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Well Insiders: Could Your iPhone Be Making You Sick? What You Need to Know About Tech Health

"From checking emails or texting and scrolling to using our phones as alarm clocks, most of us can’t quite imagine life without our cellphones, iPads or other wireless tech. Our devices have become an extension of us, ready to connect us to the world at large with a single swipe. Our relationship with technology has become so ubiquitous that we probably haven’t stopped to consider the side effects of being tuned in all the time. Luckily for us, August Brice and the experts at Tech Wellness have.

As the founder of Tech Wellness, August is a technology wellness expert and advocate. Through her own complicated relationship with technology and the energy it emits, August has made it her life’s mission to educate and empower us to improve our relationship with technology so we may become healthier—physically, mentally and emotionally."

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