A Digital Wellbeing Must Have! A Faraday Bag That Works: Beautiful Privacy + EMF Protection Cellphone Case Laptop too! Body Tech Wellness
A Digital Wellbeing Must Have! Faraday Bags With Beautiful Privacy + EMF Protection For Phones and Laptops
So Beautiful, yet so effective. We're thrilled to bring you our partnership with Silent Pocket . Each faraday bag combines patented Silent Pocket Technology with beautiful style to prevent  EMR or electromagnetic radiation from cellphone signal, WiFi signal, and Bluetooth...Read More »
Textured Nylon Smartphone Faraday Blocks Electromagnetic Radiation and GPS 100%.
For Safety, Security and your Health.   This Faraday has patented technology and is made by Pac Safety.  This light weight Nylon Phone Guard bag, like all Faraday cases,  blocks your GPS and phone signal making your device invisible.  When You're...Read More »
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Men's Unplug Graphic Blue Tee Wellness Wear Tech Wellness
Men's Unplug Graphic Blue Tee
Disengage. Reboot. Recharge. Fill that energy tank back up. This simple graphic reps a phrase that speaks volumes. Ultra soft fabric, casual fit, it's the ideal every-day T-shirt. A heathered-gray-blue inspired by the easy-going California-cool style.  Model is 6'2 and wears...Read More »
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