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Our Favorite Digital Dementia Fix: Yoga and the Perfect Mat

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Digital Dementia Fighter! Yoga.  The Art and Physicality and Focus of a Yoga practice is a terrific anti-dote to tech related memory stealers that can cause Digital Dementia.

Experts recommend less notifications, more balance, meditation and more interaction with the real world.  To the mind, exercising seems to be a form of meditation so that helps, too.  They also recommend exercise and learning so if you're new to Yoga-even better for preventing digital dementia and awesome to assist a digital detox.

We love this eco-friendly and water resistant yoga mat that weighs less than 2 pounds, making it easy to roll and carry. Double layer cushioning and excellent grip for stability and balance. Plus, it's Beautiful!

Choose Aqua or Vibrant Violet

SGS tested and certified for non-toxicity, ensuring its free of PVC, rubber, chemicals, lead, and chlorides that can cause environmental and human health risks. Biodegradable and recyclable. Dimensions: 72” length x 24” width, 5mm thick.

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