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Your smartphone gives off radiation. It has to--that's how it works. Your best radiation protection is NOT a "radiation blocking phone case," which can actually make your radiation exposure higher! It's our new TAUKI Air Tube Headset. Its patented technology is designed to keep your head the radiation protection it deserves.   Choose from several great sounding models, including our exclusive Rose Gold edition. Safe and stylish too!

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TAUKI looks great, sounds fantastic and delivers the best EMF Protection

At Tech Wellness, we believe that staying away from the EMF's that come out of all our digital devices just makes sense. But again, an EMF blocking phone case won't do. Scientific studies around the world over three decades have shown that this type of radiation has a biological impact--whether we know it or not. It's just another toxin we should stay away from! Air Tube headphones provide the best protection--and TAUKI has the best airtube. A few of the reasons why--

When it comes to EMF's, distance is your friend. The TAUKI shielded cable is over 5 feet long, so you can keep the phone far enough away.

TAUKI uses a special double wrapped, shielded wire that works to block EMF's from traveling up from your phone.

The headphone speakers aren't in your ear. They are positioned at the beginning of a 6" air filled tube. The tube transmits the sound to your year acoustically, so the sound is actually enhanced and you're guaranteed that no EMF's reach your head.

Only TAUKI has our exclusive comfort tips--so light and comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them.

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August Brice and her Tech Wellness Team are here to help guide you through all the complications of life in our new digital world. We focus on the effects of EMF's, online privacy and security, blue screen light's impact on our bodies and screen addictions.

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We're not here to convince you to run away from tech. We want you to enjoy it. And along the way understand that there are simple steps you can take to do that in a healthy way.

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Reviews: What TAUKI users are saying

Jennifer W.  
I'm someone who is trying to become more conscientious about my EMF exposure, I have recently made a commitment to never putting my cell phone to my head. Thank you August! I was very excited to start using these anti radiation earbuds (and these are really comfortable) its been a very easy transition and I'm so glad this technology is available.


I've tried a few different anti-radiation headsets (some for almost double the price $65+) and these are by far the best I've used. I've had them for 5 months now and the quality of sound has remained consistent. Came back to purchase some for my family who still insists on using Bluetooth headphones (can't believe it!). Hoping these will help them transition back to wired and take care of their health! Thanks for making such a great quality, safe and stylish product. Will be back for more.


I use ear buds constantly at work and I love these. I've probably gone through 20 iPhone ear buds, but these headphones have lasted me a long time. Comfortable and work great.


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