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don't hold the phone in your hands
The Phone Leash Cellphone Carrier. Adjustable Strap For All Phone Cases Protect From EMF Radiation With Distance
Nothing better than carrying that cellphone away from your body.  No need to hold that smartphone in your hands at all! Say Hello To The Phone Leash! These finely crafted and stylish Cellphone Carriers are perfect for keeping the EMF...Read More »
phone Stand with Stylus
The Tech Wellness Touchless Smartphone System - Stylus & Tech Stand!
Just like cigarette smoke, both EMF Radiation and Magnetic Fields dissipate the farther you get away from the source - Distance is your friend when it comes to keeping that beautiful mind and body healthy!  When you purchase together you get $6.00 OFF the...Read More »
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Stylus and Pen Together. Plus a Drawing Tip! Who Could Ask For More? stylus Tech Wellness Rose Gold
3-in-1 Stylus! With a Pen and Drawing Tip! In White, Rose Gold, Black and Silver
People ask us all the time "What's the Best Stylus for iPhone?" Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device AND Bonus! it keeps your screen clean and pretty too! But that's not all, this...Read More »
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Our Best Stylus Pens For iPad and iPhone. $10 to $22 Less EMF Stylus Tech Wellness Click To Choose Stylus Type and Color
Stylus Pens For EMF Protection on iPad and iPhone. Our best Stylus -Comes With Extra FREE TIP
People ask us all the time "What's the Best Stylus for iPhone?".  Here it is! This pretty Stylus Pen provides you a nice distance between your device and you- the less EMF radiation you're exposed to the better.  Wireless energy...Read More »
Key Fob Faraday Protector Privacy Tech Wellness
Key Fob Faraday Protectors That Are Pretty and Practical In Fine Leather Or Colorful Nylon
Can you imagine that now your car can actually be broken into  simply by taking the electronic information from your keys? Wouldn't it be lovely if there was a simple way to prevent electronic key theft?These colorful, effective...Read More »
Wrap Aound Blue Blocking For Full Protection For Better Sleep & Calm Days Bluelight glasses Tech Wellness
Sleep Prep Glasses. Wrap To Block More Blue Light! 2 Styles: Complete Block And Over Glasses Blockers
You Need These At Night For The Best Sleep! Blue Light can suppress melatonin production and alter circadian rhythms. These negative impacts can lead to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. That's why we adore these Sleep Glasses.  Slip...Read More »
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