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Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers

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People ask us all the time What's the Best Stylus for iPhone.  Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better.  Wireless energy dissipates with distance. We recommend  8-12 inches away for EMF exposure to drop by 80%. The few inches you'll get away as you use this stylus pen to text, email or scroll is a fun and healthy idea.  Bonus: A Stylus Pen keeps your screen clean and pretty too!

Our Best Stylus is the best because it has the super-effective precise Metal Mesh tip.  The metal mesh gives it the ability to connect with your screen with precision and smoothness. 

4 Gorgeous Colors

Our Stylus pens were researched and tested by August herself. Plastic or silicone tips just can't match the ability of our Best Stylus to glide across the screen. Make texting, scrolling and email composing easy and stress free. Give your fingers and your body a break from direct exposure to wireless radiation. And, we wanted to add a little Tech Wellness flare, so we offer these in 4 beautiful colors; Magenta, Black, Silver and Rust.
Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers

August's Must Haves

August loves her stylus, in fact she carries it everywhere, keeping herself at a safe distance from her Smartphone or tablet at all times. Her second favorite must have is her Tauki (Rose Gold) Airtube headsets. She can chat, work, and watch videos all while practicing mindfulness when it comes to her and her device.
Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers

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