EMF Shielding Fabric - Swiss Shield Naturell
EMF Shielding Fabric - Swiss Shield Naturell
Special Fabric to Keep The EMF's Out - Tech Wellness
Special Fabric to Keep The EMF's Out - Tech Wellness

Do you need Special Fabric to Block Wireless EMF?

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In our wireless world, many people are finding they are particularly sensitive to the EMF Radiation coming from all manner of wireless energy. If you're wondering about just what EMF is-August Brice our founder has an excellent well researched guide to EMF here.

Does this swiss shield work to block RF radiation? Yes! Fabric like this Semi-transparent linen-like metal infused material is used  by many for protection against high-frequency radiation.

This is what you might use for curtains or as bed canopy to keep energy from WiFi, cell towers, Cell phones and Blue Tooth from a sleep space or particular area of your home.

This material is a proven, efficient solution against electro-magnetic, high frequency (HF) and microwave radiation if it's used properly.

August, who experiences electromagnetic sensitivity recommends that before attempting to use this on your own, it's best to employ the services of a trained and experienced EMF consultant

They can help you find hot spots of the different types of EMF throughout your home.  The best protection is to distance yourself from wireless devices like laptops, WiFi and your smartphone.  We have many easy ways to help at Tech Wellness. 

Drop us a line or head to our knowledge base and check out topics from the best way to use a microwave oven to the all the ways to be Smart and Happy with your Smartphone.

Color: Ecru-White Raw materials: 82 % cotton, 17 % copper, 1 % silver Weight: 70 g/m²