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Flip Phones Need To Be The New Health Fad

TechWellness Pop Quiz

Q: What do Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Larry King, Kate Beckinsale, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian and Iggy Pop all have in common? A: They all use flip phones. That’s right--flip phones are making a trendy comeback! (For some, they never left!) Warren Buffett, Senator Chuck Schumer, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones also prefer flip phones to smartphones too.

Anti radiation headsets

Vintage is IN at TechWellness

Some people call flip phones “dumb phones," but we think stars are definitely on to something.  There’s no denying the security of flip phones in the age of iCloud accounts being hacked and confidential emails being leaked. Obama isn’t allowed to have an iPhone for security reasons - although he does admit to using an iPad on occasion. In fact, most celebs cycle between a flip phone and a smartphone, it seems.
 Blackberry devices are nearly impossible to hack? Kim Kardashian knows this and that’s why this is the only device she uses for emails. She’s told reporter she adores the company, would buy it if she could and stocks up on old devices on eBay.
Older folks seem to be hesitant to change and like the simplicity, ease, and form of a flip phone. Rheumatoid arthritis suffers find flip phones easier to hold. Some just don’t WANT to be immersed in the internet at their fingertips 24/7 (these folks probably get a lot more done, anyway, without the whole darn Internet at their fingertips 24/7!). You might be thinking, “Well, CEOs/celebs/athletes have more reason to be worried about their privacy and security than me.” But that’s not the only reason you should consider digging out your old Motorola Razr or brightly-colored Nokia: Flip phones may actually be healthier for you!

 Old Versus New

It's not that the cellphones of yore weren't problematic: The first generation of cellphones do give off some concerning EMF energy. However, when you add in WiFi capability and Blue Tooth--eeek! Things get so much more worrisome.  Simply put, the more powerful and capable your phone, the more you should consider using our recommended TechWellness practices:

  • Using speakerphone or an anti-radiation wired headset whenever possible
  • Keeping that phone at least a 10 inches away from your head
  • Carrying phone via a long strap case. No pockets or bras please!
  • Turning your phone on airplane mode when you sleep
  • Disable Blue Tooth from the default On position until necessary
  • Disable WiFi until absolutely necessary

Every phone has a level of caution called SAR (specific absorption rate). You can find your SAR rating in your handbook that comes with your device. Flip phones have lower SAR rating than smartphones. But again, SAR is simply a "heat" measurement. 

We prefer to measure the radio frequency (RF) radiation levels that come from many different sources like, WiFi, smart meters, cell phone towers and cell phones, DECT cordless phones, baby monitors, all kind of Blue Tooth devices etc.

There's research that points to illness from exposure and not just to people who are EMF hypersensitive. Our philosophy is the less exposure, the better. 

Flip vs iPhone EMF Measurement

We did a simple comparison with an old flip phone and a new iPhone to see if there were differences in EMF measurements. You can see the quick video attachment but here's what we used:
  1. 7-year old flip phone that a friend uses
  2. Our fancy, newer iPhone 6S
  3. Our brand-new acoustimeter that measures EMF energy--specifically radio frequency (RF) radiation

For as much of an apples to apples comparison as possible, we:

1.  Disabled Bluetooth and WiFi on the iPhone

2. Confirmed there was no Blue Tooth or WiFi capability on the flip phone

3. Confirmed both phones were utilizing the same carrier

4. Confirmed both phones had the same number of "bars"/signal

5. Measured the phones concurrently in the same location.

Now, we don't know what developers are doing to the "new" models of flip phones, but our experiment phone was genuinely super-simple. We discovered that in this location and this situation the old flip phone had significantly lower readings on our acoustimeter.

We liked that! BUT important to remember this is an OLD flip phone.  The newer ones, though definitely without the extra EMF and RF issues that "smart" technology brings, also had the "old" technology. So, if you can find an "old" flip phone, you're results could be similar.

We were able to find this new flip phone and we will soon compare the EMF levels to an iphone and android phone. We see it it has a camera, so that could effect EMF levels.

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xo August

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