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The Big Whoop On Emojis & What This Means For Privacy

July 2017: The Emoji Movie. IMDB says it's about a "multi-expressional" emoji striving to become a normal emoji.  Yes, emoji's have come a long way, baby; here, Tech Wellness shows you how to enjoy your emojis and keep your privacy.

Apple & Android make emoji-filled texts and emails easy

Let's keep emojis out of the hands of third-party emoji app developers... At first, emojis were opt-in--remember when you had to install the keyboard? Your iPhone and Androids now have built-in emoji keyboards aka "native keyboards." All the "keyboards" that come in or with your phone are subject to your phones privacy policies so they aren't subject to the emoji developer's privacy policy. You can access them this way:  Just go to keyboard settings and enable the emoji keyboards. Additionally, you can check if your Android is emoji-enabled this way:  Google "emoji" If you see faces, hearts, stars etc., it is.  Do you see squares?  It's not.

Emoji More

If your phone doesn't come with emojis or you want the bigger better package of options, you can still download them from the app store. Third-party, or outside developers, began creating alternative emoji keyboards in an attempt to offer smartphone users a greater array of even better, more lively communication. These keyboards are desirable because they can grant the user, for instance, the ability to send animated gifs on both iPhone and Android phones. emoji home alone scream face variety When you download a third party app you are often granting the developer "full access" to capture every keystroke you enter. Yikes! I think the emoji above says it All!  You must read the policy carefully before you download.

Your emoji may not look like mine

It depends on if you're looking at a Google Phone, an iPhone or a Samsung.  What's called "the scream" emoji comes out looking like a ghost coming out of an emoji mouth on the Samsung. We even found a great article that shows what 9 emoji look like on the 3 different phones.

A History of Keyboards

Emojis have come a long way, baby. Originating from Japan around the 1990s, emojis are ideograms that were created to make communicating certain emotions or facial expressions easier. Emojis have evolved and a lot of them have seemed to take on their own identity within the culture - they transmit subtle, nuanced feelings,  subtext or auxiliary meaning to the seasoned user. In fact, research shows emoji-heavy communication is often misunderstood when they were originally created to clarify tone in text messaging. However, social platforms like Facebook, Google and Twitter certainly may want to know what you mean by your emoji usage, see the article below in Research, that points out that Twitter and Facebook are analyzing your posts to target ads to you based off your emoji usage. That makes us feel very ":/" here are Tech Wellness.

Final Thoughts on Tech Wellness Solutions

We don't recommend that you install a third party emoji keyboard apps on your phone even though they are fun. If you must, select a keyboard that doesn't require full permissions.  In general, be selective about what you type into your phone - no matter how many precautions you take if you're a smartphone user.

And, even though this doesn't have to do with software, we always recommend you try out our Creepblockers. Put them on any device camera and computer microphone. They come in sweet colors, fun phrases, a super easy to use, effective and last! 

Here's to staying safe in our wacky wireless world! XO August


Here's the research

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