Our Best Anti Radiation Headphones. Beautiful EMF FREE Phone Protection Tauki Airtube Technology
Our Best Anti Radiation Headphones. Beautiful EMF FREE Phone Protection Tauki Airtube Technology
Pretty and Free from EMF! Our Earbud Headphones offer peace of mind-certain that you are protected from Radio Frequency Radiation. The Tech Wellness Tribe loves this EMF protection--plus they're so stylish and actually work super well! New 2019 Design: Rose Gold...Read More »
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blue light screen
Do Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors Work? Well, Yes. Chose From the Top 2
Considering a Blue Light Screen Protector? These are two of the best-and we tried several. Both have anti-blue light screen filtering using a special coating to filter up to 39% of the most harmful blue light. Plus protect your screen...Read More »
Blocking Harmful Blue Light Means Better Sleep
Blocking Harmful Blue Light Means Better Sleep & Calm Days
Protection from screen “glow” is a simple part of a daily digital detox for kids, teens, and adults alike. Blue Light can suppress melatonin production and alter circadian rhythms. These negative impacts can lead to anxiety, depression, and...Read More »
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cute cross body cellphone case
Style Meets Safety Crossbody Phone Case- Get The Right Distance from Your Cellphone Lovely!
These lovely cellphone cross body cases are priced right and work by giving your distance from your cellphone. Honestly, distance is the only emf protection endorsed by the California Department of Health.  August has a great...Read More »
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best faraday bags 19
New Faraday Bag Blocks Cellphone Signals-Stealth Anti Radiation Case for Phone and Laptop
So Beautiful, yet so effective. Faraday Anti Radiation Bags keep you totally off the grid and give you EMF protection.  A mini but mighty faraday cage. This finely tailored 100% effective Anti Radiation faraday bag keeps all wireless RF radiation from getting...Read More »
Webcam Microphone Camera Covers Creepblockers
Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker. Stylish Creep Blocker
Webcam Cover Value Pack Because Hacking, Cyber-stalking, and Cyber-blackmail are real security issues! Protect your privacy with Creepblocker, the best webcam cover and microphone blocker. Specially designed sizes to block Apple Air Microphone and Macbook Microphone.  Plus a Guide to...Read More »
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blue light blocking computer glasses
KO Those Computer Blues & Get IT Done With These Glasses
For wearing when indulging in any device time after 6:00 pm. Axial blue light blocking glasses are crafted with traditional frame lines, featuring  patented i-AMP lens technology. August's husband uses them and confesses he won't look a the computer screen...Read More »
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metal mesh tip best stylus
Stocking Stuffer Fun!: Our Best Stylus Pen So The Cellphone is a Safe Distance From Fingers
People ask us all the time What's the Best Stylus for iPhone.  Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better.  Wireless energy...Read More »
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unplug blue tee men
Men's Unplug Graphic Blue Tee
Disengage. Reboot. Recharge. Fill that energy tank back up. This simple graphic reps a phrase that speaks volumes. Ultra soft fabric, casual fit, it's the ideal every-day T-shirt. A heathered-gray-blue inspired by the easy-going California-cool style.  Model is 6'2 and wears...Read More »
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