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Consultant Resource Library

EMF Consultant

California, Northern - Eric Windheim

B.A. Geography from UCSB. EMRS & BBEC certified by International Institute of Biology & Ecology. Founder/director of Sacramento Smart Meter Awareness. Windheim EMF Solutions:detects and measures, wireless radiation, electric & magnetic fields, and dirty electricity. Works with homes, small commercial, and real estate pre-purchase EMF assessments. wire-code violations, dirty electricity, and exterior wireless radiation. Teams with select health care professionals for patients.

Sacramento Region, California (Sacramento Valley and Sierra Foothills)


EMF Consultant

California, Northern - Jennifer O'Brien

Earned her EMF Expert certification through EMF-Experts. Sources EMF and RF in home and business, offering solutions to create a healthier environment. Seeks to mitigate these EMF sources in these properties. 

Santa Cruz, California. 


Internet Addiction Specialist

California, Southern - Dr. Leanna Wolfe

PhD. in Sexology and M.A. in Anthropology. She studies and consults cyber practices; has done expert witness testimony for clients accused of cyber sexual misbehaviors. Researches and counsels on changing cultural practices regarding the use of cyber texting apps and human adaption to technology. Her specialties are the culture of internet chat, cyber sex communication modalities (including texting/sexting), culture of erotic role play styles/strategies, and internet/app-enabled dating and casual encounters. 

Van Nuys, California


Internet Addiction Specialist

California, Southern - Havi Wolfson Hall, LCSW

Havi earned her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan; M.A. in Social Work from USC; and became a licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2006. She is the owner/founder of Health-E-Connections and a Clinician for multiple facilities. Health-E-Connections observes the impact of technology on the whole system; working with communities, schools, companies, families, and individuals. She assesses positive and negative tech influences, as well as strives to create a better balance. 

Palo Alto, California


EMF Consultant

California, Northern - Liz Menkes

Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS). Holds certification in Electricity from Diablo Valley College. Measures and mitigates the various EMF'S--AC magnetic, AC electric, radio frequency and dirty electricity.  Advises reduction and shielding various kinds of EMF's and manages projects where painting and other mitigation is needed.  Performs assessments related to real estate purchases.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA


EMF Consultant

California, Southern - Larry Gust

Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant, Electrical Engineer, SWI Certified, Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor, and on Faculty and Board of International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology. Gust Environmental assesses indoor environmental health factors. Works through health care practitioners to assess patients’ homes for air quality and EMF pollution. Consults environmental aspects of construction and remodeling of homes and offices. Principal in pH Living.

Ventura, California


EMF Consultant

California, Southern - Paula Schofield

Bachelor of Science B.Sc. from University of Toronto, a Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), and ACAC Certified Mold Investigator. Runs private practice where she identifies EMF/RF sources; including electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequency microwave radiation and dirty electricity. Uses highly sensitive Building Biology approved meters.

Coachella Valley, CA.


EMF Consultant

California, Southern - Oram Miller

Certified Building Biologist and Radiation Specialist by International Institute of Biology and Ecology. Expertise: EMF consultations in homes and offices. Director of Learning and Development and Tech for EMR seminars; taught by IBE. Author of Create Healthy Homes; resource for for identification and mitigation of EMF's. Evaluates home and offices for: AC magnetic fields, AC electric fields, radio frequency fields, and dirty electricity. Oversees mitigation levels of EMF's.

Los Angeles, California


EMF Consultant

California, Northern - Paul Doyon

Paul is a Building Biology certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, earned from the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology (IBE). His expertise is Electromagnetic Radiation. Paul's companies: Electromagnetic Safe Planet/EMF Refugee, offer EMF consultations, EMF surveys and analysis, as well as EMF remediation. 

