Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter

Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter

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A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you.

That's why we love this handy, but powerful RF Radiation Detector. Unlike any other meter in its price range-we think this easy to read radiation detector is simply devine.

Simple, because it makes detecting wireless EMF easy and to the point. It shows you with lights and audio that RF Radiation is:

Slight. Moderate. High or Extreme.

August used it to make sure her wired tablet and baby monitor we're not giving off any invisible electromagnetic radio frequencies in the video below.  You can check the levels in your living spaces-the  bedroom or baby's room or even near the couch where your family is watching TV.

You'll see the read-out change as you move closer or further away from the wireless device and you'll be able to know what needs to change in your home.

You'll hear the sounds of the various types of RF radiation being emitted--Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell signals-all have their own distinct sound which is handy when your trying to determine where the signal is coming from.

What does this meter measure?

It can pick up Radio Frequency, Microwave Radiation from any wireless device in your home.  The Microwave Oven, Laptops, Baby Monitors, Cellphone towers, Tablets, BlueTooth Speakers. Smart Home devices, Printers, video game consoles and of course WiFi.

Engineered and designed by RF Electrical Engineers, the fully calibrated meter is manufactured in Canada with a circuit board made in Silicon Valley.

So simple to read -- It uses color coded LED's which correlate to measurement ranges to assess the RF exposure in your environment.

And you don't just see the reading--you HEAR it too! This easy EMF meter/reader also has a sound signature analysis which helps identify which RF Sources you are being exposed to.

We think every home should have one

How Much Radiation is Safe?

Different Experts Gauge It In Different Ways.  We applied the 4 levels on the Safe And Sound Meter to the Expert Recommendations Below:

  safe EMF radiation Exposure levels


Flashing Red, Extremely Extreme = The FCC Level is Over 50 Times the Highest Level on the Meter. 

detect wireless emf radiation

The Federal Communication Commission based their recommendations on the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection guidelines from 1998- The ICNIRP standards are mainly based on acute warming effects.  They are in the process of reviewing their standards, but even so, they continue to focus on heating effect- meaning how hot our body tissue gets when in the path of wireless radiation.


Orange to Red, High to Extreme =Tech Wellness Recommendation TOO HIGH FOR AMBIENT EMF LEVELS

Tech Wellness adivses that when this level is detected, reduce exposure with distance.

Much much lower than the FCC, but higher than the other recommended levels, this is based on the real-world levels most of us encounter now. Levels this high are commonly observed when under 8 to 12 inches from a wireless phone or closer than 15 to 20 feet to a WiFi router.

HOw Much Radiation is Safe

 Orange, Moderate=The BioInitiative Report

The Report Recommended that this Ambient Level is Too High Based on repeated, cumulative exposures.

A Group of 14 scientists, public health and public policy experts wrote the BioInitiative Report in 2007. The report was a summary of research, health impacts and recommendations for dealing with  electromagnetic radiation.  After reviewing scientific evidence showing health of effects of wireless electromagnetic radiation covering maladies from sleep issues to brain tumors, the group recommends: A precautionary limit of 0.1 should be adopted for outdoor, cumulative RF exposure.

How much EMF Radiation from wireless is ok?

Yellow Light, Moderate=The Building Biologists

The Building Biologists recommend NOT exceeding this level For Safe Sleeping Areas.  Some People With EHS may have Symptoms at this Level

The International Institute of Building Biology has Building Biology standards for safe and healthy sleeping areas.  The IBE has specialized in creating healthy environments for 31 years.  Training consultants in the Bau-biology way-to create non toxic homes, schools and offices. This non-profit institute covers everything from mold and toxic tap water to mitigating EMF.  

The guidelines are designed for Electromagnetic Sensitive people and to what degree they should limit exposure to in rooms where they sleep.

Solid Green Zone, Slight=The BioInitiative Report 2012

The New Bioinitiave Report Reccomends Radiaion Exposures stay with in this Solid Green Level. Based on repeated and cumulative exposures. Most with Electromagnetic Sensitvity will want to Keep Levels Here

The BioInitiative Working Group, this time with 27 Doctors, Scientists and Public Policy experts released an update in 2102. Headed again by Cindy Sage and Dr. David Carpenter, the group refined it's recommendations based on more evidence, more studies.

what amount of radiatin is ok?

Flashing Green, Very Slight=The Austrian Medical Association

Based on safe levels for people with Electromagnetic Sensitivity.

Also in 2012 The Austrian Medical Association established safety levels as they looked at EMF electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity and and health issues that could be actually EMF based. 

If you think EMF Radiation is messing with the energy in your body, please visit our complete EMF Radiation, Wireless Energy and Electro-smog Guide.






Color coded LED's identify exposure levels corresponding to Building Biology Guidelines:

Green Flashing = <1 μW/m2

Green = 1 - 10 μW/m2

Yellow = 10 - 100 μW/m2

Orange = 100 - 1000 μW/m2

Red = 1000 - 10000 μW/m2

Red = Flashing >10 000 μW/m2

Why it matters

This is the easiest quickest way to make sure your baby family and you are in a truly safe RF radiation free space! That’s why we recommend it and we think the price is very fair for an accurate calibrated meter.
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter

A little more info

No technical experience required, it's super easy to use and understand. Also, comes with this great case!
Detect Radiation at Home! Easy Cellphone, WiFi and Bluetooth EMF Meter

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