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Digital Flourishing Toolkit™ Tech Wellness Solutions to help you achieve balance with technology.

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You’ll love this special selection of solutions for your mind, body and privacy. This special Toolkit is recommended by leading experts at the Digital Wellness Institute.


Support ergonomics and improve sleep quality by minimizing blue light

  • The Adjustable Tech Stand

  • The Blue Light Blocking Glasses


Achieve peace of mind and spark creativity

  • The Analog Clock


Utilize reusable stickers to cover your camera and protect your digital identity
  • The Webcam Cover Collection


  •  The Tech Stand. Elegant and Solid.  This highly adjustable cellphone stand is strong, sturdy, light weight and doing the trick nicely . We scroll, shop and sometimes we even relax and watch our Tech Wellness YouTube channel- This handy stand makes it grand! In metallic black it can support all smartphones and tablets horizontally.

    And we find our necks and shoulders are much more relaxed as we don't "hunch over" our phones as we text and scroll.  And bonus: we avoid tech-neck(oh my--it's real!) and this is honestly a great tech neck solution.

  • Blue Blocking Orange Shades.  The luminous digital blue light that comes from all of our devices can effect your sleep and cause tension. At Tech These  wrap around amber glasses keep your circadian rhythms happy and healthy and relax your eyes by blocking 86% of blue light. The details of why being mindful of blue light is important see our Blue Light And Your Body Guide.


  • The Analog Clock. We recommend that you turn off all digital devices and charge your smartphone in another room and enjoy the best radiation free and revitalizing sleep. The Braun alarm clock is beautiful and functional. Sleek. Modern. Silent.

    --Except of course when the lovely gentle beep sounds to wake you as it grows louder to a crescendo- No EMF radiation means fewer toxins in your environment

    The 3" diameter, non ticking, clock features snooze and nightlight in 3 color choices:

    • Matte Black Clock With Black Dial,
    • Matte Black Clock With White Dial.
    • Matte White With White Dial


  • Creep Blocker Webcam Covers The Digital Age has brought privacy to our attention. Someone watching or spying on you through your cellphone or computer is just plain Creepy, which is why we love Creep Blockers.   High quality, re-usable removable and residue free vinyl decals designed to protect your privacy with style and personality.

    Suitable for webcams, camera lenses on cellphones, laptops, computer monitors, Smart TV's, gaming consoles, Alexa, Google Home and any other device that may have a built in camera.

    And each pack also includes specially designed sizes to Block Computer Microphones, including Apple Air Microphone and Macbook Microphones