Gifts for The Techie

The Techie is the first to get the latest technology and spends lots of time on their gadgets. With these curated gifts they can enjoy everything they love about technology while protecting their body and mind.


Best Air Tube Anti Radiation Headphones • For Value and Comfort, The Best Headset For Honest EMF Protection Headphones Tech Wellness NEW Rose Gold Comfort Style Buds
Best Air Tube Headphones for EMF Protection • Earbuds with Incredible Sound and No Radiation
Oh my goodness,  I'm in Love!  Our new headphone has Beautiful quality and Amazing sound!  Important EMF protection starts with Anti-Radiation shielded wires, then continues to a hollow, clear air tube and completes with super-comfy earbuds. Toss those Airpods for...Read More »
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phone Stand with Stylus
The Tech Wellness Touchless Smartphone System - Stylus & Tech Stand!
Just like cigarette smoke, both EMF Radiation and Magnetic Fields dissipate the farther you get away from the source - Distance is your friend when it comes to keeping that beautiful mind and body healthy!  That's why we are obsessed with this gorgeous rose...Read More »
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safe and sound classic emf meter
SuperPower! See and Hear Invisible EMF Radiation. Protect Your Home With This Safe and Sound Classic Meter Detector
A beautiful environment with no hidden toxins-means better sleep, less anxiety and a healthier you. Safe and Sound Classic Free US Shipping! That's why we love this handy, but powerful personal RF Radiation Detector and are offering it...Read More »
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Men's Unplug Graphic Blue Tee Wellness Wear Tech Wellness
Men's Unplug Graphic Blue Tee
Disengage. Reboot. Recharge. Fill that energy tank back up. This simple graphic reps a phrase that speaks volumes. Ultra soft fabric, casual fit, it's the ideal every-day T-shirt. A heathered-gray-blue inspired by the easy-going California-cool style.  Model is 6'2 and wears...Read More »
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iPhone Internet Adapter. Use phone with NO EMF, No WiFi. This Dongle Lets You Browse, Use a Messaging App, Email and Scoll! Body Tech Wellness
Who Knew? Use iPhone Online with NO EMF, No WiFi. These Dongles Let You Browse, Use a Messaging App, Email and Scoll With NO Radiation!
Our Lightning to Ethernet Wired Dongles lets you skip WiFi and use your smartphone, computer or laptop directly connected to the Internet    And your devices load videos, shopping pages—everything online super fast! Fast, Radiation Free...Read More »
Stylus and Pen Together. Plus a Drawing Tip! Who Could Ask For More? stylus Tech Wellness Rose Gold
The Everything Stylus! With a Pen and Drawing Tip! In White, Rose Gold, Black and Silver
People ask us all the time "What's the Best Stylus for iPhone?" Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device AND Bonus! it keeps your screen clean and pretty too! But that's not all, this...Read More »
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Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker For Laptops. Cover Your Cellphone Camera with Creep Blockers Too Privacy Tech Wellness
Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker For Laptops. Cover Your Cellphone Camera with Creep Blockers Too
Oh My!  Someone watching or spying on you through your cellphone or computer is just plain Creepy! That's why we love CreepBlockers.  High quality, re-usable removable and residue free vinyl decals designed to protect your privacy with style and personality....Read More »