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California's Health Department's Official Guidelines To Cellphone Radiation Protection

Do Cellphones Cause Cancer? The California Department of Health Thinks You Should Be Careful.

Tech Wellness is delighted that California is officially released Guidelines for Reducing Exposure to RF radiation and using your cell phone safely. This is, after all, what Tech Wellness is all about. Cellphones are supposed to make our lives easy.  We have videos, articles, and solutions to help you make safe cell phone use easy.
Two of our favorites ways to be super safe and allow distance between you and the cell phone are these:
EMF distance crossbodycellphone headset
We advocate what's referred to as the Precautionary Principle. Basically, this means that because there's research, lots of it actually, saying the energy that powers our cell phones--called radio frequency or RF radiation-- could be causing health concerns-including tumors and cancer, then we ought to take care when using our cell phones and use them mindfully.
We're happy to share the new California Department of Public Health Guidelines to Reduce Exposure to potentially cancer-causing radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell phones:


Cellphone Distance is the Key to Safe Cellphone Use

The further you are from your cell phone, the less RF radiation or energy you're exposed to.  That's why The State of California Health Department guidelines recommend:

Keep the Cellphone Away From Your Body

    1. Keep it out of your pockets, bras, and holsters.  Yes, all good points.  But . . .
The recommendation of carrying your cell phone in a purse, backpack, briefcase or man-bag needs a bit or precaution: Purses and briefcases and backpacks do not stop RF radiation.  The RF energy dissipates with distance-but the radiation plume or "spray" is pretty thick even 3 or 4 inches from your phone. Check out this video  So, please be sure the phone in the purse, backpack, briefcase etc--isn't up against or close to your body.

Use the Speaker Mode when talking

When on speaker mode, best to be graceful and not do this in public.  We all pretty much know this now. But, do we all realize that if we're holding the phone, we're a part of our body is being exposed to cell phone radiation? We like something to keep our phones away from our bodies, even on speaker. Sometimes we hold the flap of a cell phone case or hold the phone by straps attached to the case.  Sometimes we put the cell phone on the desk, night-stand, kitchen counter-whatever.  We try and be mindful that the radiation doesn't stop just because the phone is on speaker.

Use a Wired Headset

But be aware not all wired headsets actually prevent the RF radiation from going to your head . . .  This concept may be hard to grasp, but true. We've measured with our meters and usually the higher quality headsets are better, but even the California guidelines caution:

Remove Headsets from Ears when Not using the cellphone...

Because small amounts of radiation are released from headsets even when you're not using the phone. Almost always true. Same holds for earbuds and headphones.

Some headsets work better than others to prevent RF energy.

Fortunately, there's one type of headset technology that can stop RF radiation from traveling through the wires up to your head.  It's called Air Tube technology and it was patented 20 years ago.

Here's how it works

It’s pretty simple actually. That RF energy coming from the phone could travel up the wires of a headset–but with the hollow “air tube” that energy is stopped, dead in its tracks, where the wire meets the tube. Only air and sound flow through that tube and in this case, the sound is amplified very nicely in the tube.

Not all Air-tube headsets are created equal

Loving wellness as we do, we’ve understood and appreciated the extra protection that air-tube wired headsets give us from EMF and RF energy, but up until now, the air-tubes we tried were flimsy, they broke easily,  didn’t look good, had a microphone issue or messed with our cellphones causing intermittent service interruption.

We found some we like enough to sell

The sound is nice.  The microphone works.  The wires are coated. They look really cool. We actually get asked where we got them when we wear them. Honestly, if you care about your health and want an option that really protects but allows more privacy then a speakerphone,  this  Air Tube Headset could be the answer.   As the California Health Department guidelines point out:  It's best to keep your cellphone away from you when it's on.  There's actually an easy way to do that . . .


Also--here's an important note about Anti Radiation cases from the California Department of Health:

Don't rely on a "radiation shield" or other products claiming to block RF energy, electromagnetic fields or radiation from cell phones . . .

  According to the US Federal Trade Commission, products that interfere with the phone's signal may force it to work harder and emit more RF energy to stay connected, possibly increasing your exposure. YES.  It's true.  We've personally tested anti-radiation shields, discs, and anti-radiation fabrics and we do not recommend them. We've used our meters on various forms of "radiation-stoppers" and we measure an increase in RF radiation levels from cell phones where the protective material "ends".  The meters demonstrate a magnification of cellphone or smartphone energy around the perimeter of the shield.  Although we may see reduced levels of RF radiation with some cell phone cases, we want to make sure people realize that when the phone is on and using signal or searching for signal, there is RF radiation emitted from the device. That's how a cell phone works.

If you'd like a copy in PDF form or if you would just like to visit the CDPH link, go here.

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