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Are Fitbits Safe? Here's What You Need To Know About Radiation and Symptoms from this Fitness Tracker

Does Fitbit Give Off Electromagnetic Radiation?  Is Fitbit Safe?

Fitbits and other wearables are just part of our technology filled world.It's difficult going through the day without using at least one tech device! That's why testing these devices for non-ionizing EMF radiation is so important to us.

A  Fitbit wearing friend at the office told me about The Fitbit Community and how he discovered a board topic asking about Fitbit and EMF Radiation.  At Tech Wellness we strive to test as many different types of devices and technology for Radio Frequency(RF) radiation as we can and Robert was eager to find out about the radiation coming from the wearable he wore quite often.

Is Fitbit and the potenital dangers associated with Fitbit, worth the risk of exposure to wireless radiation? That decision is up to you.  Some people in our office rely on their FitBits and other wearables to keep their fitness goals on track. Wireless radiation energy is emitted from all wireless devices, including Fitbit and Apple Watches.

Being EMF sensitive I believe that this wireless RF radiation energy interferes with my body's energy as I go over in the video I made with Robert at the office. As I mention on tape, I avoid wireless energy, so for me, wearables are an easy no. If you want to avoid EMF radiation, look at all the sources in your life, starting with your phone. We were very happy when the state of California released  Cellphone Guidelines that were very similar to Tech Wellness's recommendations.

However, after talking to Robert about the benefits of his Fitbit and wearing a fit tracker, I decided to scour the market to see if I could find an alternative that didn't require Bluetooth.  I found this one and tried it and now I get it, fitness trackers are really fun.  I had no idea how much I move around all day- and when I want to challenge myself to the 10,000 steps, that little tracker makes me do it. Full disclosure here, this fitness tracker can do much more-but I disable the Bluetooth wireless function so the trackers functions are limited to steps, heart-rate, distance, bike speed, sleep and the most interesting to me: calories. Have you tried one? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


The truth is EMF radiation, without a doubt, has a biological effect and definitely some people are sensitive to it and most definitely there is research connecting cellphone radiation with serious diseases, like cancer.

Robert Decides He Feels Better Without His Fitbit

So, a few months after this recording, Robert took the Fitbit challenge and removed his Fitbit fro several days.  Both Robert and I wanted to share what happened.  Almost immediately Robert noticed that the strange palpitations he was had been noticing completely disappeared.  We both really couldn't believe it because without going into detail, Robert had been talking to doctors about why he was feeling this way.  The good news is it's no longer a concern.

Below, you'll see some quotes from the Fitbit Community board and at the end, what the Fitbit moderators have to say about Fitbits and radiation. The fact is there are not a lot of studies linking blue tooth energy to health effects. It's true- there aren't a lot of studies yet. But as I say in the video, I'm sensitive to electromagnetic radiation(blue tooth included) so I stay away from all sources of EMF.

And for the people I love, and for you, I recommend the Precautionary Principle, which is that its is better safe than sorry, because the research we have about the health effects of cellphone radiation could signal that even low power non ionizing radiation could result in harm to our bodies.


 What Users of FitBit Are Saying Online

FitBits are very popular these days. So much so that we found that people are wondering: are they safe? Is the EMF radiation from Fitbit significant? Specifically we saw several users ask this in the FitBit community forum.  

Here's one comment from the Fitbit Forum from JT1985 who refers to himself as a Recovery Runner

After doing some research on the topic of if Fitbit Blaze causes cancer. I found a wealth of people talking about concerns about EMF, Radiation and WiFi and etc. Many show the FCC (or whatever their name is) requirements and that other company that deals with the EMF readings and then use their EMF, Radiation and WiFi detectors to show that even the fitbit itself (regardless of which one someone has) emits more radiation in any area of registry than even the FCC rules say is acceptable and certainly way more than the other place says is allowable too.

Watch our video above to see what happens when we use our RF meter to detect the invisible wireless energy emitted by the FitBit.  When we read the FitBit community forum, we noticed that some users were complaining about a "tingling" sensation on their arms from wearing a FitBit for months at a time. This is not only worrisome, but a tingling sensation is one of the symptoms of electro-sensitivity or ES.  A more intense form of this sensitivity is called electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity or EHS.


EMF Radiation comes from Apple Watch And Wearables too!

