Soft And Easy Key Fob Farday-For Blocking All Signals To Your Keys. Flexible and Light Tech Wellness
Soft And Easy Key Fob Farday-For Blocking All Signals To Your Keys. Flexible and Light Tech Wellness
Soft flexible faraday protection for Key Fob
Top selling Key Fob Faraday

Soft And Easy Key Fob Faraday. For Blocking All Signals To Your Keys. Flexible. Light. Effective.

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    YOU READ IT ON BuzzFeed:  If your car is parked on the street or in your driveway you should consider where you keep your key fob. Most likely it can be found near the door, in your bag, a drawer or tossed on the table.

      If your key fob is regularly stored near your front door then it is vulnerable to being hacked. Sounds a bit strange? Unfortunately, this is REAL-

      One of the best sellers in Fabulous Privacy Focused  Faraday Collection is our Soft and Flexible Key Fob Faraday.

      • Turn it inside out and find a HOOK for your Key. 
      • Clip the Key on and reverse the fabric and Your Key Fob  to "outside in"
      • Fold Faraday over and Secure Key Fob Faraday with the elastic Loop
      • Your Key Fob is totally protected.
      • Easy to use.
      • Perfectly Private


      The Small Utility Faraday works for larger keys or sets or small phones

      • This handy Soft and Easy Key Fob Faraday is made with powerful RFID and other signal blocking material inside and coated with shiny nylon on the outside.The fit and feel and finish is like a crisp nylon jacket.
      • So easy and so effective.  Simply place your key inside and fold in over and secure it with the loop on top. Gear up with a simple collapsible and reversible key fob pouch that can go with you anywhere.
      • Blocks ALL signals too and from your keyless fob remote.
      • Blocks 315 MHz frequency used for most North American made cars and 433.92 MHz for European, Japanese, and Asian vehicles. Blocks RFID and NFC

      See Our Smooth Textured Nylon Key Fob Faradays

        cool looking key fob faradays
        The Soft and Flexible Key Fob Faraday is About the size of a sunglasses case:
        1. Unrolled External Dimensions: 6.75 x 3.25 in, 17 x 8.5 cm
        2. Internal Use Dimensions: 4.33 x 2.95 x 1.2 in, 11 x 7.5 x 3 cm
        3. Up to 1 Key Fob and small key chain
        4. Weight: .05 lbs, .02 kg