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TP-Link PowerLine for Wired Baby Monitor

These adapters work with your wireless camera to turn it into a wired device. Works to create baby monitors and gaming consoles that access that connect the WiFi through your homes electrical wiring. Giving you distance from WiFi and direct access to the internet via ethernet cable.

I used to link you to the D-link brand, but now they are only making one that has MIMO wireless technology.  YIKES!  Don't get that  if you're trying to avoid wireless EMF.  I called the company and they told me that there adapter works with anything that has an Ethernet connection. 

The D-Link Camera

Part 2 for this fabulous No WiFi monitor is this D-link Camera. Also, to create the Safest No Radiation Wired Baby Monitor you’ll need this cable.
TP-Link PowerLine for Wired Baby Monitor

A Wired Monitor

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TP-Link PowerLine for Wired Baby Monitor