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Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses

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How great are these?

On trend and comfortable, Parisian designed and created with a blue blocking filter and magnification.

Just about everything you could want in a Blue Blocker.  Just about everything you could want in a reader.  And did we mention the comfort and quality? 

These are made from a soft pliable rubber that makes them feel like they're not there at all.  But they are, looking fabulous and making looking at your screen more comfortable, safe and healthy.

Blue Light is naturally occurring, but with the way we look at our screens--we're just exposed to way too much of it, even in the daytime hours.  Its like we're outside in bright light 16 hours a day—which is why we also recommend an Anti Blue Light Screen Protector which blocks some of the light—at all times. Check our Blue Light Blocking section for Screen Protectors and our night-time high function Blue Light Blocking Glasses.— These block 96% of Blue Light.