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Is There A Safe Level Of Wireless EMF? Levels Chart Shows Expert Recommendations Based on Health Effects

Is there such a thing as a Safe Level Of EMF Radiation?

Electromagnetic energy and how it affects our body's energy is a complicated subject. Some people are sensitive to the EMF radiation-like me.  I feel it.  My body tells me when we've passed the tolerable level, with ringing in my ears, tingling and eventually a big headache.

My kids and my husband are different. Even though, like all of us, their bodies are electrical in nature-they don't really "feel" the onslaught of man made wireless energy, but they're aware of the research that proves there's without a doubt, a biological effect on our bodies. They're much more aware of the invisible energy and are mindful of how much and how often they subject their bodies to this wireless toxin.

Wireless Energy is distinguished as a Class 2B Possible Carcinogen by the World Health Organization, so it's important to mindful.

How Do You Check EMF Levels For Cellphones, Laptops, Baby Monitors and All Wireless Devices?

You can't see, smell or touch EMF radiation. But, RF (radio frequency) meters or detectors can give you an idea of how much electromagnetic radiation is coming directly from a wireless device.  You can use a detector or meter to scan a laptop, WiFi, Bluetooth speaker, Alexa or Door or any thing wireless in your environment you'll be able to quantify or measure the power density of the electromagnetic field and see and hear the waves of energy.

professional EMF meterwireless emf meter

The closer your are to the antenna of the device, the higher the reading will be.

Distance is Your Friend When It Comes To EMF Exposure

My husband said that 8 years ago as I was showing him how the radiation levels got lower and lower as I walked away from the cellphone. Lower doesn't mean no radiation-but it just lowers the intensity of the exposure, which in most cases, is much safer.  And I've said it many many times as I detect radiation with my meters in videos. It's a concept that gives me joy because it allows me to control how much of the EMF toxins I 'm exposed to. . . Mostly.

EMF Radiation You Don't Control.

I've seen what I call the "ambient" levels of EMF radiation get higher and higher through the years. That's the EMF in the environment.

That concerns me because even in my own home, I find that as the neighbors have upgrade to stronger and more powerful WiFi or IOT gadgets and in-home systems my family is subjected to higher and higher levels floating in the air in our environment.

How Much EMF Is In Your Environment?

The level of RF radiation energy in your home depends on how many devices, the type of devices and if they're powered on, proximity to cell phone towers, powerful WiFi and Repeaters from neighbors and small cell mesh networks installed by city's and towns.

Are You Exposed To A Safe Level of EMF Radiation?

We really don't know the answer--we don't have the precise dose-effect relationship between microwave radiation and its biological effect. Although there are plenty of studies linking microwave or wireless radiation exposure to disease including cancers, further detailed studies must be performed with consistent power density and radiation exposure time--then we may have more information. 

But until then it's important to note, that Science has not determined a safe level of EMF exposure. Devra Davis of the Environmental Health Trust pointed this out.  That being said, health organizations specializing in environmental toxins have established what they determine to be safe levels of exposure. Those levels of EMF are in the chart below.  I've also added the FCC's safety level and my level, which is not based on ambient energy as the other recommendations, but as a direct exposure alert.  My goal is to help people see how far they need to be from any direct contact with a wireless device.

The EMF Recommended Safe Levels Chart

The EMF radiation levels and the reasons why the levels are recommended are detailed below. Also included are photos of a simple home EMF radiation meter and the LED readings displayed at each level.


safe levels of Wireless EMF chart


1. The FCC Level

Over 50 Times the Highest Level on the LED Meter.

The Federal Communication Commission based their recommendations on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines from 1998- The ICNIRP standards are mainly based on acute warming effects. Based in Munich, it claims it's all about protecting us from Non-ionizing radiation. They are in the process of reviewing their standards, but even so, they continue to be all about the heating effect- meaning how hot our body tissue gets when in the path of wireless radiation and even saying this, 

"The critical effect of HF exposure relevant to human health and safety is heating of exposed tissue. HF fields can penetrate into the body (the higher the frequency, the lower the penetration depth) and cause vibration of charged or polar molecules inside. This results in friction and thus heat."

But Wait!  What about the thousands of studies, linking biological effects from DNA damage to lower fertility (less and less energetic sperm) to wireless, non-ionizing radiation?  This level would be indicated as Flashing Red or Extremely, Extreme on this meter:

detect wireless emf radiation


2. Tech Wellness Warning Level

TOO HIGH FOR AMBIENT EMF LEVELS. Step Away And Create Distance

Tech Wellness advises that when you detect this level, distance yourself from the device or the environment that's emitting radiation.

Much much lower than the FCC, but higher than the other recommended levels, this is based on the real-world levels most of us encounter now. When this level is observed, it's important to reduce exposure with distance. 

Levels this high are commonly observed when under 8 to 12 inches  from a wireless phone or closer than 15 to 20 feet to a WiFi router.

