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Install Hard Wire For No More WiFi! Connect Internet to Laptops, Phones and WiFi for No EMF

You Can Hard Wire WiFi to Almost All Wireless Devices.

 Here's an older video that shows you the amount of RF radiation exposure with WiFi and when I'm hard wired to the internet:

Connectivity is key to maintaining our lives and staying in touch with our work, with our friends and family.  At times like this, you need to do whatever it takes to get the best, safest and fastest internet speeds possible.

And yes, you can have it all right now.  Faster speeds and no dangerous electromagnetic frequencies.  I’m going to share belo how we have maximized both in our house.  I’ve spent a lot of time working with our experts over the years to get to these components right, so you can benefit from my experience. 

WHY Hardwire the Internet Instead Of Using Wireless WiFi?

  • The internet connection via hard-wire or Ethernet cable cords allows internet access to pass directly from your WiFi or an access point to your computer, phone, laptop or any  device.
  • WiFi uses a wireless connection powered with EMF radiation to send data between a router and one of your devices.
  • Hard-wired internet connections have the benefit of faster speeds, a more secure and consistent connection, as well as no EMF radiation.
  • Wireless connections allow you to move about and get signal anywhere, but signal can be unstable and the EMF, abundant

It wasn’t always easy and in retrospect I feel I could’ve been smarter out of the gate. I had audio-video experts look at me sideways when I said I didn’t want the wireless speaker, TV or control panel. I read, I spoke to trusted experts, I bought all types of meters and I used them- all over the house. I had fabulous Building Biologists and the best electrical engineers explain dirty electricity, RF radiation and magnetic EMF and more than anything I felt the energy and I felt when it was right.

And that’s why I want to share the easy details with you.


Get Everything you need to hard wire your home with No Wifi in Our Wired Kit

  • Power Source. Let’s start with the juice.  Believe it or not, all electricity is not the same.  We worked with Building Biologist Shaun Kranish, who takes a high quality Belkin power strip, the kind you might find in a computer server farm.  He takes it apart, adds a special grounded cable to make sure the power coming out of the strip is clean, not dirty.  That’s important, especially if you or someone in your family has EHS or electromagnetic hypersensitivity.  You can learn more in our EHS Guide.  We have a limited quantity of these super duper power strips on hand and I think they’re really worth the investment.  

  • Ethernet Switch.  The Switch is really a splitter.  It takes one internet signal and allows you to run that signal to multiple devices.  We actually have three of these routers in our house right now.  They’re affordable and set up is just plugging it in.  These days,  I realize most people have wifi in their homes.   What we’re going to show you how to do is to use the router to supply our internet signal to our computers, even our smartphones—as well as your wifi, for when you absolutely need it. Our goal is to always keep the wifi OFF. See Below.

  • Grounding Electrical Ethernet Connector. This is something else that our building biologist hand builds for us to help take get that signal cleaner and faster.  Basically, you put it between the ethernet that comes out of the wall that then goes to your router to insure that there is no random dirty signal coming in to your system and your devices.  This piece is something that people who really want the best system possible are going to want.  Again, we have a limited number of these custom made grounds available.                                                                          

  • Ethernet Cable.  We use only grounded,"Cat 6" or “Cat 7” (category 6 or 7) ethernet cable.  That means the connectors are plated for speed and safety.  They’re affordable and come in lengths of up to 100 feet.  My husband has been known to roll his portable desk out into the back yard on really nice days.  IMPORTANT TO NOTE:  For each wired device, you’ll need a cable long enough to get from the router to your device.  So in our illustration, you’ll actually need 5 or 6 cables.
  • Ethernet Dongles.  This little miracle will show you have lightning fast your smartphone and tablet can be.  It takes the ethernet signal and puts it right into your phone.  So fast that videos load instantly.  In our house, we don’t get very good cellular service, so the dongle is almost a must have.  But believe me, you’ll love this thing.  You can easily find dongles for all of your devices 
  • WiFi Kill Switch.  We know that sometimes, WiFi is a necessity.  But even if you must have wifi, you sure don’t have to sleep with it!  This ingenious little device is one of our best sellers because it makes everything so easy.  You simply plug the wifi into the switch and then when you want to turn off wifi, you just click the switch from up to 100 feet away and you are instantly wifi free.  No home should be without one. Or two or three!
  • WiFi Shield.  Again, if you MUST have wifi (we put ethernet throughout our house so we don’t need it), you should do everything to keep it a safe distance away from everyone in your house.  So no—not under your desk or next to your kid’s bedroom or your dog’s bed. We really enjoy having this faraday cage to stick our wifi in—it limits the radiation when you’re not actually using the wifi.  

