Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed
NO Radiation Tech Wellness Round 10' Double Shielded Cat9 Ethernet cable
Is shielded Cat 8 better Ethernet cable?
CAT 8 Fastest Cable for internet
Connect iPhone, Computers,Laptops, Tablets and MORE to Internet. Hard Wire With NO EMF Shielded Ethernet CABLE Radiation Tech Wellness Flat 25' Cat 8
Connect iPhone, Computers,Laptops, Tablets and MORE to Internet. Hard Wire With NO EMF Cat 8 50 foot white
 NO EMF Shielded Ethernet CABLE Cat 8
What is shielded cable?
Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed
Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed
Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed

Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed

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Wire UP For The FASTEST Speed and Safety with the Ultimate Cat8 Ethernet Cable. This NO EMF Double Shielded Ethernet cable lets you skip WiFi and use your smartphone, computer or laptop directly connected to the internet! 

Choose either Flat or Round Cable Cat 8 Cable in Brilliant White. A generous 25 feet is perfect for wiring your home and office to a router and then we find the 10 feet cable is great for taking it from the router to your laptop, phone or computer and now we have a generous Cat 8 50 foot cable!

SaferTech Cat8 Ultimate Shielded Cable Flat or Round, 10', 25'  50' and 75'. You'll love using NO-EMF Hard Wired Devices.

We love that there's No Radiation from your WiFi. And your devices load videos, shopping pages—everything online super fast! 

Both Flat and and Round Cat 8 Ethernet Cables feature beautiful 50 Micron Gold plated conductors in each of the shielded Connectors.  So pretty!

And what this means to your happy home is  Electromagnetic radiation and EMF protection!

Here's Why You Want The Fastest Speed Cat 8 Cable!

  • Heavy Duty- Durable, Sturdy and Made To Last

  • Gold Plated Plugs- Only The Best!

  • Super Quick Speed - The Fastest Connection You Can Buy

  • Shielded and conductive ends so they can be properly grounded

This Top Rated Cat 8 Double Shield Cable Is One Of the Elements You'll Need To Hard Wire Your WiFi-

If you're already there- great, you'll love Cat 8.  If you're just stepping into using your devices via wired internet cable, we've got a great starter kit! And a How To Video below.

how to hard wire devices

 More About The Magic Of Cat 8 Shielding

It's called Double Shielding on these new Cat 8 Ethernet Cables and it's designed to Prevent Dirty Electricity.

We cut  one of our Cat 8 cables  open to show you that each twisted pair is individually shielded with Aluminum Mylar foil and then bundled together and shielded again in a Tinned Copper Braid that covers 85% of the wire. How cool is that?! 

This double shielding of our finest Cat 8 Ethernet Cables translates to Protection.  The extra wrapping serves to SIGNIFICANTLY improve signal  and prevent Electromagnetic Interference, Radio Frequency Interference, Electromagnetic Radiation and  Electromagnetic Fields or EMF.  We prefer both the flat and round versions to  single shielded and un-shielded Ethernet cables.

 This is what Cat 8 Ethernet Cable With Double Shielding Looks Like!

We opened our Cat 8  CC to show you how it's made to protect and provide strong and fast signal.  Cheers!  

Look, there are 4 braids inside with each one shielded in a thin layer of foil.

And even better and super important, to allow the foil to be grounded, a bare metal drain wire is there too! It's that think copper one arching over on the side. They don't solder the wire and it's not adhering to the foil, but because it’s a bare wire and it's touching  the foil for the entire length of the cable,  the drain wire i makes  electrical contact and  “drains,” the energy from electromagnetic interference to ground.  Yay!

double shielded Ethernet cable

Flat or Round: What's Works Best For Your Wired Home?

  • Flat Shielded Ethernet Cat 8 Cable is great for angles or staying flat and out of the way under rugs  in 10', 25',50' lengths
  • Round Shielded Cat 8 Cable is hardy and never twists  In 10',  25', 50'  and 75'lengths


ALL Cables offer 10 Gbps Speed and Meet all Proposed CAT-8 Requirements

MORE This Cat 8 Cable is STEP ONE to wiring up your devices. STEP TWO is finding the right connector for your device

Choose From These Flat Cat 8 Double Shielded Internet  Ethernet  Cable Sizes From 10 foot to 50 Foot

Cat 8 Double Shielded EMF Protection Round Ethernet Internet Cable Sizes From 10 feet to 75 feet lengths


And to avoid be assured there's no dirty electricity by adding this Ethernet Grounding Device to your Hard Wired Set up.

Dirty Electricity, like other types of EMF have a biological effect on our bodies.  You can protect yourselves and your loved ones from these fields significantly by using our SaferTech Shielded Cat 8 Ethernet cables in addition to shielded power cords and strips. You may also want to try the  Grounded Ethernet Cord Device to ground your router to be certain all dirty electricity is eliminated.

The category rating - Cat8 or Cat7 or Cat6  isn't about EMF!  It actually refers to the cable's ability to transmit high-speed data.  Just wanted you to know.

SaferTech Cat8 Features: Future-proof Cat8 (Category8) 2000mHz, 40GBS cable ensures top speeds even for future network technologies while being backwards-compatible with older standard technologies (cat5/cat5e - 10/100/1000mbit) Each Wire is Individually and Fully foil shielded. Shielded and conductive ends so that they can be properly grounded, Gold-plated contacts. Verified compliant with TIA/EIA standard by UL and ETL; RoHS Compliance 10, 25 and 50 foot lengths The category rating - Cat 8 or Cat7 or Cat6 isn't about EMF! It actually refers to the cable's ability to transmit high-speed data. Just wanted you to know.

Wire Up Your iPhone

WOW! This makes your iPhone Safer and Super Fast. Connect iPhone directly to the internet with this wired adapter and shielded cable. No WiFi radiation and no slow connections. Using iphone wired to the internet lets you Skype, FaceTime, send texts, watch videos—basically every phone function except for cellphone calling. We tried several for iphone get this adapter, but this one works best. Super fast, easy to use, compatible range and comes with a warranty!
Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed

The Hard Wire Kit

This Kit has a Switcher, Cables and everything you need to hard wire your WiFi router OR if you have Ethernet outlets, it allows you to use them to hard wire several devices-phones, laptops and computers at once!
Cat 8 EMF Protection Ethernet Cable Hardwire For Fastest Internet Speed

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