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5 Great Reasons to Unplug for The National Day of Unplugging

Mark your calendars for the National Day of Unplugging March 1-2, 2019! Because this year was particularly great.

Unplugging is a lifestyle choice for me, but this year in honor of the National Day of Unplugging my husband joined me for a full 24 hour digital sabbath.  

It was amazing. It was lovely. It was so good he's asked me several times since  if we could do it again.

Cellphones safely stored in their ultimate secure privacy Cases  Computers closed and powered off, tablets put away.  Honestly no anxiety for me because I disconnect each day for awhile as daily digital detox is part of my tech wellness routine. But for my super-connected man... this was huge!
He loved it. I loved it. We read books, we hiked, we called friends, met friends for breakfast and talked. But the real point of difference came in the morning, the time we normally pop on the microcell and go downstairs to check our phones, was instead filled with looking at the sky, having coffee and chatting. The 24 hours of not allowing the tug of a text, an Instagram browse or those work emails that always seem to need my attention allowed the time to pass sooo s-l-o-w-l-y.
It reminded me of when (decades ago) I spent weekend days at the Depak Chopra Center for well-being back when it was in La Jolla. I had transformational ayurvedic treatments and the chance to participate in a Deepak Chopra meditation exercise where by breathing and focus, I actually watched the sweep hand of a watch slow down to appear as though each second was taking many seconds of time.
Totally trippy and totally relaxing. And yes, that’s how I felt at times during the UNPLUG.

My husband said that he appreciated the opportunity of not having the option of  using technology for a whole day.  He committed to the unplug and he liked it.


People all over the country took the pledge and you can join them next year--and Tech Wellness highly recommends that you do.

This day was established by Reboot, an organization that forges innovative ways to connect while keeping their traditional Jewish values alive. Reboot is a creative project that harnesses the ritual of carving out one day per week to unplug, unwind, and relax, get outdoors and connect with loved ones.

We spoke with the National Spokesperson, Tanya Schevitz, to gain more insight on this event. She really struck a chord with us at Tech Wellness; 

"I believe that the biggest benefits people find when they unplug are that they realize how much they are missing out on by having their faces buried in their phones constantly. They realize that they can connect with those around them much better when they are unplugged, that they make new friends, that they can relax and focus on something."

24 Hours of No texting, no social media, no email no calls.  YES to real life.

To gear up, why not start a daily or weekly unplugged session now?

Unplugging to intentionally connect. If thinking about being disconnected makes you uncomfortable, watch the video and see how to activate a simple iPhone option that will automatically notify your tribe anytime they try and reach you.

Here’s our list of how to Unplug, even for a few hours a day

9 Easy Ways to Unplug- Try just one- or try them all

  1. Grab your phone and delete ONE app.  One less app is one less distraction.
  2. Disconnect to reconnect in a way that you haven’t since you got your first smartphone. Try a power off dinner.  The food and the company will both be more satisfying.
  3. You and someone you love (pets included) are the only ones who should share your bed.  Tell your phone and laptop you need downtime.
  4. And speaking of the bedroom, experience the best rest with less blue light in your nightlife.
  5. Tech Wellness has a selection of orange glasses to beat the blues. For now, try Nightshift.
  6. Hide Notifications.  Try this for fewer distractions for at least a block of time each day.
  7. Meditation. Yoga. Your Time.  Try all Device free and get more out of your free time.
  8. Break a sweat with your phone on Airplane.  Distraction free. Wireless EMF energy free.
  9. Every day, no matter where you are, take 5 minutes to feel your feet on the ground.  Breathe

9 ways to Unplug = 5 Big Benefits

  1. Better Sleep:  47% of adults say they miss out on sleep due to internet usage. 
  2. Better Family Relationships:  21% of UK children feel their parents don’t listen to them properly because they’re constantly picking up emails, calls or texts on their mobiles 27% say their parents have double standards about technology. We love the idea of the whole family unplugging.
  3. A Healthier YOU:  Wireless energy and your body’s energy. There are 1,000's of studies linking the energy (EMF) that emanates from our digital devices to a myriad of conditions and diseases. Now no one is absolutely 100% sure exactly any one person will be affected by the EMF's. Our own US  government has been doing research and they released partial findings this year connecting cell phone use to brain cancer in rats. At TechWellness, we believe better safe than sorry when it comes to emf exposure, so the less, the better.
  4. Better Emotional Empathy:  A UCLA study found that pre-teens who were deprived of screens for five days through a digital detox were much better at reading people’s emotions (non-verbal skills) than children who continued using screens. Makes sense; the teens were actually paying attention to each other vs technology. And let’s be real--nothing’s more annoying than trying to talk to someone whose face has been sucked into their screen.
  5. A Happier YOU:  Staying off all social media for a week has been shown in a study to increase happiness. Nothing is better than a brighter mood and wider smile.

People tell us that just by wearing this cute statement pieces, unplugging is easier. My friend Michelle says that she loves wearing the Power Off shirt because she's reminded to stay mindful, turning to tech, only when she has to.



Take the pledge for Next Years National Day Of Unplugging and get on the list! You'll be part of fabulous movement towards balance and tech wellness.

Be Well!


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