Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Calming Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Rooms are popping up in spas and busy city centers throughout the US. The salt rooms are designed to mimic the salt mines found in the Himalaya’s Austria and Germany by creating a scent free, pure air environment.  Some people believe there are healing properties and negative ions released in salt rooms. Salt lamps and candles are supposed to bring a bit of the salt mine experience to your home or work space.  We can’t find any research that proves negative ions are being released by the warmed salt lamps and we don’t promote salt lamps as a way to prevent wireless energy or EMF of any kind.

But, they are lovely and we think they work nicely as a bathroom night light with their warm amber glow being kinder to our brains when compared to a “blue light” based night light.

This one has is among the highest rated on Amazon if you are so inclined to make a salt lamp part of your life.

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Includes: 6 ft Power Cord, 25-watt Light Bulb, Rotary dimmer switch
Ingredients: 100% Himalayan Crystal Salt
Finish: Natural
Materials: 100% Himalayan Crystal salt / Base: 100% neem wood
Lamp and cord assembly are UL approved.

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