Santa Cruz, California


EMF Consultant

California, Southern - Peter Sierck

Peter Sierck is an Industrial Hygienist and Building Biologist with 30 years of experience in electromagnetic field surveys, designing low EMF buildings and implementing mitigation and shielding methods. He is the CEO of Environmental Testing & Technology and directs the division of EMF&RF Solutions. Peter conducts EMF and RF surveys for commercial, institutional and residential buildings, performs interference investigations, EMF studies for developers and EMF Management Plans school districts. Recently, his focus has been shielding buildings and its occupants from radio frequency emissions.

Encinitas, California


EMF Consultant

Colorado - Gary Bocksch

AAS Electronics Technology, B.S. in Computer Science, M.S. Occupational Education, Senior Technician in the Electronics Technician Association (ETA), and certified EMF Expert via EMF-Experts. Past Professor of Electronics Technology. Authored several electronics and instrumentation courses for industry, including Basic Electronic Theory and Electrical Measurement Techniques. Performs EMF measurements, mitigations, and consultations for homes and businesses nationwide.

Dillon, Colorado.


EMF Consultant

Florida- Eric Billitier

Certified Building Biologist. Axis Environmental Solutions, performs: EMF assessments and mitigation consultations for extremely low frequency electrical to high frequency wireless. Eric also does new home build for low EMF. Offers phone consultations.

Lake Worth, Florida


EMF Consultant

Indiana - Karen Portz

Certified EMF Expert through EMF-Experts. Karen is an independent EMF Consultant Her EMF expertise is consulting with individuals in their homes or businesses and to offer mitigation advice.

Warsaw, Indiana


EMF Consultant

Minnesota & Wisconsin - Martine Davis

Certified Building Biologist. Indoor Environmental Testing, Inc expertise: is in air quality, mold, and Electromagnetic fields. Measures and mitigates for EMF, RF (microwave radiation), stray voltage, current on water pipes, and body voltage measurements.

Madison, Wisconsin & Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota


EMF Consultant

New Hampshire - Peg Donahue

MBA from Boston University. Certified Bau-Biologist--Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) from the Institute of Bau-Biology. Feng Shui certified from various programs.  Measures presence of magnetic, electric, high frequency, and dirty electricity fields.

Silver Lake, New Hampshire.


Internet Addiction Psychotherapist

New York - Yevgenia Mastyayeva, PhD.

PhD. in Clinical Psychology from Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, Aldelphi University; Master of Social Work Degree from Yeshevia University; Master in Clinical Psychology from Moscow State University (Moscow, Russia). Has 30 years of experience in her field. Her specialty is Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of; Non-chemical Addiction (internet, gambling, sex and relationships, shopping, and other). 

New York, NY


EMF Consultant

Ontario, Canada - Anne Stewart

Bachelor of Applied Science (Ryerson, Toronto, 2000); Certified Public Health Inspector (Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors, 2000); Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant (Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, 2008).

Performs EMF analysis of 5 different electrically created fields: magnetic, electric, EMFs, stray/ground current and dirty electricity for homes and offices.

Toronto to Parry Sound, Ontario, area.


EMF Consultant

Ontario, Canada - John L. H.

Certified Building Biologist and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist; both obtained from the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology. Detects levels of EMF's, identifies sources/causes, and mitigation advice. EMF Inspections provides: home/office inspections, pre-home purchase EMF testing, mitigation strategies with shielding solutions, low-EMF computer environment consulting/solutions. Tests EMF'S near hydro-lines and towers.

NW of Toronto, Ontario; SW Ontario & Greater Toronto area, Golden Horseshoe, Niagara area, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, several outlying areas.


Internet Addiction Specialist

Oregon - Sam Wilson, LCSW

Earned his Masters in Social Work at San Diego State University and received his license of Clinical Social Work in Oregon and California. Provides counseling and guidance to adults, couples, and teens with a specialty in electronics misuse and addictions including over use of the internet, gaming and pornography. Sam provides an understanding environment to help re-prioritize, change behaviors, develop focus, and deal with accompanying unpleasant emotions. 