Here's my step-by-step easy set up guide To Hard Wiring Your Device:

1) For our purposes, we’ll assume that you’re starting from where the internet comes into your house.  This might be a plug in or it might be a cable modem if your internet comes from your cable company.  It should look like this:

Ethernet wired internet

     2) Plug one end of your Shielded Ethernet Cable into the wall plate, and the other into the grounding electrical ethernet cord if you have one. (NOTE: If you have the cord, you’ll need TWO separate cables to get to the router)  If not, then go from the wall plate to the back of your internet router.  


    Grounded ethernet cord


    OR If your Only Access to Internet is a WiFi: Plug the Grounded Ethernet Cable Into The WiFi


      Grounding ethernet cord


       3) Next, take your ethernet cable and plug into the Switch or Splitter (in this example, you plug it into the “1” opening.  This means you now have 4, count ‘em 4 new internet opportunities.  (which means, obviously another ethernet cable for each output) Say one for your laptop, one for your significant others and one for each of your smartphones.  

      The next thing you will want to do though is to disable WiFi on your devices so that they aren’t constantly searching to find networks. This will result in them emitting more radiofrequency radiation, a type of EMF radiation, which there is no need for since we’ve hard-wired the device with an ethernet cable.

      You may also want to consider turning Bluetooth off, I won’t go into the details of why Bluetooth can be dangerous, instead, I’ll just offer up this article I wrote.

      It can also be smart, when possible, to use an external (wired) keyboard and mouse. Not only will this give you distance between you and your device, but wired devices also don’t emit radiation via a Bluetooth connection.

      And Voila! You now have a hard-wired internet set up in your home! If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help!

      Now let’s answer some related questions.


        router or splitter with 5 shielded ports

      Internet Switch or Splitter

        4) Next, depending on what you’re plugging into, you’ll need the ethernet dongle to convert the ethernet signal to your device.  The ones you’ll need, will depend on your device.  It could be USB or USB-C or Micro USB or Lighting.  Full Disclosure:  We’ve gone through 25 adapters. They don’t work forever and they are the weak link in the system.  Even the most expensive, $89 versions on Amazon, get spotty reviews.  The ones we’re suggesting now is the one we’ve found to be the most consistent.



       5) If you do have wifi, don’t forget your wifi shield.  Just put the whole wifi into it.

       6) And of course the must-have for every wifi, our Wifi Kill Switch.  You plug the switch in to the wall and your wifi into the switch.  Then all you need to do is use the handy remote to click it off when it’s time to get some real unplug time! 


       Everything packaged for you in one Wire Up Your WiFi Kit.


      Here's How to Hard Wire Your Smart Phone To Use it Without WiFi or Cellphone Signal and Without BlueTooth! do you do I hard wire my iphone to the internet? Step 1

      Well, you start with the right cable. We've had this cable tested and it's available on the site. It is called a Shielded Cable and what makes it so great is that the gold around the tip makes it insulated the flatness of the wire makes it easier to hide or run along any surface.

      best shielded ethernet cable hard wire iphone to internet

      However, there are lots of Cat-5, 6, 7 wire out there, most of them are bad because radiation travels down the wire and into your device. You don't want that. We've tested this wire and we know it works!

      Hard Wire iPhone to Ethernet/internet Step 2

      The second thing we'd like to share is an Ethernet connection to a USB-C. Now USB-C is what you have on the end of your phone that allows you to connect to all your MacBook Pros and all your new laptops, especially if they are Apple. You can also get this with any other kind of Ethernet connection that goes into your computer, but the key point is to have one with an Ethernet connection on one side and whatever your computer uses on the other side.

      Now let's talk about a few things that were really fascinating to us. How can we make our phone fast? You use an Ethernet connection.

      basket for phones to charge and disconnect

      Here's another great idea to encourage a healthy time out from EMF to carve out time to connect in real life.  Our Unplug Intention Cards are a lovely reminder.

      We Found The Best Ethernet Adapter to Connect to the internet!

