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Should You Buy EMF Blocking Clothing or Blankets? EMF And Auto-Immune Disease

I wouldn't and many people who can actually feel the invisible wireless energy agree.

EMF Protection in the form of Belly Blankets, Anti Radiation Underwear, ANTI EMF Hats and the like, should come with a warning.

You see, the material that shields isn't the problem, 99% of the time it really can and does block or shield the invisible wireless energy from "touching" your body.

But, the issue is where the EMF protection stops and starts. Scientists call it "Partial Shielding"

Having Electromagnetic Sensitivity myself and attending EMF conferences and and EHS conferences worldwide, I know without a doubt that shielding clothing, or partial shielding as science refers to it, is problematic and just not a foolproof solution or even truly safe.
emf clothing problems

New Research Shows Us Why EMF Blocking Clothing and Materials need to be used cautiously.

Researcher Dimitris Panagopoulos released a study this year-here's a excerpt:
As explained already, one of the great dangers with partial shielding is that radiation can create interference spots of increased intensity at non-shielded parts of the body. This greatly depends on the position of the person in relation to the source(s). When a partially shielded per-son is moving, the spots of interference change unpredictably. In such a case the exposure on the non-shielded parts, as e.g. the head, may in-crease considerably at different instances/positions during movement.Moreover, as the metallic grid will attract upcoming EMFs on its external surface, wherever it touches the skin, it may increase the local expo-sure instead of decreasing.

This new 2019 scientific research report, Radiation and EMF Protection and Risks has just been published. The research study covers how and why EMF, electromagnetic fields, have a biological effect. It discusses many types of EMF protection shields including clothing, cellphone cases and home shielding and how they can be problematic.

emf protection clothing anti radiation

Shield completely or Don't Shield At All?

Unless you're shielded completely--like in a Faraday cage, you risk greater exposure to the parts of your body that are not covered.  Say you've got a belly covering your pregnant tummy, well, your chest and your legs may be subjected to higher radiation.  Or if you're wearing Anti Radiation underwear, your legs and your stomach can and will get the expanded EMF radiation levels.  
As EMF expert, Building Biologist and author of Exposed and 99 Tips To Blocking EMF, Bill Cadwallader wisely points out,

"What part of your body isn't important? "

Bill is referring to the concept that even though part of your body is shielded with shielding clothing, all the other parts of your precious body that are not covered are still quite exposed.
emf sheilding clothing exposure
I've seen the real world applications of EMF blocking clothing for people who actually really require it, they are so keenly affected by the radiation. 
The best use practice is to be fully covered, head to toe, even face coverings.  At the September EMF conference where Tech Wellness was a featured sponsor, I talked to two women who told me that at the conference, their jumpsuits, gloves, foot covering and visors without face masks worked fine because no one was allowed to use wireless  while at the conference. 
These women told me that typically they would need face coverings as well when they venture out into the world filled with wireless radiation that causes them headaches, tingling, insomnia and anxiety.
emf underwear

You may have heard about the Silver Cap Study on Auto Immune Symptoms and EMF

Are auto-immune issues like type 1 diabetes, Lupus, MS or Celiacs effected by wireless EMF or EMR exposure?  A 2016 Study , which mainly focuses on Silver EMF protection caps and if they work or not, makes this connection: They say studies in mic have shown that environmental electromagnetic waves tend to suppress the "murine immune system similar to the way NSAID's do.

The study then makes the connection that Silver Shielding Caps change the address the symptoms of EHS--BUT, the strong association with wearing shielding caps is unclear if it's strongly GOOD or strongly BAD . . .

auto immune and silver shielding caps protection

We decided to make the reporting task minimally onerous by asking patients to initially wear the cap once for 4 h during sleeping and once for 4 h during normal activity (many are house-bound). We sought patient-reported outcomes (PRO) of whether the garment had “No Effect,” a “Weak Effect,” a “Definite Effect” or a “Strong Effect,” regardless of whether the effect was good or bad

The EMF Protection Clothing Study had this comment:
Another option of (partial) clothe shielding is wearing metal grid caps (calledsleeping caps) on the head during sleep or even during the daytime. A recent article reported that from 64 EHS patients who were asked to wear metal grid caps on their heads for 4 h during sleep and for another 4 h during normal activity, 90% reported adefinite or strong change in their symptoms(Marshall and Rumann Heil, 2017).This article did not include statistical analysis, there was no control cap without metal grid to test for a possible placebo effect, and did not report whether thechange in the symptomswas an improvement or worsening.

