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Best Baby Monitor. This Camera Is Wired and Safe. Parents Love It!

The Best Baby Monitor is The Safest way to monitor your baby. It's A wired Baby Monitor!   And it starts with this special D-Link Camera that can also be wired.

Designed to offer you the peace of mind of an excellent baby monitor- with full HD pan, tilt and sound so you can watch and listen in on your little bundle of joy.

This amazing camera is perfect for hard-wiring which means NO wireless EMF radiation. It's high speed and works perfectly with the adapter(purchased separately)

This is the particular Camera you'll need to make the do-it-yourself wired baby monitor. We show you easy to follow step by step directions here and in our video.

It's important to know-not all D-link cameras offer this capability.  This one does and if you can't wire directly into your ethernet(see the video) you will need the adapter switches as well.

We love this camera's HD video quality and 2-way audio! Just use August's instructions in our video and blog showing you how to create your own Safe Wired Baby Monitor and the family can rest well in an EMF free environment.

This camera looks a bit different then the one in the video- BUT it works splendidly.  We just tested it and will have a new video up soon.

The camera from the video is no longer being sold.

Check out our video and blog below for details!

The D-Link Powerline

Part 2 for this fabulous No WiFi monitor is this D-link Powerline. Also, to create the Safest No Radiation Wired Baby Monitor you’ll need this shielded cable for no dirty electricity cable.
Best Baby Monitor. This Camera Is Wired and Safe. Parents Love It!

A Wired Monitor

Our Blog has Step by Step tips for set up. Plus you'll find videos demonstrating the EMF radiation baby is exposed to from all wireless baby monitors and other important links. HERE.
Best Baby Monitor. This Camera Is Wired and Safe. Parents Love It!

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