Electro-sensitivity and EMF Radiation Symptoms:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Feeling stressed or "wired"
  • Trouble sleeping through the night
  • Tingling skin sensations
  • Buzzing or static feeling in the brain
  • Ringing ears
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weakened immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances that don't respond to treatment

If you wear a FitBit  or an Apple Watch and notice any of these symptoms, you may want to try an easy self-evaluation. Try going without wearing it and avoiding contact with other wireless devices. If you feel better or symptoms improve, you may want to consider re-thinking the inclusion of a wireless wearable in your daily routine.  Here's an example of someone who probably should not wear a device that's constantly emitting Blue Tooth radiation:

KB  from the FitBit Community posted this online on  6-10 2016--"Fitbit and electromagnetic radiation. I thought fitbit (surge) is the greatest thing ever. I love what it could do, accuracy was OK and it looked good too. There were some minor problems with syncing - but all together a wonderful tool.
This was until I woke up in the night with a pain in the lower arm and wrist. Did not think much about it, just turned off the heart rate monitor and continued using it. Next night the same, I had to actually remove it. During the day no noticeable problems but after the next night the pain became quite severe and the whole arm was affected. It took me a whole day to get rid of the pain in my arm, not wearing it. Did anyone do any research into electromagnetic radiation and the effects on the human body at all. I returned it at the end and have no further problems, pitty I liked the gadget. But I do condemn the manufacturer for not advising of this possible problem - as I found out now on the net is already known to the wider community.
My advice: if you experience any problems similar to mine get rid of it, your health is worth more than this gadget."
A moderator answered in July of 2016 with this:

"This question comes up every so often, and it generally helps to remember that Fitbit trackers operate at such low RF power levels that they are exempt from the evaluation used for other devices (like cell phones). This means that the FCC considers our devices to be in a completely separate category, emitting significantly less energy than phones or other RF devices.I know that it's easy to worry about things like RF exposure, but hopefully it helps to hear that our products operate far below FCC compliance levels, and are considered to be completely safe by all regulation standards."


Some people in the FitBit Community want to see a change someone suggested the following on 9-9-17:

"I recommend adding an airplane mode to the first firmware update.

I have seen several posts wondering about turning off bluetooth or WiFi on the new Ionic.  Several people have stated an interest based on small amounts of radiation, others have considered FAA regulations for devices.  This feature would also benefit people who work in government, tech, and security industries who work in places where transmitting devices of any kind are not allowed.  I am interested because being able to control how often my device transmits and whether or not it is able to sync provides me the ability to extend battery life because I don't always want a smart watch. Sometimes I just want a pedometer, but I don't want to switch between two different devices."


Do you wear a Fitbit or are you interested to learn more about wireless radiation and other health effects, from infertility to cancer? Then you may want to check out our  EMF Radiation And Protection- A Wellness Guide.  We talk about the thousands of research articles on radio frequency radiation and it's effects on our bodies. We offer guidelines for avoiding this wireless EMF radiation and bring you expert opinions and links to solutions.

If you do notice Fitbit radiation symptoms and you're interested in EMF protection or in getting a meter of your own, see the Body collection in our Tech Wellness store   where we link to this great fitness tracker I found that allows you to disable blue tooth and still track steps, distance, calories and more. I bought it and wear it from time to time. 

We offer only items we actually use--and love.

Now, if you made it this far and are wondering about NEWS you may have heard about a Fitbit Recall- we've broken down the whole story to bring you the truth behind the headlines.


 Was There A FitBit Recall?


Update: December 18, 2018: 


We published this original Fitbit story back in January. The blog and video became quite popular! Within a few months, Information about Fitbit radiation and our video were shared on other EMF sites

emf academy

Many health-focused blogs and websites with health "experts" began publishing similar stories- Which was Awesome.

But Then, Suddenly, The Story Changed- And Online News Made People BELIEVE Something That DIDN'T Happen!

Unfortunately for unsuspecting readers- "Health" blogs and "News" sites published information that was NOT true, including false news of a "Big Fitbit Recall."

You may have heard about it, because the story of:"Fitbit Was Recalled Due To Mysterious EMF WiFi Symptoms, Complaints Mounting" was shared over 55,000 times on social media alone. Of course many people were concerned, hence the number of shares.

