist down

    These are symptoms of people exposed to smart meter EMF radiation,--which is the same EMF radiation that comes from your WiFi.

    I came across this  report by Ronald Powell, Ph.D and reached out to him and he was kind enough to share his up to date research,Symptoms After Exposure to Smart Meter Radiation.

    You can find out more about Dr Ronald Powell's research and learn more about EMF exposure symptoms here in our EMF Guide

    Of course, many people don't have noticeable symptoms when exposed to EMF or RF radiation from wireless devices. The full health disclosure that everyone should be aware of is that there is growing evidence about the biological effects of being exposed to RF radiation.

    Block radiation while talking on the phone or listening to music with our airtime headsets 

    Turning The WiFi Off Is Even More Important For Children

    It makes sense that organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics have expressed concern regarding radiation standards relating to wireless devices. Many in the medical field believe that pregnant women and their unborn children, very young children, teenagers, men of a reproductive age, seniors, and anyone with a chronic health condition are those who are an especially high risk of harm from exposure.

    Electromagnetic fields  or EMF can affect the electrical communication in your body, such as your brainwaves, or the ability of your neurons to fire and communicate. It can also impede inter­cell communication anywhere in your body. Health problems that can manifest as a result of this type of exposure include:

    • Neurological and behavioral changes
    • Altered cell growth
    • Cell mutations
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Chronic fatigue
    • Cancer

     colorful crayon styluses make it fun for kids to keep their little fingers at a distance from RF Radiation and magnetic fields. Buy 3 get 1 free!

    crayon stylus for kids

    Could Screen RF and EMF exposure mean lower memory function?

    We found preliminary evidence suggesting that RF-EMF may affect brain functions such as figural memory in regions that are most exposed during mobile phone use.  Swiss researchers noted that the findings do not provide conclusive evidence of causal effects and should be interpreted with caution until confirmed in other populations, BUT, we know for certain that there's most definitely a biological effect from the radiation coming from all of our wireless devices.  

    That's why we vote for the Precautionary Principle--especially when it comes to our kids. Being EMF sensitive for 25 years. I believe it's important to be cautious about your expose to the invisible wireless energy spewing from our devices, until we know for certain how it's going to effect our bodies.  I have a Tech Wellness Wireless and Health Guide with all the details, but the point is, the energy has been proven without a doubt to have a biological effect. Think of it like smog or a chemical pollutant or toxin, if you could avoid being exposed to it, wouldn't you?  The Meter below can tell you if there's a Safe Level of electromagnetic radiation in your child's room.

    Turning WiFi Off In Your Home Can Help Your Kids Limit Night-time Screen Time

    6600 kids were studied on their night time screen use and the quality of their sleep.  Overall, this study showed that night-time screen use is significantly associated with adverse sleep outcomes and poorer quality of life among adolescents.

    Here's something interesting: It turns out the worse effects come from using those screens in the dark.  Night-time use of mobile phones in a room with the light on is associated with some adverse sleep outcomes but not to the same degree as using them in complete darkness.

    Should Phones or Screens Be In Kids Rooms At All?

    There are so many studies that connect the blue light from screens to sleep issues and to issues with their precious eyes, that parents may decide that their kids will be healthier with a no-screens-in-your room policy. 

    We recommend that parents, teachers, health professionals and your kids be made aware of the strong associations between night-time use, sleep and difficulty getting up--outcomes, as these may impact on cognitive function not to mention just how bad being tired and late can make kids feel.


    We hope you take this all to heart as you consider switching off your WiFI at night (or anytime!) or completely eliminating WiFI and wiring up instead. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you! 

    be Well! 


    Better Sleep, Fewer Headaches, Less Anxiety.

    We look to create a world where there is more privacy and security, less teenage depression and better physical and emotional health.

    These are just some of the benefits that result from following the Tech Wellness Path. We’ve curated the research, and have years of practical experience to help you and your loved ones lead lives of health, resilience, mindfulness, confidence and wellness.

    More Privacy

    More Wellness

    More Peace of Mind

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    • This is a great article! I have at least 20 of the symptoms caused by EMF exposure. I asked my husband if he had an easy way of turning off the wifi. He asked why. I said for better sleep for one reason. He said, ‘I sleep fine’.😳
      I looked at him and said what about me. He doesn’t want to turn it off. I’ve asked him to turn it off before but he said it isn’t easy and he doesn’t want to unplug it either. If I send him this link, he probably won’t read open it. I’m sure you have others that refuse. It’s HIS computer and I use a cell phone and ipad. What to do❗

      Jody Gallup

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