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Apple Watch Radiation and EMF Detection- How Safe Is it?

Here's a tip (pre Apple Watch 3): EMF radiation is coming from your Apple watch. Be mindful of the Radio Frequency (RF) or Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) exposure emanating from an Apple Watch, and other wearables.

For expert analysis of How Much RF Radiation exposure is too much-look here!

In this video we compare the EMF radiation coming from the Smartphone to the EMF radiation coming from the Apple watch. See what Happens! Did you know? Here's the Meter if you want to detect the RF wireless energy in your life.  It's FUN and INTERESTING and very HELPFUL for avoiding it.

Calibrated entry level RF wireless energy detector meter

Tech Wellness only sell meters that are CALIBRATED, so you can be sure they are accurate!

The 2017 all new Apple 3 Watch poses higher levels of RF and EMF exposure. We can't wait to see the difference.

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