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Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection Headphones Tech Wellness NEW Rose Gold Comfort Style Buds
Best Air Tube Headphones for EMF Protection in 2023 • Earbuds with Incredible Sound
Oh my goodness,  I'm in Love!  Our new headphone has Beautiful quality and Amazing sound!  Important EMF protection starts with Anti-Radiation shielded wires, then continues with   a hollow, clear air tube that stops any EMF radiation from getting to the...Read More »
Our Best Stylus Pens For iPad and iPhone. $10 to $22 Less EMF Stylus Tech Wellness Click To Choose Stylus Type and Color
Stylus Pens For EMF Protection on iPad and iPhone. Our best Stylus -Comes With Extra FREE TIP
People ask us all the time "What's the Best Stylus for iPhone?".  Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better.  Wireless energy...Read More »
A Digital Wellbeing Must Have! A Faraday Bag That Works: Beautiful Privacy + EMF Protection Cellphone Case Laptop too! Body Tech Wellness
Leather Faraday Bags for Phones. Our Best EMF Phone Cases- Faraday Bags With Beautiful Privacy + EMF Protection
So Beautiful, yet so effective. We're thrilled to offer the very best EMF Phone Case. These are Faraday Bags.  They not only block 100% of EMF.  They also provide safety for you and your phone.  Each faraday bag combines patented...Read More »
Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Beautiful Modern Alarm Clock Body Tech Wellness
No EMF Alarm Clock. Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Best Silent Analog Alarm Clock
For a dreamy sleep.  Sleek. Modern. Silent. Except of course when the lovely gentle beep sounds to wake you as it grows louder to a crescendo- Good Morning Lovely! No EMF radiation means fewer toxins in your environment. We...Read More »
Faraday Bag That's Not Fancy, But Nice. Tech Wellness
Utility Faraday Bag. A Faraday That's Not Fancy, But More Than Fine. Sized in 4 Different Variations From One For Your Key Fob, Small Smartphone, Large Smartphone or laptop
This Awesome Quick Access Faraday does the job. The external clear plastic window for evidence or identity tagging is so pro. Durable waterproof nylon with a quick roll down velcro seal make this...Read More »
How do you wire your computer to the internet without wifi
USB-C to Ethernet Adapter. Grounded EMF Protection Dongle Connect to the Internet For Macbook Pro, Android Phones and Chrome Books, Laptops, Some iPads
Now use the internet more safely with the SaferTech wireless-EMF-Free and WiFi-free Ethernet Adapter! Surf the internet, Zoom and chat with a  messaging app like What's App or Signal, without WiFi EMF radiation! When Your Device Is Wired...Read More »
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phone Stand with Stylus
The Tech Wellness Touchless Smartphone System - Stylus & Tech Stand!
Just like cigarette smoke, both EMF Radiation and Magnetic Fields dissipate the farther you get away from the source - Distance is your friend when it comes to keeping that beautiful mind and body healthy!  When you purchase together you get $6.00 OFF the...Read More »
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No Dirty Electricity! Use Grounded Ethernet Cables With This Grounding Ethernet Electircal Cord! Radiation Tech Wellness
Ethernet Grounding Device. Concerned about Dirty Electricity? Use Grounded Ethernet Cables With This Grounding Ethernet Electrical Device!!
Building Biologist Shaun Kranish recommends eliminating any chance of dirty electricity by connecting your router or modem to a Ethernet Grounding Device.  The Grounding Device is hand made with has a component that lets you plug one grounded cable into...Read More »
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NO EMF Netgear Splitter or Switch.  With 5 Shielded Ports for Four Computer, smartphone and more!
NO EMF Netgear Splitter or Switch. With 5 Shielded Ports for Four Computer, smartphone and more!
You Need This Awesome Shielded Ethernet Unmanned Switch To Hard Wire To The Internet, Eliminate WiFi EMF and Slow Speeds.  And, bonus: Use Several Devices at Once! The Switch is really an Ethernet splitter.Read More »
The Hard Wire KIT! Turn Off WiFi and wire up your internet. Connect All Devices To The Internet--Phones laptops, tablets All EMF-Free!
Everything you need to Wire Up your home and turn off that WiFi !  Connect with wired ethernet cables for faster speed. You can Turn Off WiFi and Connect Directly to the Internet! Our...Read More »
no EMF Charger and Power Strip
12 Outlet Grounded Power Strip, Surge Protector, Plus Grounded EMF Free Charging Station in ONE
NEW!! UPGRADED TO A LARGER MODEL: 12 Outlets! 3 Grounded USB Charging Ports.   Plug In Everything and Charge Your Devices Too! It starts as a Power Strip- that plugs into the wall- And it's grounded for no dirty electricity Then...Read More »
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Tried and True! TriField Meter EMF Detector for Electric EMF, Magnetic EMF and RF Radiation. Radiation Tech Wellness
Tri Field EMF Meter. My Top Pick for EMF Detection. Find All EMF: Electric, Magnetic EMF, Dirty Electricity and RF Radiation.
This is the NEW Tri-Field meter.  I used the original for years- 25 in fact.  This meter makes it easy to detect the invisible electromagnetic fields or EMF coming from wireless and wired technology in your environment.  And it soooo much...Read More »
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E Shielded and Grounded Low EMF Extension Cords and Power Cords For Printers, Monitors, Desktop Computers To Eliminate Harmful Dirty Electricity
E Shielded and Grounded Low EMF Extension Cords and Power Cords For Printers, Monitors, Desktop Computers To Eliminate Harmful Dirty Electricity
Shielding your home against EMF?  Then you'll want to try these Electric EMF reducing Power Cords and our Extension Cords! Our Extension cords are heavy duty and reduce electric field readings. Read More »
faraday that locks
Lockable Nylon Smartphone Faraday Blocks Electromagnetic Radiation and GPS 100%.
For Safety, Security and your Health.   This Faraday has patented technology and is made by Pac Safety.  This lock ready  Faraday is lined with metallic material and comes with a clear front pocket for ID,  a key fob, whatever you like....Read More »
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A Small But Mighty Warning Device: The Accousticom and What The Meter Levels Mean Radiation Tech Wellness
A Small But Mighty Warning Device: The Acousticom and What The Meter Levels Mean
Detecting Wireless RF EMF is a breeze with the Accousticom 2 At Tech Wellness, we believe wireless energy interferes with our body’s energy. Knowing where the energy comes from is the cornerstone of a daily digital detox. ...Read More »
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