      Tech Wellness buys, tries and reviews all anti-radiation products to find the best for our customers.  Here it is! It's not 100% perfect all the time, but this Ethernet Adapter, works better than any we've found to turn your smartphone into a super smart, brilliant phone. Put your phone on airplane mode, then take our lovely wired adapter and plug in into your ethernet cable, then at the end of that is the lightning which plugs directly into your USB-C.

      We offer this adapter for Macbook Pro, Android and Chrome Book:

      hard wire chrome book to internet

      And, this adapter for apple products like iPhones:

      iphone internet ethernet adapter and charger

      The reason this adapter costs $39.99 is the fact that every time you use this you have to pay a license fee to Apple so products that have the lightning adapter usually cost more because Apple is charging a license fee--FUN FACTS to know and tell--so there we go.

      how to have the fastest iphone

      Oh this is super important! Please  disable WiFi, cell network and Bluetooth on your device so that they aren’t constantly searching and trying to connect because when they're on,  they emit nasty electromagnetic radiation a type of EMF.

      You no longer need any wireless signal at all!

      In our video you'll see how we hooked it up and actually connected to the Internet with a Ethernet Adapter.

      An iPhone With NO EMF!  A Fast iPhone Without Radiation!

      You can watch the video to see that the iphone was streaming video with no wireless radiation!  Yay!  But an important caveat--IF you're plugging your cable into a modem or routers or  switch, they are often NOT properly grounded.  If that's the case, you may want to use a grounding adapter a long with the shielded cable. If you have an internet connection built into your walls, you really don't need to worry about this dirty electricity.

      But back to the iPhone excellent new set up

      What normally takes my phone forever to load now loads extremely fast. And, if you want a little extra protection try using a stylus because there's magnetic energy coming directly from our screens.

      If you truly, truly want want to be ULTIMATELY PROTECTED from EMF, and if you want to really do it right- just follow me on I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that you are truly informed when it comes to the danger of EMF and RF radiation.  

      How To Make A Do It Yourself Wired Baby Monitor

      How does this work, you ask? The LINKS follow this summary. Then the step by step guide.

      • The camera itself is built as a wireless Camera EXCEPT it has a special FUNCTIONALITY that let's it become WIRED by connecting to a long Ethernet cable which works through ADAPTERS that plug into regular power outlets.
      •  Next, the video signal is transmitted via those ADAPTERS through your home's power lines--or household wiring-- to a hub in another room.
      • The video signal broadcasts the live video feed to the "MONITOR"  which is simply your Computer or Tablet or Phone via the Camera APP you download.
      And, here's a great hack that allows your tablet or laptop "monitors" to be TOTALLY wired. We do it with a special Ethernet Adapter.  We have one to turn your hard wire your tablet and one that hard wires your android or laptop--which means you access the internet without a WiFi connection.
      Baby is safe because she’s not sleeping near a camera that’s emitting dangerous energy. Take a Look at the Video Above to See the WIRED Baby Monitor in Action! 

      Start with this D-Link Camera

      D-Link Camera Wired Baby Monitor

      Make sure you get the correct D-link model. The company told us that both the DCS5030L (shown here)-BUT NOW ONLY AVAILABLE USED and the DCS 5222L automatically shuts off the wireless connection when the ethernet cable is plugged in.   

      The company told us the DCS-9330 does not broadcast WiFi- but it cannot be accessed remotely.  That means you can't see it on phones or tablets. 


      Also- We've JUST PURCHASED A $69 DLink To TRY!  It comes in April 1st so check back!!


      You’ll need 2 D-Link Powerline adapters

      wired baby monitor

      NOTE: Don't Buy the Power Line Adapters if You Have Ethernet or Internet Access Points Built In--As Shown Below.

      shielded cable

      And You'll Need 2 Shielded Ethernet Cables

      Step 1: If you have wired Ethernet outlets in your home

      Plug one end of the shielded cable into the wall and plug the other end into the D-link camera. Done!

      Wired Baby Monitor Adapter

      Step 1: If you DON'T have these wired Ethernet outlets

      Take Shielded Cable and plug it into your Router

      Wired Baby Monitor Baby

      Step 2

      Plug the other end of the Shielded Cable Into The First D-link Adapter And Plug the Adapter Into The Closest Electrical Socket.

      Step 3

      Take the Second Shielded Cable, Plug it into the Second D Link Adapter.

      Then Plug the Adapter it into the an Electrical Socket close to where the Camera will be located in babies room.

      non wireless baby monitor

      Plug The Other End of The Shielded Cable into the Camera and WiFi is automatically disabled.

      safe baby monitor no emf

      Step 4

      Download the app to easily manage your camera.

