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FitBit Alternative: The No Radiation Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth Radiation Tech Wellness
fitbit without radiation
Garmin Tracker with NO Radiation

FitBit Alternative: The No EMF Radiation Fitness Tracker Without Bluetooth

Searching For FitBit Without BlueTooth Radiation? This Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker is the perfect alternative to the ever popular FitBit and Apple Watch. We've all been wearing this at the office and we think it's great. 

Everything You Need To Know About Fitness Tracker Radiation

Keep yourself fit and healthy without all the harmful radiation emitted from Bluetooth devices. ONLY the VivoSmart HR allows you to access the menu without downloading the Garmin App. 

And We Like A Fitness Tracker That Doesn't Connect to the Internet like this Garmin VivoSmart HR For Privacy too

Garmin seems to do one of the best jobs handling the privacy and security of all the personal data fitness trackers collect of the many options out there. Garmin doesn't share or sell your data for marketing purposes. And it de-identifies the data it collects so it's (hopefully) not personally identifiable.

This Activity Tracker lets you turn OFF wireless for a No Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Experience.

Still track-real time:

  • Steps,
  • Heart Rate,
  • Calories Burned,
  • Distance Traveled
  • Bike Speed 
  • Sleep

Unfortunately, you can't download activity to your phone or app that's logged while the Blue Tooth is disabled.  But you do see all activity for a 12 or 24 hour period on the Garmin Vivosmart. August had never used a fitness tracker until she scoured the market for a fitness tracker without wireless EMF and found this one. She loved it so much that she bought her daughter one for Christmas.

We don't sell them directly, but you can find them through the link.

In today's tech driven society wearables come with radiation health risks, not to mention anxiety. This watch unlike the FitBit allows you to disconnect and unplug, greatly reducing EMF exposure. 

Note that this fitness tracker is Blue Tooth enabled--YOU can choose to disable it. You can only download sleep patterns, calorie patterns, exercise patterns etc for tracking when Blue Tooth is enabled. 

To disable Bluetooth you simply make the change on the tracker like so: 

Settings>Phone Icon>Bluetooth Icon>Off 

The Newer Models, The Garmin Vivo Smart 3 and The Garmin VivoSmart 4 require you to download, sync and login to their Garmin Connect App in order to set up the menu.  The Trackers do not work at all unless you connect them.  That's annoying for sure, but once they are set up you can disable the Blue Tooth and keep all your information on the VivoSmart 3 and 4 instead of using the App.

Check out some other top sellers in reducing EMF exposure: 

Reduce the radiation exposure from your WiFi by turning it off while you aren't using it with one click thanks to our favorite Device Kill Switch 

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Block radiation with our science-backed Airtube Headsets in rose gold, gold and black. 

In this photo, The Garmin is connecting to the App on The Phone- See the Reading of EMF Levels from Bluetooth Signal:  It's EXTREME!
And Here's what The Garmin App Can Collect When You Sync To The Garmin Connect App- which is another reason to just utilize the data on the the device itself- with no Bluetooth Connection. 


garmin privacygarmin privacy

See The FitBit EMF Radiation Demonstration Below

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
What about radiation measuring heart rate?

That’s great you can turn off the Bluetooth, but what about the radiation that measures heart rate? Can that be turned off too?

Battery lasts a long time.

I've worn it for a week and haven't charged it once. It's light weight and it's fun to see how far I walk each day.

Lani B.
Great Fitbit without Blue Tooth

I never took my Fitbit off. I tracked it all and looked at the app 5 times a day. So, I get the whole downloading tracking benefits--BUT this is everything I Need. It tracks my 10,000 steps which is the most important to me. Every once in a while I will turn on blue tooth and record a day, but generally I'm doing fine without seeing the app. I do see the miles I move, walking running and biking and of course I love to know how many calories!