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Do Apple AirPods Cause Cancer? The Radiation Review

There's a LOT of talk about AirPods causing cancer.  The conversation is based on the fact that not only do airpods emit RF radiation, which has been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization, but also because RF radiation has been linked to cancerous tumors and other types of cancer. And AirPods are worn IN your ears-delivering radiation ALL the time.

This video demonstrates radio frequency radiation emitted from Apple's Airpods. In this video August shows you the EMF radiation-(the same type of non-ionizing radiation that scientists are studying to find out about cancer risks) that's coming off those cool AirPods. 

If seeing the invisible energy is intriguing or you want to know more about how it works or the cancer connection, you'll want to take a look at our Wireless Energy Guide

The truth is:  There’s no research yet that can point to an actual safe level of EMF exposure.

  •  Known Health Effects. For years we've seen study after study showing how wireless energy can affect our health. I personally know it affects me—I get headaches, anxiety, and tingling. Research points to possible effects that range from infertility to cancer (in some cases and for some people).
  • If you're concerned about RF Radiation--you'll probably be interested in this study of 400+people and the symptoms they reported after Smart Meters(which emit RF radiation continually) were installed. People reported things like sleep disruption, headaches, ringing or buzzing in the ears, fatigue, loss of concentration, memory and learning ability and dizziness and disorientation at the top of the list. Reported symptoms of exposure to wireless energy, provided by Dr. Ronald Powell  
  • And if you're interested in the science and research on the topic . Tech Wellness has curated and included 100's of studies reporting biological effects from exposure to RF radiation. Here's one example A European study from 2015 showed that heavy cellphone use for over ten years correlated to a double risk of brain cancer, and even more alarming, kids who begin using cell phones as teenagers had a four to five times higher chance of being diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • If you're wondering then, How the Heck this Happened--How did we get to the point where smart devices, cellphones, Wireless-everything is  everywhere?  Seriously,  you may say, "If they really were causing health effects, why would they sell them Why would we use them if they weren't safe?

  • That's a great question, here's an article that addresses how this technology came to market, and what it might be doing to you're precious body   Our Public Policy and Science Expert, Author and Research Director of the largest Study of Cellphone Radiation done for the Cellphone Industry the CTIA,  Dr. George Carlo explains how the cell phone industry was able to get this technology to market before it was properly tested--Plus Dr. Carlo updates us the truth about Radio Frequency exposure.  He's been studying it for decade now and what he shares is balanced and honest.

Love your AirPods but Don't Love Radiation? Here's How to Avoid Some Of It:

  • Use AirPods ONLY when ON A phone Call.  AirPods are searching for signal whenever they are out of the charging pod. Signal Search= RF Radiation exposure.   Put those cool Pods Away You're Not on a Call.

  • Use In One Ear vs Both Ears. Both Pods are sending signal.  Cut your exposure by using just one.

  • Crush exposure with a wired headset.  The absolute safest have shielded wires and Airtubes

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