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Fitbit EMF Radiation: Here's the Guide With Everything You Need to Know!

FitBit Radiation:  Should You Be Concerned about Cancer from Wearables?

The Fitbit Community is asking about Fitbit and EMF Radiation.  At Tech Wellness we strive to test as many different types of devices and technology for Radio Frequency(RF) radiation as we can.

Fitbits and other wearables are just part of our technology filled world.It's difficult going through the day without using at least one tech device! That's why testing these devices for non-ionizing EMF radiation is so important to us.

Is Fitbit a device that's worth the risk of exposure to wireless radiation? That decision is up to you.  Some people in our office rely on their FitBits and other wearables to keep their fitness goals on track. Wireless radiation energy is emitted from all wireless devices, including Fitbit and Apple Watches.  August believes that this wireless RF radiation energy interferes with her body's energy as she notes in this video and therefore she avoids wireless devices whenever she can. So for her, wearables are an easy no.

Our goal at Tech Wellness is to create awareness so that you can make informed decisions.

What Users of FitBit Are Saying Online

FitBits are very popular these days. So much so that we found that people are wondering: are they safe? Is the EMF radiation from Fitbit significant? Can a Fitbit cause cancer? Specifically we saw several users ask this in the FitBit community forum.  

Here's one comment from the Fitbit Forum from JT1985 who refers to himself as a Recovery Runner

After doing some research on the topic of if Fitbit Blaze causes cancer. I found a wealth of people talking about concerns about EMF, Radiation and WiFi and etc. Many show the FCC (or whatever their name is) requirements and that other company that deals with the EMF readings and then use their EMF, Radiation and WiFi detectors to show that even the fitbit itself (regardless of which one someone has) emits more radiation in any area of registry than even the FCC rules say is acceptable and certainly way more than the other place says is allowable too

Watch our video above to see what happens when we use our RF meter to detect the invisible wireless energy emitted by the FitBit.  When we read the FitBit community forum, we noticed that some users were complaining about a "tingling" sensation on their arms from wearing a FitBit for months at a time. This is not only worrisome, but a tingling sensation is one of the symptoms of electro-sensitivity or ES.  A more intense form of this sensitivity is called electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity or EHS.


EMF Radiation comes from Apple Watch And Wearables too!

Electro-sensitivity and EMF Radiation Symptoms:

  • Chronic headaches
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Feeling stressed or "wired"
  • Trouble sleeping through the night
  • Tingling skin sensations
  • Buzzing or static feeling in the brain
  • Ringing ears
  • Unexplained rashes or hives
  • Body pain
  • Weakened immunity
  • Hormonal imbalances that don't respond to treatment

If you wear a FitBit  or an Apple Watch and notice any of these symptoms, you may want to try an easy self-evaluation. Try going without wearing it and avoiding contact with other wireless devices. If you feel better or symptoms improve, you may want to consider re-thinking the inclusion of a wireless wearable in your daily routine.

If you're interested to learn more about wireless radiation and other health effects, from infertility to cancer, please see our  EMF Radiation And Protection- A Wellness Guide.  We talk about the 1,000's of research articles on radio frequency radiation and it's effects on our bodies. We offer guidelines for avoiding this wireless EMF radiation and bring you expert opinions and links to solutions.

If you do notice Fitbit radiation symptoms and you're interested in EMF protection or in getting a meter of your own, see the Body collection in our Tech Wellness store.  We offer only items we actually use--and love.

Be Well!

XO August

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