August Brice with the new AUGUST Cross Body Faraday Bag.  Sexy EMF Protection that works from Tech Wellness
Features of the AUGUST Faraday Cross Body: Faraday Pouch to block EMF radiation, Talk Pocket in case you need to make a call, fits the biggest phones even with a case, room for ID cards and cash, stylus holder, adjustable strap
The AUGUST Cross Body Faraday case for your smartphone is made from beautiful pebbled leather and features gold hardware and a special stylus holder!
The AUGUST Faraday Cross Body Phone Case with EMF Protection, RFID credit card protection and a Talk Pocket
The AUGUST Cross Body Faraday case for your smartphone is made from beautiful pebbled leather and features gold hardware and a special stylus holder!
The AUGUST Cross Body Faraday case looks great and blocks EMF's
The AUGUST Cross Body Faraday case for your smartphone is available exclusively from

PRE-ORDER Now! SHIPS SEPTEMBER 20th. The Sold Out Leather Faraday Cross Body Phone Case. Anti-Radiation With RFID Credit Card Slots and Pouch

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Introducing The most gorgeous Faraday Bag you'll ever lay your eyes on!

This Faraday has it all including new and improved features from our original sold out version! 

  • Silent Pocket Patented Technology Completely Blocks All RF Signals And EMF radiation. NEW Triple lined faraday material to ensure impenetrable protection from 5G.

  • NEW Larger pocket to ensure all smart phones fit (even when in a case)

  • A Front Pocket To Place Phone In When You Want To Make A Call-- or lipstick, cash, Tauki headset and glasses.

  • Credit Card Slots that are RFID protected. NEW Vertical placement to ensure easy access. 

  • An adjustable Strap With A Place to Hold A Pen or Stylus

  • A Stylus included- so you can text and scroll without touching your phone

  • Gorgeous Textured Deep Black Leather


    This lovely little case renders energy to the cell phone completely void. Wireless EMF protection that's beautiful.  Remove the phone or tablet from the case in order to  send and receive signal.  There's NO need to put the phone on airplane. Phone goes off when it's in the case and works normally when it's removed.  You're safe, private and off the grid!

    A Faraday is the ONLY case that can truly offer EMF radiation protection. That means your location and any other information a snoopy phone or app would be interested in having-will be impossible to get as well. No Signal in. No Signal out.

  • faraday cross body phone case
    • I designed this case to be everything I wanted in a Faraday bag. I use a stylus constantly so there's a leather tab on the strap for a pen or stylus.

    • I needed a place for my headsets and a place for my blue blocking readers and a place for a lipstick--the front pocket is splendid.  And we have 2 credit card slots.

    • I wanted protection--and then I wanted to be able to use my phone, while still carrying it- that's when it goes into the front pouch.

    • And I wanted a pretty little bag I could wear everywhere, yet small enough to slip into a larger bag. The fine textured leather is soft and supple.

  • Please remember cellphones cases that call themselves-"anti radiation cases"  really only protect You from the Front of the phone- you're being exposed to radiation from All sides of your cellphone.  It really makes me sad to see companies marketing them as adequate EMF protection- it's a false sense of security that could put people in danger.

    Each August case also has a non-shielded front pocket that allows you to have a safe place for the phone where you can send and receive signal. So when you want to receive calls or texts-place your phone is the the protective front pocket.  But remember, the Tech Wellness Way is to keep that non shielded energy 8 to 10 inches from your body. 

  • Unfortunately, Some EMF protection products actually call "pockets" or "pouches" like this, "anti-radiation shields" and while there may be some protection directly to the back of the phone, the radiation sphere is coming out of that opening at the top-

  • That's why you'll see me carrying my case by the straps and holding it away(8" or more) from me when I'm on a call- I LOVE THIS FARADAY!

  • Fabulous Faraday Protection. The August Faraday Cross Body

    Fits most phones 8.25" x 4.75

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