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15 Simple and Mindful Ways to Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation, Cellphones and WiFi

15 Easy Ways to Live Well with Wireless

Our fun, fabulous wireless devices are bringing wireless EMF right along with them. And that wireless energy could be messing with your body's energy.  Here are 15 ways to create a safer and healthier wireless environment.

1) Turn your phone OFF or put it in airplane mode whenever you can.  I honestly live this way. I turn it on when I need it.  It's true.  When I want to make a call, I use Speaker Mode or a headset and keep the phone a good foot away. Here are the ones I use.

2) Don't carry your cell phone in your hand or your pocket when it's on. I have friend's story to share, Corey, carried his cellphone in his hand as he trained and ran a 5K.  One day I noticed him clenching and then stretching his fingers. He said, "My hand is aching and tingling all the time. I can't figure it out." We talked awhile and it came to him--"This is the hand I carry my phone in during workouts." On airplane mode right? " Uh no."I like to carry mine dangling from my wrist in this video I show you why I use a long 10" strap. The EMF's dissipate as the further from the phone you get.


Here's one case with straps that and another offered in the Tech Wellness store.


3) If you hold your phone and Skype, Facetime or do Facebook or Instagram Live  . . .

Yes, the Selfie Stick is goofy, but the video shows how far you get from the emf's and why that's good.


4) Wire all things to your desktop and laptop computers with no Wireless EMF radiation: Check out this setup at our offices.  Wired Internet, Wired Keyboard, and Wired Mouse.  All these wires allow you to turn  Bluetooth OFF and the WiFi OFF.  Make sure you toggle both settings.

Protect from Wireless Radiation and EMF


5) Turn the WiFi off whenever you can.  Especially at night. Don't get close to that WiFi EMF radiation when you turn it on and off.  Here's a handy switch to try.


wifi kill switch

6) Ditch the Fitbit and Apple Watch--all Wearables emit either Bluetooth or WiFi EMF-some use both.  We have a nice option that you can get on Amazon

Apple watch and wearables wireless radiaiton

7) Make sure the WiFi is OFF on your printer,  appliances, Smart TV, and home monitoring devices.

8) Remove your Smart Meter. It's actually a very powerful WiFi Router that's consistently pulsing EMF all day and all night.  You call your power company and they come and switch it out to a non-wireless analog or digital meter.

smart meter

9) Turn off the baby monitor anytime you're not using it AND make sure it's at least 10' from you and your baby. Or Use A Wired Baby Monitor

10) When you text or email on your phone, use a Cellphone Stylus--and a stand they both allow you distance from the EMF-and keep your phone clean! OR create texts or emails while the phone is in airplane mode, compose and then send when phone is On or enabled

cellphone stand and stylus

11) Never, please really never use a phone or computer in WiFi mode in an Airplane.  That's why Airplane Mode is a thing! The wireless EMF radiation magnifies exponentially.  It's really high.  Not good for you or anyone around you.Find out where they keep the router when you're choosing your Flight seat. Choose a seat  as far from it as you can to distance yourself from wireless EMF

12) Install Hard Wired Connections. You can easily wire your WiFi with Wire-Up Your Home kit.

install hard wire in your home for wifi cellphone

13) A laptop is not on your lap.  Even with no WiFi or Bluetooth connection, there are magnetic EMF's oozing from it.

avoid laptop radiation

At the very least use a thick 12" pillow.  Best is on the desk a good 2' from your tummy.

14) Sleep with someone you love, not your phone.  If it has to be on, keep it as far away from the bed as possible.  Distance is the key when it comes to wireless EMF. If you must have it by your bedside, think about investing in a Faraday Bag. It nestles your phone/devices in a cozy leather pouch; you both get some beauty sleep and you're entirely protected from any harmful wireless energy, as well as the effects of blue light. 

faraday emf protection bag

15) Be WiFi, Cellphone and Bluetooth Aware:  Not just at home, but out and about as well. If you see the flashing lights of a WiFi, it's a good idea to add a little distance between you and it.

wifi radiation protection

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