EMF: Events. Conferences. Meetups.

All the information you need to find upcoming events in your area surrounding the topic of EMF and EMR. Whether you are new to the topic or already an expert you can always learn more and have fun connecting with the technology safe community.

Electromagnetic Radiation


EMF/EMR is electromagnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation is the invisible waves that are omitted from cell towers, phones, and wifi. These radiation waves are harmful to the body and mind in many ways.


Becoming aware of the effects of EMF/EMR to the body is the first step in living a more technology safe and conscious lifestyle. These events will provide you information to learn from and connect to many helpful resources.


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Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar: September 23-27, 2019

This teaches students how to measure EMR in their daily lives. They focus on identifying EMR in homes and review ways to limit the EMR in your day-to-day. This seminar is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico on September 23-27, 2019 and prices start at $425. They also offer an advanced seminar for those already familiar with EMR and EMF. The location and price are the same but the advanced seminar is on December 7- 11, 2020.

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