 Having electromagnetic sensitivity myself, but living with a family and working in an office where people don't have the same palpable reaction, my hope is that for people I love, family and friends- anyone practicing mindfulness--trying to control their exposures, will keep that level to a minimum in their environment. This level is for people who are not experiencing symptoms of sensitivity. Just my personal recommendation based on my personal experiences as I've learned about wireless radiation.

HOw Much Radiation is Safe

This reading on this meter would go between flashing orange and solid red or extreme if it detected this level of radiation- which is why I advise that when this level is indicated- STEP AWAY or TURN OFF THE WIFI.

3. The BioInitiative Report

Cumulative Exposure Level

A Group of 14 scientists, public health and public policy experts wrote the BioInitiative Report in 2007. The report was a summary of research, health impacts and recommendations for dealing with  electromagnetic radiation.  After reviewing scientific evidence showing health of effects of wireless electromagnetic radiation covering maladies from sleep issues to brain tumors, they said A precautionary limit of 0.1 (µW/cm2 (which is also 0.614 Volts per meter) should be adopted for outdoor, cumulative RF exposure.

Their report concluded this- the unit that you'll see On Our Meters, which is Microwatts per meter squared.

bioinitiative safe levels chart

I just turned on my Safe and Sound Pro in my hoe as I type this.  My home has no wireless, no WiFi and no smart meter.  The neighbors have one, and there wall faces the room that I'm in, but my home has lots of metal in it and the level I'm reading now is . . . wait for it,

6.61  µW/m2  is the peak level, the max is 34 and the average is .123 YAY My meter is blinking green.  This is a really nice low reading for a home in a fairly dense neighborhood!

Honestly, this ambient energy level is higher in way to many outdoor and public places. This recommended level was based on who body exposure--which is what happens of course when were exposed to the energy that's in our environment--the energy that's just floating in the air as it dissipates from the stronger levels that come directly from the antenna's in all devices.  

"This reflects the current RF science and prudent public health response that would reasonably be set for pulsed RF (ambient) exposures where people 27 live, work and go to school. This level of RF is experienced as whole-body exposure, and can be a chronic exposure where there is wireless coverage present for voice and data transmission for cell phones, pagers and PDAs and other sources of radio frequency radiation.

Some studies and many anecdotal reports on ill health have been reported at lower levels than this; however, for the present time, it could prevent some of the most disproportionate burdens placed on the public nearest to such installations. Although this RF target level does not preclude further rollout of WI-FI technologies, we also recommend that wired alternatives to WI-FI be implemented, particularly in schools and libraries so that children are not subjected to elevated RF levels until more is understood about possible health impacts. This recommendation should be seen as an interim precautionary limit that is intended to guide preventative actions."

          Cindy Sage MA for the BioInitiative Working Group.


How much EMF Radiation from wireless is ok?

This radiation level would be indicated by an orange or moderate level on the Safe and Sound meter.

4. The Building Biologists

Safe Sleeping Area Levels of EMF Radiation.

The IBE has specialized in creating healthy environments for 31 years.  Training consultants in the Bau-biology way-to create non toxic homes, schools and offices. This non-profit institute covers everything from mold and toxic tap water to mitigating EMF.  


Here are Building Biology Standards for safe and healthy sleeping areas:  Notice the top reading which is in microwatts per meter squared. 


EMF building biologiest

The guidelines are designed to Electromagnetic Sensitive  people and to what degree they should limit exposure to in rooms where they sleep. That's why we emphasize controlling your home environment with a move to fewer and less powerful WiFi and smart devices, especially in the sleeping areas.

Radiation at or just above this level would display a yellow light on our meter. The levels we detected in our anti-radiation cellphone case review were MUCH higher. 

The Building Biologists access and mitigate all types of EMF.  So they have recommended levels of Electric and Magnetic energy readings. Magnetic and electric fields can also emanate from our devices and they come from power outlets, home wiring, appliances and household items that are electrical, like an electric blanket, a hairdryer, a fan and even the PEMF machines like a Beemer will have these detectable fields.

We use magnetic and electric meters and we like the Tri-Field meter for these measurements because it's easy and user friendly.

tri field meter for dirty electricity

Here are The Magnetic Fields Safe Levels and then The Electric Fields Recommendations


e m f chart

 5. The BioInitiative Report 2012

Even Lower Levels are recommended based on more reports of health effects on the human body.

The BioInitiative Working Group, this time with 27 electromagnetic radiation Doctors, Scientists and Public Policy experts released an update in 2102. Looking at over 1800 studies, this esteemed group, headed again by Cindy Sage and Dr. David Carpenter, the group refined it's recommendations based on more evidence, more studies. They produced an amazing chart noting research on EMF health effects and the corresponding level of EMF exposure.  The recommendation is lower than before, the authors saying

" The levels of biological responses are extraordinarily low (down to the nanowatt and picowatt power density level). New studies address fertility and reproduction, fetal and neonatal effects, cognitive and behavioral problems in children and neurological damage. There are more mobile phone base station studies with longer testing periods, much more information on genetic damage and confirmation of increased risk of brain cancers from not one or two studies, but from many studies and many authors including the World Health Organization’s massive 13-country INTERPHONE STUDY.

