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10 ways to minimize the EMF coming from your smart phone


Research Shows EMF Can Reduce Sperm Health & Affect Infertility


What EMF Protection works? The Truth About clothing, Cases & Chips


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As a building Biologist I have to test all the shielding products and gadgets out there so I can make solid recommendations for my clients. I've tried all the headsets out there and these are by far the best. The sound quality is amazing!


We have answers to our EMF questions with this reader. How strong is the neighbors WiFi signal? Is the signal from the smart meter reaching my bedroom? I love knowing all that I can and this easy to use meter makes it possible!


I love my new Wifi Kill Switch. I've been looking for something to make it easier to turn off WiFI at night. I definitely have noticed a difference since using this product. I wake up feeling more rested and feel like I'm sleeping much more deeper. I'm very happy with this product and it's easy to use!


No more cutting tiny pieces of duct tape and gunking up my screen! I love these camera covers, they look really cute and they stick strong. The slider also works surprisingly well considering how tiny it is. I told relatives about these and now they all want some!


I got a stylus and headphones from Tech Wellness and absolutely love them! I have way less pain in my hand now since I don’t have to always hold my phone. Thank you so much for these products!


Great Quality Items and Easy to Set Up! Being sensitive to EMFs and working from home, I needed a better solution. With the hard wire kit, I was able to hard wire all of my devices with ease. The Ethernet cables are heavy duty and well made and turning my wifi off has made a huge difference in my well-being!

Screen Free Activity Bundle for Kids! Off-Line Fun for All Ages!
Screen Free Activity Bundle for Kids! Off-Line Fun for All Ages!
Screen-Free  Summer Fun!  Get the Kids OFF-LINE! Build A Solar Car, Non-Toxic Playdoh, Bubbles, Crayons So MUCH FUN with NO SCREENS!  Yep, it's possible with these fun (and safe!) analog activities for kids of all ages!   Whether you are...Read More »
Tech Wellness Wire Baby Monitor System
Finally A Baby Monitor No EMF Radiation! Tech Wellness Wired Baby Monitor System-Best for Baby and You
EXCITING NEWS! We've been searching for years for the best and safest way to keep an eye on your baby--without the dangerous EMF's that every Baby Monitor on the market has these days.  Little ones are more susceptible to wireless...Read More »
phone leash case don't hold the phone in your hands
The Phone Leash Cellphone Carrier. Adjustable Strap For All Phone Cases Protect From EMF Radiation With Distance
Nothing better than carrying that cellphone away from your body.  No need to hold that smartphone in your hands at all! Say Hello To The Phone Leash! These finely crafted and stylish Cellphone Carriers are perfect for keeping the EMF...Read More »
Faraday Bag That's Not Fancy, But Nice. Tech Wellness
Utility Faraday Bag. A Faraday That's Not Fancy, But More Than Fine. Sized in 4 Different Variations From One For Your Key Fob, Small Smartphone, Large Smartphone or laptop
This Awesome Quick Access Faraday does the job.The external clear plastic window for evidence or identity tagging is so pro. Durable resistant nylon with a quick roll down velcro seal make this faraday case super...Read More »

Kids and Cellphones: When Should My Child Get A Phone? Parents Guide

Disconnect Gift Set: De-Stress Dough, WiFi Switch, Coloring Set
Disconnect Gift Set: De-Stress Dough, WiFi Switch, Coloring Set
The perfect gift for someone who might need a little nudge to unplug from their devices and practice being present.  What's included in the Disconnect Gift Set:  WiFi Kill Switch: Start disconnecting from your devices by turning off the...Read More »
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Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Beautiful Modern Alarm Clock Body Tech Wellness Black Clock with White Dial
No EMF Alarm Clock. Keep The Bedroom EMF Radiation Free! Best Silent Analog Alarm Clock
For a dreamy sleep.  Sleek. Modern. Silent. Except of course when the lovely gentle beep sounds to wake you as it grows louder to a crescendo- Good Morning Lovely! No EMF radiation means fewer toxins in your environment. We...Read More »