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Key Fob Faraday Protector

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Can you imagine that now your car can actually be broken into  simply by taking the electronic information from your keys?

Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a simple way to prevent electronic key theft?
These colorful, effective key fob guards keep you safe and sound. They were most recently featured on an NBC about electronic car theft. It's crazy and scary how easy it is to lift the electronic information from a simple car key fob, then open he car, take belongings and in some cases, even take the car. 

Let's just stop this silly nonsense at the source: place your key fob in the specially fabricated RFID protector and no scanner can get through.

This is one of our favorite easy, safe fixes.  Try one today for any key that has an electronic fob entry.  For your home or apartment.

Small Key Features:
Premium washed canvas / water resistant Fold up and snap design + key chain attachment
13.3 X 10.2 cm // 5.0 X 4.0 in // 0.8 oz Comfortably holds 1 standard sized key fob + 4-5 additional house/office keys
Most Remote Key Entries operate at a frequency of 315 MHz for North America-made cars and at 433.92 MHz for European, Japanese and Asian cars.

Smart keys need protection

The fact it that smart keys are vulnerable to attacks from theft. These hackers steal your key fob information allowing them access to your car, including starting the ignition and driving away with it! You need a key fob protector or else a thief can use a cheap signal amplifier off of Amazon to steal everything in your car, or in some cases steal the car itself!
Key Fob Faraday Protector

A little more info

The Key Fob Guard from Silent Pocket, is a privacy and security case for your key fob or keyless entry fob. It is a single sleeve that blocks the wireless connection from your key fob to your car.
Key Fob Faraday Protector

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