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The Password Book. Protect Your Private Passwords The Best Way Possible.

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The digital age has brought with it, passwords.  So many passwords!

And we know each one should be unique and hard to guess to protect our privacy. Many experts recommend using a password generator or online password service. We think analog password-protection is best, that's why we adore this little book.

This ingenious password protector book makes remembering your password easy and relieves so much stress.

A place for your passwords- easily within hands reach.  Easy to hide and easy to find any password anytime.

What a grand idea! A Book That's Made For Your Passwords!

You can store up to 70 passwords on these alphabetical pages. Each password page has place for

  • Website name
  • Company
  • User Name
  • Password-use this for answers to security questions too!
  • and a password hint-if you really want to be private and keep it in your head!

Choose Blue Nature, Smile More, Worry Less or Stealth Black

  • Comes With a slim Silver pen with black ink
  • 70 pages of password storage

Remember our Tech Wellness Privacy and Cybersecurity password basics:

  • Change them often!  Every 90 days at least
  • Sentences and Paraphrases are best
  • No shorter than 17 characters
  • Don't repeat passwords on different sites- if one is hacked, your other accounts or more easily hacked
  • "Password" is not a great password, same for your birthday, address or kids address
  • Change up those "Extra security questions" with made up answers to things like, "What's your favorite food?" and "What's your mothers maiden name?" There's no law that says your bank or health insurance need the actual truth to these questions.