Here's a Sample of Blogs, Facebook Posts And Websites Who Shared False FitBit Recall Information:

 Health Nut News May 2018


EMF Academy


holistic living

LIVE LOVE FRUIT December 2018

fitbit issues



fitbit recall

Natural Blaze March 2018

EMF fitbit issues

NYU Dispatch December 2018

Copy: "EMF WiFi-related’ symptoms increasingly documented by users of FitBit. Among the electro-sensitivity and EMF-related symptoms reported by users include chronic headaches, tingling skin sensations, ringing ears, a static feeling in the brain, excessive fatigue, weakened immunity, unexplained hives and a straight feeling of body pain.  And, as the company recalls the product for the third time to investigate the growing number of claims"

wearable health issues


Healthy Holistic Living Shared this to 1,788,000+ Facebook Followers

 healthy holistic living fitbit

Activist Post March 2018


fitbit issues

Nexus News Feed June, 2018

 Even the tech Trendolizer(!) called it a Trending News: mysterious emf wifi symptions


Fitbit representatives said there was NO RECALL. Recalls are to be posted on the Fitbit site and most likely, on the Consumer Protection Site as well. There's a "Recall and Info" tab on the Fitbit website.
fitbit recall consumer protection agency
So how did something not true get published by sites you might trust? Well, according to the date stamps on the stories, it may have happened like this:
First, there actually was a recall in 2014. Fitbit offered refunds and blamed the rashes and skin problems people reported on either the metal or the plastic adhesive used in the backing.

Then, Back in March 2018 an article  about FitBit with this title appeared in the Activist Post: 


Then, a few days later, this False Headline appeared on the Natural Blaze website:




The 2014 Recall was for rashes. There was no other recall for "mysterious WiFi Symptoms" The writer explains how she started getting painful electrical pulses after wearing a Fitbit she got for Christmas. She goes on write about the 2014 recall, here's a snippet:



fitbit radiation recall 2018

It's a bit confusing, right?  The actual article does not address a 2018 Fitbit recall. But the headline on Natural Blaze of "FITBIT RECALLED DUE TO MYSTERIOUS EMF WIFI SYMPTOMS COMPLAINTS MOUNTING" followed by the photo and sub-headline below, cause readers to believe there is a new recall.


fitbit recall wifi

This kind of attention grabbing headline is often referred as Click bait because it’s so intriguing you want to read it and when you do click on it—you’ll see a post that’s usually advertising something. 

My point is to tell you the truth behind this fake news headline.The mission of Tech Wellness is to work with experts and scientists to shed light on the complicated topics of tech toxins, including EMF radiation.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to believe on line  To be your trusted resource we consult with some of the world's foremost  experts on tech toxins like EMF.  Our understanding of man made electromagnetic radio waves continues to evolve.  I encourage you to rely on websites and resources that are informed by trusted scientists and doctors.  Dr. George Carlo who led the seminal research study for the wireless industry(his book is featured in our store) and President of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Building Biologists, Larry Gust are the two foremost experts I look to.  I also recommend the work of Joel Moskowitz and his site: SafeEMRCindy Sage of the often quoted Bioinitiative Report and now Physicians for Safe Technology,  Dr. Olle Johansson  and The Environmental Health Trust   and Ellie Marks and The California Brain Tumor Association whose mission is to safeguard public health These people along with the late Martin Blank are highly regarded experts  when it comes to the science of Electromagnetic Radiation.You can find a nice compilation of EMF science and related policy developments at   Check the background of the people involved in creating the information you're using to make decisions regarding EMF and your health and make sure they're the real deal.  There are some great authentic and accurate EMF sites, like emfanalysis. It's run by Jeromy Johnson and we have similar backgrounds. There seems to be a lot of interest lately in the topic I've been concerned about for 25 years and though I'm very happy and relieved that so many are now taking this topic seriously--and I'm happy  some EMF resources embed Safertech and Tech Wellness videos in their sites- I'm concerned that you, (if you're concerned about wireless radiation and your health) steer clear of "experts"  who may be trying to promote items that really don't do what they claim or entice you to visit their sites so they can sell ads based on high traffic or affiliate with unproven "emf protection".  It is a confusing  and sometimes scary topic--I keep my earlier videos from 2007 on this site so you can see that my understanding has grown deeply.  Please know that I take great pride in not creating fear or misunderstanding in this space and it's my deep desire for you to be healthy and well and live life in balance and safety with technology

Be Well!

XO August

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  • I gave up my Fitbit and LG Bluetooth (around my neck that gave me hypothyroidism) and several other things and got several items for protection because of the radiation burns on my arms. I really miss my Fitbit though and thought this might be my only chance but I have found that it needs to sync with your cell phone. How is it supposed to do that? And, I’m downgrading to a 3G cell phone with limited internet so that is a problem for apps. So I’m not understanding how one would be able to see the data from this GARMIN fitness watch unless it can be connected via a cable to one’s laptop. Do you have any info on this issue? Thank you.

    Natasha Watanabe

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