How To Hard Wire iPhone, Computers and Tablets.  A Wired Home Is A Safe And Happy Place!

 Wire Your Home For Fast, Safe Internet Speed and The Joy and Health of No EMF Exposure.  The Best EMF Protection!


How To Hard Wire WiFi, Smartphone and All Devices For No more WiFi and Faster Internet and No EMFs.

Install Wired Ethernet Connections GUIDE. How To eliminate wireless Internet To All Devices - Simple Guide for Ethernet to Your Phone, Computer and Tablet

Our Hard Wire Internet Kit Has Everything You Need!Plus a step by step video guide below! How To Hard Wire Internet In Your Home Finally! A simp...
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Is WiFi Dangerous? What's the Safest Distance From WiFi? Here's How Far You Should Be From Your Router For Less

What is a safe distance from Wifi Router?

For me, the less the better. Being electromagnetic sensitive (EHS) I feel best when peak levels in my environment are below 1. Micro-Watts per square centimeter. What does that mean? What is WiFi energy exactly?  Its the same energy that comes from . . .