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internet privacy

The Online Privacy Guide: A Dozen Ways To Keep Your Secrets, Darling

We talked Internet Privacy and Safety with Our leading Cybersecurity expert.  We chatted about Alexa and Facebook, Apple and Android Apps and our ...
Webcam Microphone Camera Covers Creepblockers
Our Best Webcam Cover & Microphone Blocker For Laptops. Cover Your Cellphone Camera with Creep Blockers Too
Oh My!  Someone watching or spying on you through your cellphone or computer is just plain Creepy! That's why we love CreepBlockers.  High quality, re-usable removable and residue free vinyl decals designed to protect your privacy with style and personality....Read More »
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2019 Best Fashion Faraday Case
A Faraday Bag That Works! Beautiful Privacy + EMF Protection Cellphone Case Laptop too!
So Beautiful, yet so effective. A Cellphone EMF Protection Case with Substance and Style We're thrilled to bring you our partnership with Silent Pocket . Each faraday bag combines patented Silent Pocket Technology with beautiful style to prevent  EMR or...Read More »
Tech Wellness Facebook Privacy

Facebook Revamped Settings: Poof! Gone is This Privacy Stealer

The facebook privacy setting that allowed the whole Cambridge Analytic uproar to happen is gone. The one that was hidden in plain sight for years w...