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A Place to Charge Your Phone •Beautiful, Organized and Safe
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charging box for phones
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smartphone charging station
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charging station for phones
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A Place to Charge Your Phone •Beautiful, Organized and Safe

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 Finally, I've found the perfect soft spot for my phone to charge in style.  In gray stamped lizard or navy blue leather, inside the tray is a yummy supple suede.

The best part of having a special spot to charge your phone is that it keeps it- and the blue light and EMF away from your bed and your bedroom.

This home phone charging station is the best we've found- It's perfect for your desk, the hallway or front door accent table - anywhere that's near an outlet where you'd like to place your phone while it charges and organize your glasses, your keys or your change.

The leather valet snaps open to lay flat for travel, and is a beautiful addition to any accessory collection.

Lays Flat - Just Snap the four corners And the Valet Has A Becomes 9" long x 7" wide  and 1.75" tall

The Silver Finished opening for up to two charging cables and nicely fits two phones or one phone, Airtube Headphones in Cord Keeper,  key-chain and sunglasses.

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