A Safer USB Charge! No-EMF USB  and USB-C Charger and Power Strip
No EMF charger USB  USB-c
Extra outlet no EMF radiation charger
Charge No Electric EMF
Make it safe to use phone while charging
A Safer USB Charge! No-EMF USB  and USB-C Charger and Power Strip
A Safer USB Charge! No-EMF USB  and USB-C Charger and Power Strip
Charge phones with no EMF

A Safer USB Charge! No-EMF USB and USB-C Charger and Power Strip

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No Electric EMF USB Charger. 2 Grounded USB Charging Ports, 1 USB-C Charge Port and 6 Electric Outlets Plug In Everything and Charge Your Devices Too!

It starts as a Power Strip- that plugs into the wall so you can plug in up to 6  electrical items at time.

Then it's Surge Protector to help protect your computer, appliances you name it.

Then it's a No Electric EMF Charging Station that's grounded too so you can use your phone(on Airplane please!) while it's charging without getting dirty electricity from the charging cord to your device.


It looks like one you can get on Amazon, but is SO MUCH Better~  because electric engineer and EMF specialist Shaun Kranish custom modifies it so you can be sure that not just the outlets are grounded (the indicator light shows you IF your power is indeed grounded.) The USB ports are grounded too!

  • You get ZERO AC Electric Field EMF passed on to all USB charging cables, making it safer to  use your phone or tablet while you charge.
  • There are 2 high speed charging USB charge ports and one USB-C port
  • Use Quality shielded USB cable charger for Best results. Ours work nicely as do most Anker and Apple products we've tried. We have found that cheap unshielded cables emit electrical fields of their own. 
  • Charge 3 devices at once -Fully Charged in 3 Hours!
  • 6 heavy-duty power outlets: Genius!
  • Super convenient: The Charger/Outlet Power Strip can Rotate 180 degrees.
  • The Surge protectors are 1680 joule surge suppression to help protect devices
  • Ground indicator light so you know if your outlet is not grounded
  • Comes with screws to fasten to outlet for added convenience and stability during use
  • Must use with a 3 a Double 3 Prong Outlet in your home- see photo of the Back of this Grounded USB Charger and Power strip
This is the only USB charger you can find with grounded USB ports.  This grounds your USB cable and eliminates the high-voltage AC electric field that normally exists on those cables and emanates out into living spaces- which is why we encourage you NOT to use your devices while they're charging.

I'm using mine now and I feel so much safer.  Though I will still never use my phone while it's charging. I like this because  I can charge my devices without creating high e-field-or electrical EMF in the room.

Please note, your un-shielded cords are always subject to small electrical fields when plugged in.  

Plugging cords into the grounded Power Strip will NOT correct the bad cord.  If you do have a bad cord- unplug them when you're not using them and you won't be exposed to the electrical fields the cord can emit.  

You can also a plug a"leaky" cord  into one of our WiFi Kill Switch Outlets- then you can turn off the electricity flow to that particular cord when it's not in use- especially if it's near your bed.  Switch it off just before you retire for a lovely night's rest.

Want to know more about electric and magnetic fields?  We got you!

Customer Reviews

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Works well

Works as advertised

Great customer service

The first product I received was malfunctioning , and I contacted the wellness customer service , and they were wonderful at addressing the issue. My replaced power strip works great ! There are so many outlets !!

Very beneficial

I use this to connect everything I have hard wired and bought another one for my room . I am considering buying another for my kitchen . Works great .

Thanks for the great review! We appreciate you!

Lynda T.
Works exactly as described Charges with No EMF

I saw the video, bought it and then did the same test at home. It works. I also like the sizes as it does not take up too much space and stays right in the outlet vs our othet power strips. Nice job Tech Wellness.