More About the Auto Immunity and EHS study:The Vitamin D receptor Connection

The authors of the Silver Cap Auto Immune Study did another study that seems to be a vehicle to focus on the drug olmesartan as a possible way to address the way that Vitamin D receptors have been shown to be implicated in auto immune disease. They reference 141 studies in this one study as "it seems to reverse disease activity resulting from VDR(Vitamin D receptors) dysfunction. 

They then make the connection with VDR and electrosmog, WiFi and and wireless EMF:

We here report that structural instability of the activated VDR becomes apparent when observing hydrogen bond behavior with molecular dynamics, revealing that the VDR pathway exhibits a susceptibility to Electrosmog. Further, we note that characteristic modes of instability lie in the microwave frequency range, which is currently populated by cellphone and WiFi communication signals, and that the susceptibility is ligand dependent.

With low-level non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation, Lushnikov [5] found a suppressed immune response in mice. Subsequently, Gapeev (aka Gapeyev) [6, 7] showed that the effect on mice of low-intensity non-ionizing electromagnetic waves was roughly equivalent to effect of the NSAID diclofenac. Most recently, some suppression of inflammation was reported in lizards which had been exposed to pulsed DECT radiation simulating the cordless phones used in many homes [8].

Chemical Sensitivity Expert sees Significant connection with EMF Sensitivity

The results from the fMRI

Meanwhile Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Sensitivity have been found to significantly connected by a leading CS expert. Thousands of studies have been conducted on the effects ofelectromagnetic radiation, but there a very few studies that can prove the existence of EHS, notes Dr. Gunnar Heuser, MD PHD, from UCLA'S Brain Research Institute (BRI).  Dr. Heuser is an internationally recognized physician who is noted for his extensive research work on chemical sensitivity. He has written several books and published numerous scientific papers on the chemical sensitivity condition.

In September 2017, Heuser published a study to determine changes in the brains of ten adults living with ES. These people were exposed to significant levels of EMF and reported the following symptoms: headaches, sporadic cognitive and memory problems, and intermittent disorientation.

The results from the fMRI showed consistent abnormalities called—hyper-connectivity. I met with Dr. Heuser a couple of years ago and he explained that certain connections were gone or impaired. 

We talked more about a diagnostic tool for EHS and how he has seen similar symptoms like lack of balance, ADD and confusion or what he calls "multi-system disease" similar to patients who have mold or chemical exposures or even head injuries.  How do you know it's EHS I asked,


Good question. And the reason it’s such a good question is because the symptoms that people develop after chemical exposure are almost identical to the ones that they develop from electromagnetic field exposure. So, you don’t always know. And the dangerous thing is that many patients who have the EHS  have a history of exposure to chemicals.


By the way, Dr. Heuser, first realized there was a connection between wireless energy and health when he was healing from a surgery and noticed the hip under the pocket where he kept his cellphone had a sore that would not heal. He recommends turning your phone off when you're not using it and avoiding wireless energy whenever you can. 
Hopefully this helps you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing something that should be helpful and protective.  Honestly, the best thing you can do, is keep your laptop off your lap and your phone out of your pocket and your distance from your WiFi.
pregnancy shield belly shield
If you really want shielding that truly protects, try a grounded bed canopy.  They're complicated and can be dangerous if not used  or set up correctly, but when they are- the EMF-free-ness of it all is truly magical!
Be Well!
--and let me know if you have any questions.

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