Hard Wire And Connect Computer or Laptop To the Internet AND Ground It At the SAME TIME! Tech Wellness
Hard Wire And Connect Computer or Laptop To the Internet AND Ground It At the SAME TIME! Tech Wellness
Hard Wire And Connect Computer or Laptop To the Internet AND Ground It At the SAME TIME! Tech Wellness
Hard Wire And Connect Computer or Laptop To the Internet AND Ground It At the SAME TIME! Tech Wellness

The Multiple Device Dongle That Grounds Too! Hard Wire One Computer, Laptop, Phone INCLUDING OLDER Models (USB)To the Internet AND Ground At the SAME TIME! With USB Adapter Dongle

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This device lets you ground your laptop and surf the internet at the same time!

For Macbooks, Chromebooks, many laptops!  With the right dongle, you can also use it to get a hardwire connection to Android, Tablets and More.  Any device that uses  USB or Thunderbolt connection will work with this Magic Adapter

Here's Why We Love the exclusive device created by Shaun Kranish, EMF engineer and consultant.

1) First and foremost - it grounds your laptop!

Based on extensive research and testing, the manufacturer of this exclusive tool believes that all laptops should be grounded when they are being used while plugged-in to the power (charger).  The chargers generate too much high frequency electricity -  and if you're sensitive and can feel it you know it's true.  If you can't feel it, it's still sending electricity through your beautiful body and messing with your body's energy.
We always remind our Tech Wellness community to avoid using a laptop that's plugged in, but for times when that's just not possible(did someone say "low battery?)then by all means, use this grounded Ethernet adapter device.

This is Shaun who created the adapter showing the measurement of dirty electricity running through his body when the laptop is un-grounded and then grounded.

grounding adapter measuring micro-amps going

No Grounding: 9.97 Micro-amps 

Grounded Just 2.95 Micro-amps

2) Provides you with Ethernet (wired Internet)

Who wants to surf the internet with no WiFi?  Most laptops don't have Ethernet ports nowadays. But thank goodness most still have the trusted USB or USB-C connection.   

Here's Me, August showing you the EMF radiation when laptop is using WiFi

EMF radiation from Laptop
WiFi enabled shows levels of up to  9.794 Microwatts per square centimeter
wired laptop radiation with no wifi
When the Laptop is Wired to The Internet EMF levels of up to .0685!

3) Super Fast Internet Speed With No EMF Radiation

This adapter takes the USB port and turns it into a blazing-fast 1000 megabits per second (1 billion bits aka gigabit) Ethernet connection!  Fire.

Safe, Secure and Free FROM Dirty Electricity and Wireless  EMF.

4)More USB 3.0 Ports (built-in hub)

More USB ports means more Fun.  More Connection. Connect a camera, charge another device, connect a hard drive, the list goes on and on. 

Most adapters make you sacrifice an invaluable USB port in order to hook up Ethernet.   This adapter has the hub built-in.  The hub has 3 ports on it - so you actually keep your existing port and gain 2 new ones too!  All while having Ethernet at the same time.  LOVE!

4)Ground Your Shielded Cat7 or Cat8 While You're At It Darling

 If you plug a shielded Ethernet cable (with the metal ends) into our the lovely Grounding Ethernet Adapter, it will also ground that cable for you!  This puts the cable at the same electrical potential as your now-grounded laptop. 
Keep in mind we only recommend the shielded Ethernet cables we carry, because not all Ethernet cables are made the same.  Did you know that the category rating on a cable - Cat7 for example,  has nothing to do with EMF exposure to humans?  Yep. it's about data transfer capabilities.  Not all Cat7 or Cat8 cables are made the same.  Stick with the ones you can trust--we've even cut open our cables to see that each wire is deliciously sealed in foil-each individual one!'
Stay safe and healthy out there in our wireless world.
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Tech Specs:
  • Standard USB 3.0 (also compatible with older USB ports)
  • 3 Port USB 3.0 hub built-in
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 (Gigabit) Ethernet Port for wired networking
  • 1 x 16-gauge 3-prong ground-only plug for grounding purposes