There are many studies reporting effects of cell phone radiation (even on standby mode), wireless laptop exposure, cell phone use by mothers resulting in altered fetal brain development in the offspring, and more evidence that the blood-brain barrier and memory are at risk from cell phone use. There is evidence from human and animal studies that key areas of the brain are negatively affected by RFR at legal levels."

In 2014 the group issued an update noting that children's use of laptops should be highly discouraged.

The .034 volts per meter level, means you would need to be in the solid green zone of this meter:

easy to read home emf radiation meter


6. The Austrian Medical Association

The Recommended Level for People With Electro-sensitivity, multi-chemical sensitivity and EHS

Also in 2012 The Austrian Medical Association established safety levels as they looked at EMF sensitivity and and health issues that could be actually EMF based. 

There has been a sharp rise in unspecific, often stress-associated health problems that increasingly present physicians with the challenge of complex differential diagnosis. A cause that has been accorded little attention so far is increasing electro-smog exposure at home, at work and during leisure activities, occurring in addition to chronic stress in personal and working life. It correlates with an overall situation of chronic stress that can lead to burnout. 

This is really a low level, it's the flashing-green on the easy-to-read meter. The AMA pointed out that this was a safe level to be exposed to everyday for a period of 4 hours.  They did note that levels above above the .5 micro-watts per centimeter squared were "very far above normal"


How Do You Lower The Level Of EMF You're Exposed To?

Start changing the way you use your cellphone or smartphone. I refer to wireless phones, laptops and tablets as Personal Radiation Devices. Honestly, that's where most of the daily EMF exposure in our personal lives comes from.

You can make your Personal Radiation Device Safer:

Eliminate the Radiation: The Absolute Number One Best Way To Reduce Exposure!  I do this by using Airplane Mode and turning off Bluetooth and WiFi. The phone can still be a camera and an alarm clock even in Airplane. You can also put your device in a Faraday Bag and a great hack is to create a Wired Connection for your Phone.

Distance: I feel best a minimum of 8" to 10" from phones and laptops.  2' to 5' feet is optimal. I Carry the phone in my bag or case with a strap.  I recommend touching and texting with a non-wireless stylus pen, which will give you 3" of EMF dissipation. Use air-tube headphones or speaker mode when making a call and put the phone as far from your body as possible.

Be Mindful.  Don't leave cellphones, laptops or tablets on when you're not using them. Powered off means no radiation.

Lowering EMF Exposure in Your Home Environment

Crush the IOT.  Take a look around your home and eliminate as many wireless appliances and devices as you can. Switch off Wifi anytime it's not in use.  Be mindful that Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth printers, doorbells, security systems, TV's and they're remotes--any wireless item, can and does emit EMF.

Wire up.  Get Faster speeds and solid connectivity by hard wiring to the internet.  Use a shielded cable and an adapter and a grounding cord to eliminate EMF from home computers.

Go Analog.  Opt out of a Smart meter and pay the additional monthly fee for a non-digital electric, gas and water meter.  Analog alarm clocks, retro light switches, a wired security camera and non-wireless doorbell all mean less emf.

Consider shielding your environment from EMF with EMF protection like a shielded bed canopy, shielded paint, a Smart meter cover, a WiFi Router Faraday cage and other EMF blocking options.  Shielding is not always a slam dunk.  Each item listed above has pros and cons.  For example, the smart meter cover, while blocking radiation-cannot stop the dirty electricity that results from a smart meter. See the guidance of an certified EMF professional-we have a great list of specialists. 

Avoid fixes that can actually make exposure worse-or don't protect you enough like EMF blocking phone cases and blankets and clothing.

Harmonic or wave smoothing chips, adapters, necklaces and bracelets have not yet been validated by science- and the ones I've tried have not offered me relief from my electro sensitvity. If and when they are proven to have a beneficial health effect, we will be thrilled to offer them in our store as a solution. Likewise, gems and stones and plants-which are all lovely and beautiful, do not attract or cancel out EMF wireless energy.  

All EMF experts and scientists recommend turning off sources of EMF radiation in order to avoid it. It's actually easy and effective and reliable to use a wired set-up.

Consider enlightening your home and workplace neighbors to the real concerns about climbing EMF radiation emissions and ask them to opt out of powerful WiFi routers, boosting antennas and repeaters so that everyone benefits from lower wireless EMF.

If you're looking for more detail, more ideas and more research, please take a look at our  Wireless Radiation and Your Health An Easy Wellness Guide

Thank you so much for visiting and wanting to read more about this topic.  It's so important to me to offer honest, real information about this topic that I have been researching for decades.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to put them in the comments section. I hope you'll share EMF information with a friend--it makes me so happy when more and more of us can be aware and mindful about being healthy and well in our digital world!

Thank you and Be Well!

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