Portland, Oregon


EMF Consultant

Pacific NW - Sonia M. Hoglander

MBA Degree. Certified Electrical Engineer, Building Biologist, and Autonomic Response Testing. Performs environmental electromagnetic analysis and mitigation advice. Analyzes high-frequency microwave radiation, investigates magnetic fields, electric fields, transient electric field, and body voltage, and measures environmental radioactivity.

Seattle, Washington area; Puget Sound area, can travel to areas of Northwest (Western Washington, Oregon and Idaho).


EMF Consultant

Pennsylvania - Lee Sagula

Bau-Biologist Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist. Expertise in measuring and remediating EMF which  includes electric and magnetic, RF/microwave and dirty electricity. Provides home and office EMR assessments; phone or Skype telephone consultations/assessments, pre-purchase, and does local speaking engagements.

West Brandywine, Pennsylvania


EMF Consultant

Tennessee - Donel King

B.S. Political Science from Knoxville College. Certified EMF Consultant via EMF Professional Training in Tucson, AZ. NCCER Construction Certified from Tennessee State University. A.A.S. Electronics Engineering from Houston, TX; as well as, Instrumentation National Education Center, Web Production HCC Certified from HCC. His company, emfTEST, expertise: EMF assessments with remediation solutions. Uses professional grade, certified and calibrated instruments specifically designed for Building Biologists. Utilization proven Building Biologist protocols to detect, measure and remediate. Offers these services in homes and businesses.

Nashville, TN


EMF Consultant

Texas - Steve & Rockie Richards

Steve and Rockie are the husband-wife duo of EMF Resource. Steve: B.S. from University of Houston, EMF expert, various electronic certifications: Army Signal core, Manned Spacecraft Center, McDonald-Douglas Aircraft, FCC Radio Operator, and professional research experience. Rockie: B.S. from University of Houston, certified EMF expert and Professional Mathematics Educator. EMF Resource offers inspections, detections, measurements, evaluations via phone and/or in-person consultations.

Spicewood, Texas


EMF Consultant

Washington - Katie Lawson

EMF consultant certified by EMF Experts. Measures EMF solution (especially microwaves RF) and provides solutions. She works at Shorehaven Academy.

Bellingham, Washington


EMF Consultant

Washington - Scot Appert

B.A. Business Administration. Certified Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant, General Contractor, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, Lead Renovator, Applied Microbial Remediator, and Mold Removal Specialist. Identifies and mitigates all sources of EMF, along with building--whether it be new or renovations. Consults for all of the above. Travels for inspections and consultations.

Seattle, Washington.


EMF Consultant

Washington - Sebastian Eggert

Spectrum Observational educates, detects and mitigates residential and commercial property owners. Active in communities to monitor proliferation of dangerous technologies. Surveys properties; offer mitigation consulting for  Wi-Fi, RF electric meters, and portable/cellular phones. Actively supports reduced exposures in public spaces (schools and government offices).

Port Townsend, Washington--primarily services inside North Olympic Peninsula--can access San Juan Islands, Kitsap County and Bainbridge Island.


EMF Consultant

West Virginia - Ray Pealer

Ray holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies. He has been measuring electromagnetic radiation for 25+ years. His company, EMR Safety Consulting, helps clients reduce exposure to EMR; providing practical guidance for individuals and families. Ray travels to provide onsite assessments for homes and business. He is also available for remote consultations.

West Virginia


Internet Addiction Expert

Dr. Kimberly Young

Dr. Young founded the Center for Internet Addiction in 1995. This treatment center provides the Internet Addiction Test (IAT); based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy developed by Dr. Young herself. This is the first known and evidence-based Digital Detox program. She holds hourly private sessions, workshops and training for therapists, forensic assessments and corporate consultation. Dr. Young has also developed NetAddiction.com; an online resource for information, articles, videos, and access to her IAT.