How to Eliminate Tech Toxins in Your Home Office

"If you are one of the lucky ones who can pursue your dreams from a home office, it also means that you have the unique power to control the environment in which you spend the majority of your waking hours At Tech Wellness, we believe that the tech toxins around us powerfully affect us. Still, we know that with intentional and easy changes, we can create a healthy space that allows us to thrive in the midst of the technology we need to be successful. Want to feel better and make sure that your home office sets you up for fantastic productivity and success? Here are 8 simple Tech Wellness Ways"

How to Identify and Address Symptoms of Technology Addiction

"Our culture has become so accustomed to being attached to our devices at all times that there's even a term for the irrational fear of being without your phone: "nomo-phobia". Even if you wouldn't define yourself as addicted, what you may think of as normal technology use might actually be having a more significant effect on you than you realize. Scrolling, texting, and Candy Crushing throughout your day can negatively impact your sleep, increase your anxiety, expose you to high levels of EMF (check out our EMF Radiation Guide for the full scoop), and distract you from other important tasks at hand."

How An Affordable Little WiFi Switch Brought Me Big Time Happiness

"I kept telling my husband to turn off the WiFi- the wireless energy that powered it was driving me nuts — and I really did not like getting close to it. I have electromagnetic sensitivity (ES) so shutting off WiFi was a no-brainer for me. I can physically feel it when it’s on. In fact, I honestly wake from sleep if someone in my fam(no names) comes home in the middle of the night and turns WiFi on. So when my clever man came home with this really simple “remote appliance switch” our lives changed. Point. Click. Ahhhhh."


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