Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter
Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter
Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter
professional economical radiation wireless meter
safe and sound classic emf meter
Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter

Super Power EMF Detector! All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter

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NEW Safe and Sound Classic III EMF Meter is here! 

A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins means better sleep, less anxiety, and a healthier you.

New Features:

  • More Lights
  • Bigger Speaker = Louder Sounds
  • More Sounds = Better Results
  • Longer Battery Life
  • The ability to detect even shorter pulses
  • 3rd Party Certified RF Detector with full frequency response from 200MHz - 8GHz

We love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it at a special price for a limited time. Unlike any other wireless radiation meter in its price range, we think this easy-to-read radiation detector is simply divine.

More LED lights on the Safe and Sound Classic III give you more detailed readings than ever before.

The Safe and Sound Classic meter is divine because it makes detecting wireless EMF easy and to the point. It shows you with lights and new and improved audio sound signatures  that RF Radiation is:

Ideal Levels of Exposure to Slight, Moderate, High,  Extreme, and even OFF THE CHARTS EXTREME Radiation levels.  This Meter Makes  It  Easy To Know Your Wireless Radiation Levels

August used it to make sure her wired tablet and baby monitor were not giving off any invisible electromagnetic radio frequencies in the video below.  You can check the levels in your living spaces, the bedroom, the baby's room, or even near the couch where your family is watching TV.

You'll see the read-out change as you move closer or further away from the wireless device and you'll know what needs to change in your home.

You'll hear the sounds of the various types of RF radiation being emitted: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cell signals all have their own distinct sound which is handy when you're trying to determine where the signal is coming from.

What Does Our Best Personal Radiation Meter Measure?

It can pick up radio frequency and microwave radiation from any wireless device in your home: 

  • Smart meters- on all utilities
  • Wireless routers (both 2.4 and 5 GHz channels)
  • Cell towers - 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, Low and Mid Band 5G
  • Cell phones
  • Cordless home phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Baby monitors
  • Airport radar
  • Microwave oven leakage detection
  • Video game consoles
  • Nest and Ring Systems
  • Wireless Speakers Sonos
  • Google Home, Amazon, Alexa, and Siri


Engineered and designed by RF electrical engineers, the fully calibrated meter is manufactured in Canada with a circuit board made in Silicon Valley.

So simple to read -- It uses color-coded LEDs that correlate to measurement ranges to assess the RF exposure in your environment.

And you don't just see the reading--you HEAR it too! This easy EMF meter/reader also has a sound signature analysis which helps identify which RF sources you are being exposed to.

We think every home should have one and we ship it FREE to the contiguous US.

How Much Radiation is Safe?

Well, the Environmental Health Trust points out, "Science has not yet determined a safe level of wireless radiation."

That's why we recommend using a meter to help eliminate as much as you can in your home. We advocate what’s referred to as the Precautionary Principle.

If you think EMF Radiation is messing with the energy in your body, please visit our complete EMF Radiation, Wireless Energy, and Electro-Smog Guide.

  • The Green LED light indicates a very slight amount of EMF and if it's flashing it's the best environment you can hope to be in.
  • The Yellow LED levels on the EMF meter indicate that some people might feel the results of energy exposure and are like a yellow warning light for me.
  • The Orange levels signal high and are pretty "normal" now as background energy in apartments, offices, and cities. Most people with EHS start really feeling symptomatic.
  • The Red levels are considered Extreme and too high for all of us. This is a signal to back away from the wireless device or get out of the exposure area if it is background or ambient EMF.Safe and Sound meter meanings

For more information about EMF, please see our guide

Color coded LED's identify exposure levels corresponding to Building Biology Guidelines:

Measurement Range:

<1μW/m2 to >1 000 000μW/m2

Sampling Rate:

<5 μs


Colorful LED lights are based on the recommendations for a Safe Sleeping Area Level as determined by the Bau-Biology Report



<1 µW/m²


1-10 µW/m²


10 - 100 µW/m²

LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Orange: HIGH  LIMIT TIME

100 - 1000 µW/m²

LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red: EXTREME  BE CAREFUL 

1000 - 10000 µW/m²


10,000 µW/m² - 100,000 µW/m²

LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red (Fast Flashing):

100,000 µW/m² - 1,000,000 µW/m²

LED Range @ 2.4 GHz--Red (Fastest Flashing):

>1,000,000 µW/m²



Why it matters

This is the easiest quickest way to make sure your baby family and you are in a truly safe RF radiation free space! That’s why we recommend it and we think the price is very fair for an accurate calibrated meter.
Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter

A little more info

No technical experience required, it's super easy to use and understand. Also, comes with this great case!
Super Power EMF Detector!  All NEW Safe Sound III EMF Meter

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
What is ES stand for?

In the chart you refer to "A Person with ES" could not find what this is referring to in your article. Thank you... good article


This meter is excellent, easy to use, and enlightening. I appreciate that the meter itself is also low EMF. Thank you Tech Wellness.

Janet B.
Safe Sound II EMF Meter - Love it Buy it!

This meter is so sensitive I am blown away. The Safe Sound II EMF Meter showed me the levels from my Samsung Note 10+, which is one of the lowest radiation phones on the market, was actually putting out far more EMFs than I was aware of, whereas my regular EMF meter that I have loved showed me it was safe. We just moved into an apartment building and we are surrounded by wifi ... my idea of a nightmare (I had no say in the move, I would have preferred a house by a stream in the middle of nowhere). This EMF is so sensitive it was able to show us what was contributing to the EMF toxicity, we eliminated what we could, moved our bed to the middle of the room as the walls were thick with emf's and dirty electricity, we attached the faraday cage above our bed and just had a great nights sleep! We also added Grounding mats to our bed to absorb any voltage and wow! I am waking up actually AWAKE. I love the sound aspect of this meter too, as the emf's get worse the sound gets really obnoxious (if you have the sound turned on). It really adds a dramatic effect, especially if someone is not taking this seriously. Thank you so much for this.

Ann N.
Safety first

I am so sensitive to EMF’s that I have been housebound. I can feel high power lines and cell towers if I get to close. I have to be careful going into stores, etc. I have no WiFi and keep my cell phone on airplane mode most of the time. My friends don’t bring their phones into my house. I can try to go to places of interest now and check the EMF level to decide if I can go in and how long I can stay. I can check things around my house, found the printer to be really high. I have it on the kill switch so I can turn it on and off as needed.

Lisa H.
Much Needed Information

We walkec all through the house checking for radiation the night we opened this little meter. We found most of it stopped when we unplugged our WIFI and turned off our phones. But we are still discovering it in places we go and we're letting our neighbors know about their smartmeters by Showing Them! We like it- it is simple and durable and not confusing like the others I've shopped for online.