      The App is free and the set up is a breeze. We used the Mydlink Lite version, but they just came up with a baby monitor version. We have both Linked at the bottom of this page!  You can use your Smartphone or tablet as the "monitor" Be sure to use our lightening adapter/Ethernet cable fix to use your cellphone, laptop and tablet without wireless energy!!

      D- Link Lite for Mac

      D-Link Lite App for Android

      D-Link App for Baby Monitor

      We Tested For Sound and EMF This video at the top of this blog shows you how it works as well. No RF radiation wireless exposure and camera and sound looked great!!! 

      And  word about Dirty Electricity. 

      Yes, there will be dirty electricity as a result of sending signal over the wires via the adapters.  Our point of view is that it is the lesser of two EMF evils.  Here,  Larry Gust, one of the most qualified experts on EMF mitigation in the world, explains:

      "One has to choose one’s poison or decide to do away with man-made electricity– because all of it has had very significant effects on the health of Man-kind (The Invisible Rainbow by A. Firstenberg)
      Do you want the family to be hit by a huge hammer (Wireless connections to TV and PC, cordless phone, your smart phone) or run the small signal over the wires–Ethernet over power line).  The signal on the wires could be considered dirty electricity, but its mostly on the wires and does not project into the room very far and the power densities are weak. That situation compared to purposely filling the air with wireless energy is no comparison at all. If you have got to have the modern stuff than you can't do away with man-made electrical energies.
      One can also choose to install Ethernet wires all over the house and use those rather than running the Internet signal over the house power wiring.  BTW there is a tiny DE signal from Ethernet too.  Probably less than from Ethernet over power line. "

      IMPORTANT: Make sure you get the correct D-link model.  This one automatically shuts off the wireless connection when you plug the ethernet cable in. The company told us the DCS-9330 does not broadcast WiFi- but it cannot be accessed remotely.  That means you can't see it on phones or tablets. 

      When you use the the D-link Adapters to send the WiFi signal through the electrical wires in your home, there will be resulting dirty electricity.  Larry Gust explains that having dirty electricity on your wiring compares much more favorably to having the Electromagnetic Radiation exposures to baby and family that come from wireless baby monitors.

      Wired Baby Monitor Privacy and Security

      When it comes to your footage and how and where it's stored it's best to use the dLink app or the website.  These are both encrypted delivery systems.

      Remember, bad actors and hackers can access your data through your WiFi connection.  Please change your passwords often and name your WiFi router something clever.  Avoid using you address or name.

      You can also access the footage through your browser with a password-but we don't recommend that method as it's not encrypted and vulnerable to hackers.

      See the review of wireless cameras from Consumer Reports:


       ". . . In contrast, D-Link doesn't store video from the DCS-2630L in the cloud. Instead, the camera has its own, onboard web server, which can deliver video to the user in different ways.


      Users can view the video using an app, mydlink Lite. The video is encrypted, and it travels from the camera through D-Link’s corporate servers, and ultimately to the user’s phone. Users can also access the same encrypted video feed through a company web page, Those are both secure methods of accessing the video.


      But the D-Link camera also lets you bypass the D-Link corporate servers and access the video directly through a web browser on a laptop or other device. If you do this, the web server on the camera doesn’t encrypt the video."


      As we are immersed in the IOT (internet of things) with more and more smart devices in our homes and businesses, it's important to be aware that hacking is a real by-product.  What can you do? Change those passwords often. The latest anti-hacking password advice from Tech Wellness Cyber Expert Bryan Neumeister--Use sentences or phrases that begin with numbers.


      Other Wired Camera Options:


      We're constantly scouring the marketplace for options to Wireless Baby Monitors and we expect there will be others on the market soon. There once was the BabyMoov, which we purchased and tested, the video is still on YouTube, but the company stopped manufacturing it.

      We found the Matop Camera online, which claims it has an ethernet/WiFi option.  But the reviews are not good.  We only recommend and do demo's detecting EMF for products that consumers find worthy.

      Also, the marketplace for wired baby monitors is confusing. When you search them in Amazon, products like the Angel Care and the Nanit come up.  We've tested them both- see the videos below- Spoiler Alert:

      They are not low EMF, which is sad that for some strange reason, Amazon or unknowing Moms and Dads, think they are.



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